OUTLOUD FEST '07 - July 28th, 2007 - Spartan Stadium - Portsmouth, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 8/1/2007

OUTLOUD FEST opened up with The Weapons of Mass Destruction hitting the ring. In the Throw in the Towel match Tyson Rogers would be Wes Cannon's cornerman. Dirk Extreme would be Randy Allen's. During the bout Cannon submitted via Allen's Figure-4. You could only lose the match via your cornerman throwing in the towel. Tyson refused. Referee, Mike Horton was poked in the eyes by Cannon. Tyson clobbered Dirk on the outside sending Allen's towel sailing into the ring. Tyson turned his back and gloated to the crowd. Before Horton could identify the towel, Extreme pulled the towel off of an unsuspecting Rogers. Horton looked up and seen that Extreme had a towel while Rogers did not and awarded the bout to Randy Allen.

Chuck Chronic came to the ring with what we feared worst....a broken hand. BOD member Exotic E told Chuck Chronic that he did not have to wrestle. He said that RCW would not be liable if more injury was done to the hand. Chronic refused and wanted to battle Gigolo. Gigolo worked the hand over relentlessly in the bout causing Chronic to pass out from the pain. Ace Gigolo is the NEW INTERNET CHAMPION.

The RCW WORLD TAGTEAM TITLES were at stake as 2 of RCW's most popular teams would battle it out. The Mastermind's team of Ricochet & Onyx would take on the Champions, Nikki Tyler & Flash Fury. Both teams put up a tremendous fight. Tyson Rogers and Wes Cannon spoiled the match for everyone and jumped both teams. Mike Horton had to rule the bout a NO CONTEST. After the bout Mastermind, Onyx, and Ricochet grabbed the belts and presented them back to the champions as both teams showed respect for one another.

Trik Nasty retained the RCW WORLD TITLE in a Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match. Tank Runyon won the first fall after a powerbomb. Trik Nasty scored a pin in the second fall. Ace Gigolo (IOU member) was at ringside and distracted Mike Horton during the third and deciding fall. Gigolo deliberatly threw his flex stick to Tank Runyon. Runyon instictively caught it. Trik Nasty fell to the mat and acted like Tank hit him. Horton turned around and seen Nasty on the mat and Tank with the object in his hand and DQ'd Tank Runyon thus giving Trik Nasty the win in this match.

"American Idol" Dirk Extreme retained the RCW TV TITLE against Tyson Rogers. Dirk hit the Main Stage to sing "Wanted Dead or Alive". Extreme dove off of the stage onto Rogers and Cannon. Nikita Koloff distracted Dirk while Rogers took over. The match made it's way into the ring. Dirk had Tyson for a pin but Wes Cannon pulled the ref to the outside. Nikita Koloff snuck into the ring and looked as if he was going to hit Dirk with the RUSSIAN SICKLE. Koloff stopped. The crowd started chanting USA. Rogers started yelling at Koloff. Koloff hit Rogers with the RUSSIAN SICKLE instead. Dirk Extreme covered Rogers for the win.