RCW "ONLINE AGGRESSION" - May 16th, 2009 - Old Piketon High School - Piketon, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 05/18/09

For the first time in RCW History, the fans put together an RCW Event. The matches were chosen right here on rcwonline.com. More than 1600 votes were cast and the results.....let's just say that the fans know how to make one exciting event! We would like to thank the Piketon Boosters for having us. A new group of fans in the area laid witness to why RCW is the #1 independent wrestling company out there today. Here's what went down in Piketon:


The night began with RCW WWWWWWorld Famous Kenny Young bringing out the special DVD commentators RangerBob and Tank Runyon. The Mastermind soon cut Young off as he said he wanted to make sure Kenny kept the results for Online Aggression legit.

The first vote for the night was to see who RCW newcomer "Genuine" Jock Samson would face. The fans chose Chad Cruise which ended up being a great choice as the two had an exciting match that went to the outside fairly quick. Samson was able to ground the quick Cruise and keep him on his back but Cruise was able to catch Samson by surprise and rolling him up for the win.

Since Cruise was chosen to partake in the first match the other wrestlers in the poll (Keith Hamblin, Nikki Tyler, and El Nino) were required to wrestle in a 3-way. El Nino appeared to be inhebriated once again so Tyler and Hamblin went after one another for the most part. In the end Tyler had Hamblin rocked but El Nino helped Hamblin put Tyler away for Hamblin's win. Afterwards, El Nino unmasked to reveal a new face to RCW. His name is Heavy Metal. He stated that he tried to get on the card but was told by RCW officials that there was not room for him. Heavy Metal said he makes his own room and with help from Keith they took out El Nino. They then proceeded to beat Tyler down until Tyler former Rated X partner, Flash Fury came to the ring. RCW Commissioner, The Mastermind made a match for Portsmouth on June 13th. Rated X vs Heavy Metal & Keith Hamblin. No word on the actual El Nino at this time.

It was time to choose what team (Excalibur, Da Rydas, Rated X) would be reuniting to face the RCW World Tagteam Champions, IOU (Ace Gigolo & Onyx). Mastermind brought a familiar face out to read the results for his team's matchup. Board of Director member, Dude Rock accompanied by his wife Sharon. Sharon apparently went to Piketon High School. Dude put the school and town down as Sharon took exception. Dude said that Excalibur had won. Mastermind looked ecstatic as Dirk and Randy do not get along. Sharon grabbed the results and revealed that the real winners were Da Rydas (JD Santos, Trik Nasty, Juggulator)! Trik Nasty & The Juggulator decided to team up as JD was currently leading in the North American Title match.

Da Rydas and IOU battled to a Double Disqualification. The match was a brutal back and forth battle. In the end Trik Nasty, Juggulator, and JD Santos got retribution for what IOU and The Mastermind did to Judas Thorn back in March. They took Ace Gigolo and performed the exact chairshot across the throat that put Judas out. Onyx had to carry Ace to the back and we have learned that the Tagteam Champion will be out on the shelf for an undisclosed amount of time. One has to wonder what The Mastermind will have up his sleeve to retaliate with.

The RCW North American Championship was to be determined in a first ever "Hammer-on-a-Pole" Match. A hammer hung from atop a pole in the corner of the ring. You could legally use the hammer if you could get it. The fans chose a 3-way matchup pitting Champion Vance Desmond against Flash Fury and JD Santos. The fans nailed this match as it already screams match of the year. We cannot describe the action in the this bout as it's something that will have to be seen to be believed. Desmond ended up using another hammer that was passed to him via his manager "Exotic E" and came away STILL RCW North American Champion. Flash and JD put in one heck of a match though.

The last two matches were announced. "American Idol" Dirk Extreme would be facing Tyson Rogers with Tank Runyon as special guest referee. Tank and Dirk had words about Tank being fair when Exotic E came out and announced that Tyson Rogers is now the newest member of E's illustrious stable. Dirk and E had words when Tyson Rogers jumped Dirk from behind and took out the champ's leg. Runyon let the beating go on for a moment but then stepped in. The match would happen but not until after Randy "The King" Allen would battle "Livewire" Chris Smith in a match picked by the fans in a LANDSLIDE as LOSER WEARS A DRESS!

No love lost between Allen and Smith as this feud has escalated since the beginning of 2009. Both men know each other so well and it showed. Chris Smith pinned Randy Allen. Allen was instructed to put on the dress but refused and tried to leave. Kenny Young tossed him back into the ring and Smith wrapped him up in a sleeper. Young and Smith put the dress on Allen and even applied makeup for a moment that will not soon be forgotten by anyone....especially "The King".

"American Idol" Dirk Extreme battled Tyson Rogers for a few minutes and then while giving Extreme a spinebuster, Rogers knee blew out. Rogers was unable to continue and was helped to the back. Being a fighting champion, Dirk took on another challenger from the back.."The Black Superman" Onyx. Onyx tossed Extreme around but was caught off guard when he got rolled up attempting a knee allowing Extreme to walk away with a win and still intact with he RCW World Heavyweight Championship.