RCW "PHYSICAL DISTORTION 2013" March 30th, 2013 - Elk's City Lodge - Portsmouth, OH
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Saturday March 30 marked the triumphant return of Revolutionary Championship Wrestling to The Elks City Lodge in Portsmouth, Ohio and what a night of action and surprises it was! The evening started off with WWWorld Famous Kenny Young welcoming the enthusiastic crowd and announcing that the first two matches would be to determine a NEW RCW North American Champion, as the title is currently vacant since due to the former NA Champion The Juggulator relinquishing the belt due to health issues. The opening match-up saw the ever popular and rising star Jason Legend square off against the wily veteran, WrestleOhio's James Avery. Legend was on fire and looked to have this sewn up but it was the craftiness of Avery that overcame the enthusiasm of Legend as Avery took a shortcut to victory by cheating (as many fans in the audience reported).
The winner and advancing to the RCW North American Champion finals: James Avery

The second match has been heavily anticipated as The Reaper Matt Conard was lead to the ring by his new mentor Loony and fellow stable member Devlin Anderson in what has become known as The Asylum! The trio was greeted with a loud round of boos as the fans expressed their displeasure with the change of hearts from the former Black Irish Saint and the former commissioner/referee. After a barrage of insults from Loony, Kenny Young brought out The Reaper's opponent, the charismatic Zac Vincent! Vincent had his hands full as The Asylum was continually interfering causing RCW Senior Official John Reuben to miss Devlin Anderson taking shots at Vincent to the benefit of his fellow Asylum member. Then Vincent seemingly had The Reaper put away with a high risk Tilt-a-Whirl DDT which brought Loony up on the ring apron to again distract Reuben. With the referee distracted Devlin re-entered the ring to deliver a KO to Vincent but from the entrance way emerged none other than Devlin's former Black Irish Saint teammate Danger Damien Kass (aka DDK). DDK pulled Loony away from distracting the referee and got the attention of The Reaper allowing Zac Vincent to pick up the victory and advance to face James Avery later. An irate Loony warned DDK that he had just signed his own death warrant for later when he would face Devlin Anderson.
The winner and advancing to the RCW North American Champion finals: Zac Vincent

There was a lot of bad blood brewing between the opponents for the third match. Formerly known together as the flamboyant tag-team Pretty in Pink "Captivating" Cory Mason and "Party-Boy" Jimmy Malloy have become bitter enemies. Malloy was dominate for most of the match taking it right to Mason but in what is being called a "fluke" move Mason delivered a KO for the upset victory.
The winner of the match: Cory Mason
But simply getting the victory wasn't enough for the Captivating one as Mason sat Malloy up and in a mocking gesture smeared lipstick all over the unconscious Malloy's face. Mason remained at ringside to gloat about his victory when Referee Steve Helphenstine revived Jimmy Malloy. Naturally Malloy was furious when he was revived and challenged Cory Mason to a "Loser Wears a Dress" match at the next RCW show on May 4th in Jackson, Ohio but Mason Insisted that he had nothing left to prove and refused his challenge. That prompted RCW acting owner Trik Nasty to make his way to the ring. Trik reminded Malloy that matches must be sanctioned through his office and his challenge was invalid (to the delight of Mason). But in a surprising gesture Trik delegated that decision to the crowd who overwhelmingly applauded the Loser Wears a Dress Match! The Acting Owner then declared and sanctioned the match! May 4th, Jackson Ohio it will be "Captivating" Cory Mason and "Party-Boy" Jimmy Malloy in a "Loser Wears a Dress" match!

Kenny Young brought out "The American Idol" Dirk Extreme for The SING-OFF. Extreme applauded the direction and renewed commitment that RCW is making to the loyal fans in promising that the next 10 years will be bigger and better than the first 10 years. Extreme also bragged on the efforts of acting owner Trik Nasty and his vision for RCW but in a rude interruption WrestleOhio's music hit and out came The Mastermind, Sara Stricklett, Keith Hamblin, and Tyson Rogers. Mastermind told Extreme that he is correct that the next 10 years will be epic but only because WrestleOhio is planning to execute the largest hostile takeover in the world of professional wrestling! 2013 would be the year of WrestleOhio's dream of total dominance becomes a reality! Sara added that Extreme's decision to face WrestleOhio's Randy "The King" Allen in a "Sing-Off Competition" was a fatal flaw in judgment and that The King was ready to out sing Extreme, then later in the night Allen would defeat Extreme in a wrestling match. A confident Randy Allen was then brought out in the usual pomp and grandeur donning his robe and crown. But just as the Sing-Off was getting ready to happen Tyson Rogers and Keith Hamblin began bullying Extreme into the corner. But Dirk had a little surprise of his own! From the entrance way Eclipso and Flash Fury burst onto the scene with chairs in hand and took Rogers and Hamblin to the back. Now onto the Sing-Off: The King warbled a selection from Counting Crows while Extreme opted to cover the Master of Shock Rock himself, Alice Cooper. By a show of applause from the fans Dirk Extreme hands down was the winner which provoked Sara to give a cheapshot which she blamed on The Mastermind. While Extreme was focused on The Mastermind, Allen took Extreme out by clipping his previously injured leg. Mastermind then prodded Randy Allen to finish the job on the fallen American Idol, The King did as he was told but seemed very reluctant to further inflict what seemed to be unnecessary punishment. Eclipso, Flash Fury, and Jason Legend came to make the save but the damage was already done. As The Mastermind was gloating as Trik Nasty came out to assess the damage to Dirk's leg. It appeared that the scheduled Extreme verses Allen match set for later would not be happening.

The next encounter pitted 2 of Ohio's most talented wrestlers in the mid-west against each other. It was "Astonishing" Aaron Williams against "Relentless" Ron Mathis. Each wrestler pushed the other to the limit in skill and endurance but when Mathis decided to take a shortcut by cheating that proved to be a mistake as Williams countered and came out with the victory.
The winner of the match: "Astonishing" Aaron Williams

In a surprise announcement RCW Acting Owner Trik Nasty told the fans in attendance that come May4th in Jackson, Ohio will be the return of one of the most respected and inspirational special guests to compete in RCW, The One-Legged Wonder Zach Gowen! It was 2 years ago that Zach defeated Randy "The King" Allen at Atomic Drop on Autism, a fund raiser event that RCW hosted for The Southern Ohio Autism Project. Zach Gowen lost his leg at age 10 to childhood cancer but still went on to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional wrestler having competed all over the world with legendary superstars such as Hulk Hogan, Brock Lesnar, and Roddy Piper. Zach is a highly sought after motivational speaker as well and RCW is privileged to bring back Zach Gowen to RCW!

Randy "The King" Allen and "The American Idol" Dirk Extreme was next. After Allen made his way to the ring it appeared that Extreme would be unable to proceed with his match following the attack earlier. After the second time he was announced a visibly struggling Dirk Extreme limped to the ring to compete but made a challenge to Allen and Company that the match be a NO DQ Match. WrestleOhio happily agreed and Trik Nasty made it so. In what looked to be a cakewalk for The King became a loss as Extreme battled back and proved that his desire and heart was too much for The King to overcome, even with The Mastermind's continual interference. In fact it looked as if Mind's interference may have distracted Allen and cost him the match in the end.
The winner of the match: The American Idol" Dirk Extreme

In what was perhaps the biggest shocker in years the scrappy team of Flash Fury and Eclipso successfully defended their RCW Tag-Team Championship by handily beating their challengers WrestleOhio's Tyson Rogers and Keith Hamblin in less than 5 minutes! Everyone knows the talent and drive that the team of Fury & Eclipso has but to so quickly dispose of these two behemoths demonstrates why they are the Tag-Team Champions! What else do these ever popular RCW superstars need? Perhaps a name for their team? What do you think would be a good name?
The winners of the match and still Tag-Team Champions: Flash Fury and Eclipso

In a match that RCW fans never would see happen pitted former Black Irish Saints and former best friends against each with Devlin Anderson with The Asylum by his side taking on Dangerous Damien Kass. A session in technical wrestling mechanics this was not as these two brawled like starving wolves over a bone. The rules were pretty much out the window as Devlin and DDK punched, bit, scratched, and kicked to win this battle. In what appeared to be the final blow, DDK had Devlin in a near pin when The Reaper Matt Conard entered the ring and interfered to prevent the pinfall. The Asylum seemingly beat down an outnumbered DDK but just when all appeared lost DDK battled back and cleared the ring, except for The Asylum's Mentor Loony. Loony, not realizing he was alone in the ring with DDK was on the receiving end of a choke hold that was celebrated by fans throughout the Elks.
The winner of the match by Disqualification: Dangerous Damien Kass

The Main Event for the evening was the final match for the RCW North American Championship! James Avery took advantage of the support from WrestleOhio to defeat the dynamic Zac Vincent. Vincent definitely made a name for himself with the RCW Fans and fought valiantly. After the match all of WrestleOhio began berating The King for his loss to The American Idol. When Allen could take no more humiliation he punched Avery and quit WrestleOhio. He then asked Rogers and Hamblin to join him but instead they beat him down with help from Avery. It was Zac Vincent, Eclipso, Flash Fury, and Jason Legend along with Dirk Extreme who aided his former Excalibur tag-team partner against an aggressive WrestleOhio. Could this be the makings of a reunion?

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Remember; be watching for more news concerning RCW return to Jackson, Ohio May 4th featuring the return of Zach Gowen!