Mini-Mohawk Football Fundraiser - September 27th, 2008 - Northwest Middle School, McDermott, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 9/28/2008

Northwest Middle School housed a shocking and unpredictable RCW event last Saturday. The night began with the first round matches to the tournament for the RCW North American Championship. Mastermind introduced the participants in the tournament and then showed a video regarding Desmond's actions to Commissioner Mike Horton. Desmond promised the hammer would not be used ever again.

Flash Fury battled it out with Tyson Rogers in the opening match. Rogers dominated throughout the match but in the end Flash Fury showed his resilience and picked up the win advancing to the Finals of the Tournament.

Vance Desmond defeated Wes Cannon with an impressive Death Valley Driver on the over 300lb Cannon to advance Desmond to the Finals of the North American Title Tournament.

Tank Runyon had his hands full with not only his opponent, The Juggulator but with the entire Unholy Alliance. Trik Nasty, Dirk Extreme, and Flash Fury tried to even the odds by coming to Tank's corner but The Mastermind played a video from The Phoenix "reluctantly" stating that The Mastermind has FULL CONTROL in RCW. Mastermind sent the fan favorites to the back and Runyon had his hands full as Onyx, Ace Gigolo, and The Mastermind were in the corner of The Juggulator. Juggulator made a small mistake and Tank Runyon capitalized for the quick win. Afterwards the fan favorites came to the rescue as Runyon was "paying" for his win.

RCW's friends down at the WWC showcased a match that was extremely exciting. WWC's Jeremiah Young introduced the bout. "Astonishing" Aaron Williams defended the WWC Heavyweight Title against Dustin Rayz. Both men fought tooth and nail and showed amazing skill and determination. Williams retained the title in the end to a hard fought battle.

Northwest Middle School Principle, Scott Martin's alter ego "Johnny Tango" came to an RCW ring for the first time alongside "Bad News" Keith & Pete Hamblin. Tango introduced Northwest alumni members Dirk Extreme and Trik Nasty to the ring. He praised Keith Hamblin as a great NW graduate but tried to run Trik and Dirk in the mud. The fans weren't buying it. Then, Tango introduced Exotic E to the ring as the "Ultimate" graduate from Northwest. Exotic E was the same arrogant individual as always that Tango could relate to. Exotic E was more than willing to accept his award.

Trik Nasty got a win over Ace Gigolo to get a shot at the RCW World Title at Beaver's Oktoberfest. Gigolo and Nasty's war went all over the Northwest Middle School gymnasium and then some. Gigolo nearly had Nasty beat after a suplex onto the bleachers but Nasty proved he is back 100%.

Chris Smith and Randy Allen now dubbing themselves as THE LEGACY retained and got back stolen property by defeating "Bad News" Keith & Pete Hamblin. Johnny Tango was in the corner of Bad News and stuck his nose in at every turn. In the end, Tango got paddled right in front of his students by Allen and Smith!

"The Black Superman" Onyx remained RCW World Champion and remained undefeated in single's competition as he took out "The American Idol" Dirk Extreme. Before the bout, Extreme had the crowd rocking to "Under My Wheels" and then he really took the fight to Onyx. Extreme looked like he was willing to win the title at any cost. The Mastermind clobbered Extreme in the back with a can allowing Onyx to hit The Dominator and get the pin. Tank Runyon came to the aid of Extreme and took The Mastermind's cane. When Dirk came to he saw Runyon holding the cane and thought that Runyon had hit him. The American Idol took the cane and batted it against the cranium of Tank Runyon accusing him of costing him the bout. With Runyon out on the mat, Extreme stormed off.

In the finals for the RCW North American Title Tournment, Vance Desmond and Flash Fury had an all out war. Flash Fury was on a roll and about to capture the win but Desmond resorted to using the hammer once again and became the first RCW North American Champion. After the bout, Exotic E came to ringside mocking "Loony" Mike Horton by wearing a bald cap and sporting a clipboard. Exotic E congratulated Vance Desmond on a job well done.