Beaver OKTOBERFEST - October 3rd, 2008 - Beaver Heritage Community Center - Beaver, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 10/5/2008

RCW's last stop on the "3 weeks of Wrestling" tour took place at Beaver, Ohio's Oktoberfest last Friday night. The fans packed the Beaver Heritage Society Community Center and excitement was definitely in the air. It should be noted that RCW DID NOT charge for the event but the Beaver Heritage Society charged $2.00 per person which was beyond our control. With that being said, RCW Wrestling was the talk of the town after Friday night. Here's what took place:


RCW Announcer Kenny Young got the night started with the first bout. A match that The New RCW Commissioner himself, The Mastermind made. The Murder City Devils (Bryan Cross & Cole Cash) took on the team of "The American Idol" Dirk Extreme & Tank Runyon. It was obvious that The Mastermind was trying to cause even more dissension between Extreme and Runyon going into the cage match in Jackson on 11/1. Although the friction was still their between the two, they were able to take out a formidable team of Cross and Cash.

Ace Gigolo then took on Wes Cannon. Cannon has showed that he is learning more and more in the squared circle but Gigolo proved why he is one the top Superstars in RCW by getting the win. After the bout, Gigolo and Onyx beat down on Cannon until Trik Nasty made the save. Nasty said he couldn't wait to beat Onyx for the RCW World Title later later in the night.

Randy "The King" Allen and "Bad News" Keith Hamblin fought quickly to a Double Countout. After the Double Countout, Allen challenged Hamblin to a No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere match. Hamblin agreed. Mastermind came out and made it official. The match restarted. Allen and Hamblin took it to the floor. In the end Hamblin nearly got the win but Allen was able to outwit "Bad News" and come out on top.

Vance Desmond retained the RCW North American Title against Flash Fury in what many are calling potential "Match of the Year". Flash Fury wanted retribution for what Vance did to him last week at Northwest Middle School where once again Desmond used the hammer. This time around Desmond went to the outside to get the hammer, Referee John Ruben followed him under the ring. Desmond came up with the hammer but Fury cut him off and grabbed the hammer. Desmond hit the ground and yelled to the referee who was just coming from under the ring that Fury had hit him with the hammer. The referee had no choice but to DQ Flash Fury.

The Mastermind brought out Ranger Bob who said tonight he was giving a tryout to a potential WOMD member. EL Nino was brought to the ring in a once again drunken stupor. El Nino was slated to face Hollie Wood. Hollie Wood did not come out to her music so The Mastermind had Referee Steve Hephenstein start issuing a 10 count. Randy Allen entered ringside and told everyone that Hollie Wood blew her knee out the night prior. He also informed everyone that RCW Management knew this and Mastermind and RangerBob were there to slander her name. Mastermind ordered Allen to the back and the count resumed. El Nino defeated Hollie Wood via forfeit. Trik Nasty then came out and quickly disposed of El Nino and said he was tired of waiting for the RCW World Title match. He wanted Onyx right now!

"The Black Superman" Onyx retained the RCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE after hitting Trik Nasty with the Dominator. Nasty appeared to have the match won but Ace Gigolo and The Mastermind pulled Referee John Ruben out of the ring before he was able to make a 3 count. Trik Nasty was distracted by this and then got caught with the Dominator.

After the match Dirk Extreme, Flash Fury, and Tank Runyon came to the ring and talked about the Cage Match in Jackson coming 11/1/08. A challenge was then made and accepted. If Runyon, Fury, Extreme, and Nasty defeat the Unholy Alliance of Onyx, Gigolo, Thorn, and The Juggulator then The Mastermind will be trapped inside the cage for 5 minutes with the opposing team!