NEW YEAR's REVOLOLUTION: SNOWMAN COMETH - January 9th, 2010 - Elk's City Lodge - Portsmouth, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 01/15/2010

New Year's Revolution started 2010 off with a Bang. The poster said that RCW WILL NEVER BE THE SAME, and was it ever right. RCW President, Al Snow made his presence known and took back control of the company that people in the tristate have supported and followed for the past 7 years. The Mastermind may have made the biggest mistake of his career by forcing Al Snow to reveal himself in RCW. Also at NYR, a new star was born. Chad Cruise nearly captured the RCW World Heavyweight Title from Vance Desmond but Desmond was saved by time itself. Even though Cruise did not win the belt he came away a bone fide RCW contender and Champion in the fans eyes. For the first time in 7 years, a NEW RCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE BELT was introduced. If you missed New Year's Revolution "Snowman Cometh", then here is what happened.


The night began with RangerBob and Tank Runyon making their way to commentary. Kenny Young thanked 84 Lumber, Wagner Rental, Fred Brisker & Associates, Front Row Video, Domino's Pizza, Castle Comics, and then was cut off by RCW Commissioner, The Mastermind. Mastermind came to the ring with his entourage of Onyx, Ace Gigolo, Tyson Rogers, Mike "Loony" Horton (wheeled out on a furniture dolly while being in a straight jacket), and Nurse Sara Rozetta. The fans wanted Al Snow but Mind told them that Al Snow was not there for them tonight, he was there for The Mastermind. Mastermind toted Head around the ring. Mind also had plans to weaken the opponents in his 6-man match tonight. Mind called out Judas Thorn and offered him a spot in his stable. Thorn declined. Mind figured as much and forced Thorn to wrestle twice tonight....once in the 6-man later and once right now against Tyson Rogers.

Judas Thorn defeated 1/2 of the RCW World Tagteam Champions, Tyson Rogers after a grueling bout. Onyx & Gigolo stuck their noses into the match once too often, which sent Trik Nasty and Juggulator out to even the odds, allowing Judas Thorn to focus on his match and get the win. It looked like some damage may have been done to Thorn during the bout.

Randy "The King" Allen and Nikki Tyler went toe-to-toe for the first time. Allen used his dirty tactics and his valet Hollie Wood to dispose of Nikki Tyler who put up a good fight. After the match Allen complained that he wasn't getting a title shot. Allen put down Chad Cruise as a nobody. Cruise came out and Allen ended up on the outside of the ring. Vance Desmond and Exotic E tried a sneak attack but Cruise outsmarted them as well. The night started off good for Chad Cruise.

Jock Samson and Bryan Cross had a great contest that everyone thought ended with Cross winning the RCW North American Title. Jock was still using "Jock's Rules" though that The Mastermind had given him the power to use in matches and he of course used these "Rules" to his advantage. Samson clobbered Cross with the North American Title and pinned him to get the win. Jock retains.

Heavy Metal was suppose to take on Otto Von Boogiemeister but due to an injury Boogiemeister was out and "Bad News" Keith Hamblin was in. These two had been co-horts in the past so how would they fair against one another? The two brutes went back and forth until the rookie Heavy Metal put his feet on the ropes to get the win over Hamblin. After the match, Hamblin, instead of being upset was impressed that Metal took it the extra mile to get the win. Hamblin offered to team with Heavy Metal and show him the ropes. Metal agreed and a team was apparently formed.

The 6-man Special Attraction match was next. Al Snow received a HUGE ovation from the crowd but it was apparent that Snow had other thing on his mind. The Mastermind was still in control of Head and SNOW WANTED HEAD. Trik Nasty, Judas Thorn, and The Juggulator defeated Al Snow, Onyx, and Ace Gigolo after Al Snow retrieved Head with help from "Loony" Mike Horton (who escaped!) and wiped out his own team with HEAD.

Flash Fury got some much needed retribution on the man that cost him the RCW World Heavyweight Title, "American Idol" Dirk Extreme. Extreme was a totally different person and the crowd hated him. At the end of the bout Extreme threw Fury into Referee Steve Helphenstein and then attacked Fury with a chair. Al Snow came out and grabbed the chair from Dirk and made him apologize to everyone from the fans, to Al, to Flash. This was a classic RCW moment that everyone should see. Al then passed the chair to Flash who bashed Dirk in the head and covered him for the win.

Speaking of Classic Moments, how about Classic Matches. Vance Desmond was presented a NEW RCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE belt before this bout by Exotic E. We hope to have pics soon of this new beautiful championship belt. Desmond however came a split second from losing that title. This match had a 15-minute Time Limit attached to it due to the fact that Cruise was not a Top 10 Contender at the time. That has changed because Chad Cruise opened a lot of eyes in RCW as he pushed Vance Desmond to the limit. Cruise and Desmond may have already had Match of The Year and it's only January! Chad Cruise appeared to have Desmond beat but the Bell Rang just before the 3-count thus bringing the bout to a TIME LIMIT DRAW. Vance Desmond retains.

RCW WOULD LIKE TO THANK 84 Lumber of Huntington, Wagner Rental & Supply of New Boston, Fred Brisker & Associates of Portsmouth, Front Row Video, Domino's Pizza, and Castle Comics for making this event possible. Will The Phoenix make his way to RCW again???? I think it's fair to say that the SNOWMAN will COMETH AGAIN. One has to wonder how Snow will make his presence felt on future RCW shows now that his affiliation with RCW is out. Don't miss RCW in Jackson on February 13th at the Jackson Memorial Building! Keep checking