RCW "OUT OF CONTROL" - September 17th, 2011 - YMCA - Jackson, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 09/19/2011

Everything in RCW was OUT OF CONTROL last Saturday night at the YMCA in Jackson, OH. Thanks to the fans that made it out and made OUT OF CONTROL a memorable night. We have a NEW RCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! Here's what went down at OUT OF CONTROL:


Injection 9 Winner Chad Cruise was interviewed by "Loony" Mike Horton about when Cruise would cash in his Injection win and against whom. Chad said he would rather it be a surprise. Mastermind & Sara (WRESTLEOHIO) interrupted. Said they had a huge announcement that would overshadow Cruise's Injection win. They were in the process of rebuilding WrestleOhio since Allanov is out with injury and Power is seeking psychiatric treatment. The latest member of WRESTLEOHIO is...JOCK SAMSON. Samson berated the fans. Cruise and Samson had a great back and forth battle. In the end, Samson submitted to an ankle lock a the hands of Chad Cruise.

Trik Nasty was accompanied to the ring by "American Idol" Dirk Extreme. Extreme still humiliating Trik. Corey Mason took advantage of the distractions Dirk provided to Trik. Corey worked over the knee of Nasty. Trik Nasty has a history of knee problems that is plainly seen with the knee brace he wears to the ring. Trik was able to hit the superkick on Mason and get the pin.

Randy "The King" Allen state that he was reinventing the KING and we would all see the NEW KING at Out of Control. Allen arrived decked out in a majestical robe and crown. Allen seemed more pompous than ever. Hamblin brought his "A" game to Jackson though and really put the hurt on Allen. Allen took the low road and cheated to get his victory. Allen may have walked out the winner but looking at the King's ribs after the show and one could say Hamblin won the war.

This match proved to be just as great as their first encounter. Both men stayed true to the fans and wrestled a clean match against one another. Everyone thought Eclipso had Flash Fury beat and was ready to finish him off but Fury turned the tied and got the pin on Eclipso. These two have a huge respect for each other.

Trik nasty brought "part" of Simon to the ring as Dirk performed "Close My Eyes Forever" as a gift to Heavy Metal. HM didn't think too much of Dirk's singing and the fight was on. HM was clearly under the weather by anyone that seen him that night. HM demanded to wrestle though. Extreme made Trik Nasty pass him a chain throughout the bout. Nasty does not want to extend his ROADIE obligations any further so he complied....reluctantly. Keith Hamblin came to HM defense and began arguing with Nasty. Dirk smacked Hamblin, Hamblin climbed on apron. HM went to attack Dirk and hit Hamblin instead. Heavy Metal turned around into a nasty Face Plant by the American Idol who then got the win. We talked with Heavy Metal the following day and he is feeling much better, but is still very upset with his former partner Hamblin getting in the way.

At Injection 9, The Black Irish Saints were jumped from behind by Adrenaline X. X stole the tagteam belts that night....literally. The belts rightfully belong to the RCW WORLD TAGTEAM CHAMPIONS, The Black Irish Saints. The Saints came into the match wanting revenge. They even sobered up for this match if that tells you how ready they were to make Mathis and Maximus pay. The match showcased both teams strengths and proved why RCW has the best tagteam division around. In the end the Black Irish Saints got the pin and retained the belts but Adrenaline X and Exotic E hit them from behind and stole the belts again. RCW Board of Directors is having a meeting on this situation and hope to have a statement later in the week.

Finally Vance Desmond was set to get his one on one shot against The Juggulator for the RCW World Heavyweight Title. "Loony" Mike Horton came to the ring suddenly and announced that Chad Cruise had cashed in his Injection 9 win and thrown himself into the match. Cruise and Desmond had a great series of matches in the beginning of 2010. Desmond was not happy. He and Cruise went at it. Exotic E had a plan and told Juggulator to let the 2 fight it out. Most of the match was Desmond and Cruise going back and forth. In the end, Referee John Reuben was laid out by action in the ring. Loony was then also knocked out by someone that struck a huge resemblance to that of the Mastermind with a fire extinguisher. During this time Adrenaline X came out and delivered a sick spiked piledriver on the concrete to Chad Cruise. Juggulator and Exotic E had Desmond in the ring and was about to use the hammer on him. Desmond ducked and E hit Juggulator! Vance Desmond got the pin and became the NEW RCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. Desmond then helped Cruise up and to the back to end RCW's OUT OF CONTROL.