Physical Distortion '07 - March 10th, 2007
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 3/11/2007


The night started out with I.O.U. members Ace Gigolo and C.O. Hustler interrupting Ranger Bob yet again. They discussed Trik Nasty not being there again and how they would pick up the slack. C.O. readied himself for his match against Randy Allen.

Randy "The King" Allen defeated C.O. Hustler via pinfall. Gigolo had helped cheat for Hustler during the match until Tank Runyon came to his aid thus allowing Allen to win the bout. Hustler & Gigolo attacked Tank & Allen from behind. Allen & Hustler battled to the back while Ace and Tank battled in the ring. They were soon joined by the third part of their championship match, Judas Thorn. The Loony Commissioner came out and broke up the fight threatening to take anyone out of the RCW World Title match who made physical contact with their counterparts. Tank and Ace left the ring while Judas got in the face of the Commissioner. Exotic E came to the ring (Lord Arion). He had not been known as Exotic E for over 2 years but he had something to say. E said that he was a different person. He could not condone the actions that he and the Coven had done through the years. He had an important announcement but was stopped quickly by Judas Thorn who DDT'd the Exotic one and then delivered a Vader Bomb off of the ropes. Exotic E had to be helped out.

Hollie Wood brought out RCW's newest addition Carlton Kaz. Kaz stated how great he thought he was and how he was not only the greatest singles wrestler but the greatest tagteam wrestler in the area. He could tag with anyone it didn't matter. The Mastermind and The Army of Darkness stormed the ring and Mastermind laid out the challenge......get a partner now! Carlton asked for anyone to come out, it didn't matter who. El Nino took him up on it.

The Army of Darkness (Vile & Ricochet) defeated Carlton Kaz & El Nino. After the match Kaz attacked El Nino.

Nikki Tyler and Flash Fury retained the RCW WORLD TAGTEAM TITLES against Projekt Ego (Juggulator & Aaron Draven). Aaron Draven literally went through the trunk allowing Nikki and Flash to grab the belts. Afterward Juggulator took his frustration out on Draven...physically. Tyler and Fury came to Draven's aid.

Tyson Rogers, Chuck Chronic, & the debut of "Big" Wes Cannon defeated "American Idol" Dirk Extreme, Rocky Rich, & Ranger Bob via pinfall. Ranger Bob turned on his teammates and aligned himself with the group he deemed "The Weapons of Mass Destruction". After the bout Tyson and Chuck held Dirk Extreme while Wes Cannon delivered numerous splashes across the ribs of Extreme. Extreme started coughing up blood in the ring and was helped to the back.

Cyrus Samson Poe retained the RCW TV TITLE against Tommy Chill via DQ. The match was originally ruled a Double Countout after Chill gave Poe a devastating suplex on the concrete. Chill refused let up on Cyrus because this feud has gotten so personal, thus Chill was eventually disqualified. There is a lot of bad blood between these two.

Tank Runyon held on to the RCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP in the Triple Threat Match. Judas Thorn was wanting revenge and Ace Gigolo definitely brought his "A" game as this match was an exciting encounter seeing the 300lb monster, Thorn, performing a moonsault that nearly took Runyon's head off. Gigolo pulled out some new arsenal in his first quest for the RCW World Championship, hitting a hurricanrana from the top rope and leaping to the outside with a big plancha. In the end, Thorn was getting frustrated and went out to grab a chair. Exotic E came out presumably to stop him but Thorn chased E to the back. Tank used this moment to capitalize and get the win over Ace Gigolo. C.O. Hustler came out immediately and attacked Runyon. He and Gigolo grabbed a chair and was about to put Tank through it when I.O.U.'s third member, Trik Nasty entered the ring. Nasty told them that he wanted Tank all to himself as Tank is the one who put Trik out of action with a fractured skull. They left the ring as Nasty let Tank get to his feet. Once Tank and Trik connected glares, Trik through down the chair. After a few moments he then offered his hand. The crowd at the Elk's thought for sure that Trik was about to double-cross Tank but after the handshake, Trik exited the ring to listen to Gigolo and Hustler screaming at him all the way to the back. Is this just another sick plan in the mind of Trik Nasty or has he seen the error of his ways. Maybe we'll find out more on April 7th in Otway!