OUTLOUD FEST '08 - July 26th, 2008 - New Boston Stadium - New Boston, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 7/28/2008

Last Saturday RCW fans witnessed some great bouts as part of the annual Outloud Fest event. Dr. Death Steve Williams left a lasting impression on many fans and it's safe to say that the fans at the New Boston Stadium were on their feet as RCW brought them premiere wrestling action. Here are the results:


Flash Fury and "The American Idol" Dirk Extreme won their second match as a team against The Weapons of Mass Destruction. Rogers and Cannon stated before the match that they had buried the hatchet and were going to continue as a team. Miscommunication cost them the match and Rogers made a statement by laying Cannon out after the bout. Fury and Extreme came to Cannon's aid.

Tank Runyon made his way to the ring to discuss tonight's 6-man Main Event. Trik Nasty them came to the ring and stated that he got the match changed so that he could go after Ace Gigolo 1 on 1. IOU hit the ring. Ace didn't believe that Nasty got the match changed but RCW Ring Announcer Kenny Young confirmed it via a phone call to RCW Commissioner Mike "Loony" Horton. Ace Gigolo along with Onyx, and C.O. Hustler attacked Runyon and Nasty. Dr. Death Steve Williams made the save as IOU quickly left the ring.

Ace Gigolo and Trik Nasty fought to a Double DQ. Nasty looked to be on the winning path and then IOU entered the ring only to be met by Tank Runyon when the fight broke out again causing the DQ. Nasty vowed to be in the corner of Williams and Runyon.

Judas Thorn took out his frustration on losing the RCW World Tagteam Titles against half of the tagteam champions, Randy "The King" Allen. Chris Smith and The Juggulator were banned from ringside. The Mastermind cornered Thorn as always and Allen had Hollie Wood in his corner. Hollie kept her eye on The Mastermind but Thorn proved to be too much for Allen as he pinned The King to win the bout.

Tank Runyon and "Dr. Death" Steve Williams defeated Onyx and C.O. Hustler. Tank Runyon took a beating from Onyx and Hustler. But the RCW World Heavyweight Champion proved to be resilient as he battled back and made the tag to Williams who matched power with Onyx. Trik Nasty took care of Ace Gigolo on the outside as the fan favorites got the win.

RCW would like to thank Mike Horton, Jerry Horton, and the whole Outloud Fest gang for another great event.