NEW BLOOD - April 11th - Old Otway School - Otway, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 4/13/2009

RCW "New Blood" is now in the history books. A surprise retirement, new alliances, and some new faces were reasons to be in Otway last Saturday night. Here are the results from "NEW BLOOD":


The night began with RCW Commissioner, The Mastermind explaining why he ditched The Gods in favor of the NEW RCW World Tagteam Champions, IOU. Mastermind said that he was beginning to see cracks in the armor of the Gods while Ace and Onyx are hungry and willing to listen to "The Manager of Champions".

IOU (Ace Gigolo and "The Black Superman" Onyx) defeated the team of Nikki Tyler and Chad Cruise. Cruise and Tyler put up a great fight but the new champions showed surprisingly great teamwork not to mention a pair of brass knuckles slipped in by The Commissioner himself.

"Bad News" Keith Hamblin attacked Nikki Tyler after the match due to Tyler tricking him at Spring Awakening. Hamblin wanted to face Tyler but he got the returning El Nino instead. Hamblin made short work of the inhebriated El Nino but was caught off guard after the match by Tyler. Looks like these two still have some unfinished business.

JD Santos defeated Randy "The King" Allen via Countout after the King had enough and once again to the easy way out. The match was a great back and forth battle but once it got too hot in the kitchen....Allen retreated rather than accept the possibility of losing.

Tank Runyon and Exotic E interrupted Santos's celebration and almost came to blows with the popular star. Santos was ordered to the back by the Mastermind. "American Idol" Dirk Extreme stormed to the ring and sung Radiohead's "Creep" and directed it toward Runyon. Runyon and E cut the song off by putting the Leather Straps to Extreme who fought back and cleared the ring.

"Genuine" Jock Samson had an impressive debut against The Mystique Ninja. The Mystique Ninja was also making his debut but did not fair too well. Jock Samson came out on top and earned seemingly earns a spot on the RCW Roster.

Tyson Rogers returned to the ring and battled Flash Fury. Flash Fury took it to the big man and many think had him beat. Rogers on the other hand had a trick up his sleeve. Exotic E and Tank Runyon made their way to the ring and gave Rogers a roll of quarters which Tyson used to knock Flash into next week. Tyson Rogers picks up the win and appears to be with Exotic E & Co.

"American Idol" Dirk Extreme and Tank Runyon took it to one another in a Lumberjack Strap Match. Tank came to the ring dressed in many layers of clothing to absorb the straps. Eventually those layers were ripped from Runyon. Both men were ejected several times resulting in lashings from the belts. In the end, Rogers entered the ring to help Runyon but ended up costing him the bout as Extreme walked away with the victory.

After the Main Event Dirk Extreme announced that it was Tank's last match. The two hugged and everyone wished Tank a teary farewell from in-ring competition as Tank gave a speech thanking everyone.