RCW: "Love it to Death" - February 13th, 2010 - Jackson Memorial Building - Jackson, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 02/17/2010

RCW "Love it to Death" rocked Jackson, OH last Saturday night. "The Phoenix" Al Snow had a special message for someone in particular, we seen the end of a tagteam, plus a new champion was crowned....or so we thought. This is what happened at RCW "Love it to Death"


The night began with "Loony" Mike Horton coming out to observe things. Horton seemed mentally fine.

The first match featured the newly formed tagteam of Heavy Metal and "Bad News" Keith Hamblin now known as "METAL MAYHEM" taking on the team of Chris Cannon (making his RCW debut) and a mystery partner that turned out to be "Captivating" Corey Mason. Cannon and Mason did not gel as one would imagine. Cannon looked impressive but Metal Mayhem were too much for one man in the end. Corey Mason refused to tag Cannon leaving Cannon alone in the ring to be double teamed and put away. Metal Mayhem were victorious. After the match Cannon got his hands on Corey Mason and got a measure of revenge leaving Mason out in the center of the ring.

Randy "The King" Allen with Hollie Wood were appalled at the fact that "The King" was still not getting a title shot and that he had to wrestle Otto Von Boogiemeister. Allen controlled the match but took Boogiemeister lightly as Allen was surprised when Otto got a pin out of nowhere. Otto Von Boogiemeister won the match and Randy Allen AND Hollie Wood threw a tantrum.

"American Idol" Dirk Extreme received a nice ovation from the Jackson crowd until they learned of his recent behavior. Nikki Tyler showed a video of Dirk's antics as well as the Al Snow incident. Tyler then brought out Flash Fury who is in the process of recovering from his leg surgery. Flash was to report to Al Snow if Dirk didn't keep his word. Dirk lost his cool in the end and was about to use a chair on Tyler but was stopped by Flash Fury's threats. Referee John Reuben took the chair and Dirk turned around to get a version of the RKO delivered to him by Nikki Tyler who got the win.

The Mastermind came out gloating that even though Al Snow had control back of RCW that he (Mind) was still the Commissioner and there wasn't anything anyone could do about it. RCW President, Al Snow came on the video screen and FIRED the Mastermind. Snow also said that Loony would be his eyes and ears while he cannot be at every RCW show. Loony had Mind thrown out the front door of the Jackson Memorial Building. Loony stated that Snow had got him the help that he needed to get over the drug induced craziness that the Mastermind put him in.

Judas Thorn and "The Black Superman" Onyx had another spectacular battle. This time around the ring could not contain these two as they found themselves on the outside of the ring. Referee Steve Hephenstein ordered the match a Double Countout. The two would still not stop brawling. The locker rooms had to be emptied to get these two pulled apart.

"Genuine" Jock Samson again cheated Bryan Cross out of victory over the RCW North American Title using Jock's Rules. Jock's Rules this time (as we all found out during the match) stated that Samson would have to be pinned for a 5 count (Cross had the 3) but Samson could pin Cross under amateur rules using a 1 count. Samson beat Cross with a 1 count to a livid crowd.

Da Rydas stated that if they could not recapture the RCW Tagteam Titles from Tyson Rogers and Ace Gigolo that they would disband Da Rydas and move to single's Competition. Tyson and Ace surprisingly defeated the duo in a good match that nearly saw Da Rydas win the belts. Fate had other plans though and Trik Nasty & Juggulator shook hands and went separate ways.

Vance Desmond and Exotic E have done everything to get the RCW World Title not to mention keep it. Last month Chad Cruise would have won the title but time was not on his side. This time around Desmond & E had 1 ref put out. Cruise got the upperhand and laid Desmond out. 2nd Ref came in the ring and made the 3 count. Kenny Young announced Chad Cruise as the NEW RCW World Heavyweight Champion but when the 1st ref came to he reversed the decision saying that he DQ'd Desmond thus having Cruise win via DQ which means Vance Desmond is still the RCW Champion. "Loony" Mike Horton said that Al Snow has ordered a match for Otway. Vance Desmond will defend the title in a NO DQ match against Chad Cruise.