RCW: "INJECTION 9" - June 25th, 2011 - Pipe Fitters Local 577 - Portsmouth, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 06/27/2011

WOW! That one word can sum up Saturday's 9th Annual Injection 9 event. A couple surprise entrants into the RUMBLE, Ryan Howe and Jessie Belle getting what they deserved, Mastermind in women's underwear, 2 New North American Champions?? That was just the tip of the iceberg. If you missed Injection 9 here is what happened:


The night began with RCW's #1 Ring Announcer, Kenny Young bringing out DVD Commentators RangerBob and the return of Tyson Rogers.

The first match was the 8-man Tagteam Match - Projekt Ego (Juggulator, Ron Mathis, and Devon Maximus..with Exotic E)and "The American Idol" Dirk Extreme battled the team of "Violent" Vance Desmond, Chad Cruise, and Metal Mayhem (Keith Hamblin and Heavy Metal). This match was action from bell to bell. Juggulator avoided Vance Desmond at all cost. In the end, Juggulator tagged "American Idol" into the ring during a 8-man frenzy that had bodies flying left and right. Exotic E and Projekt Ego left Extreme to fend for himself. Metal Mayhem hit him with their guillotine legdrop and then Vance hit the frogsplash to get the 1 2 3. Winners - Vance Desmond, Chad Cruise, Keith Hamblin, and Heavy Metal.

Next up was an exciting bout between two fan favorites Flash Fury and Eclipso. These two had the crowd cheering for both during the whole match. You have to see this match as words won't do it justice. These two hit each other with everything while keeping the match totally clean and the fans respected both immensely. In the end Flash picked up the win but Eclipso picked up the respect of not only Flash Fury but many of the RCW fans as well.

The RCW World Tagteam Titles were on the line as The Black Irish Saints (DDK & Devlin Anderson) took on former champions Pretty in Pink (Corey Mason & Jimmy Malloy). Mason and Malloy showed how much they wanted those belts back and really took it to the champions which surprised a lot of people in attendance. At one point, PIP cheated and it appeared they were about to win the belts back but the referee caught what was going on. BIS took control of the situation and got the win. As BIS celebrated, Adrenaline X clobbered them from behind and took the RCW Tagteam Titles to the back. Black Irish Saints still remain RCW WORLD TAGTEAM CHAMPIONS.

"Loony" Mike Horton was talking to the fans when WRESTLEOHIO's Mastermind and Sara interrupted. They put down Loony and the fans and gave their views on the conspiracy theory that is holding WRESTLEOHIO back in RCW. Mind wanted Loony to apologize on his knees. Loony got on his knees but pulled down the Mastermind's pants instead. Mastermind was wearing women's panties! The fans roared with laughter as Mind and Sara were shocked and embarrassed. Mind demanded a match with Loony at the next Portsmouth show. Al Snow made it official later in the night via email that the match would happen and it would be a TUXEDO MATCH. Keep your eyes peeled for that one here on www.rcwonline.com.

Randy "The King" Allen defended the RCW NORTH AMERICAN TITLE against Trik Nasty. Nasty no longer had to be under Dirk Extreme's ridiculous ROADIE contract. Allen and Nasty went back and forth and both really took a beating. Trik had a new treat for the fans...."The Bag of Trik's"! Eventually Allen succumbed to the Superkick for the win. Trik Nasty became the New RCW North American Champion. Loony interviewed Trik about his FREEDOM from being the ROADIE. As they were talking a huge screen dropped from the ceiling and Dirk Extreme walked to ringside. He pointed out that Trik broke his contract by doing what we about to see in the video. It appears that Trik Nasty was ordered to get Dirk a "green tea" at the MRDD signing back in March. Trik was having enough of Dirk attitude at the time and urinated in Dirk's "tea". Dirk drank the tea, none the wiser (video can be seen on our facebook or on our YOU TUBE.) Problem is someone filmed this and Trik had to either be Fired from RCW or continue being Dirk's ROADIE for ANOTHER 6 months! Not only that but Dirk wanted Trik to give him the RCW NORTH AMERICAN TITLE right now in a match. Trik refused to lay down and was eventually MIC-CHECKED for the 3. "American Idol" Dirk Extreme became the new RCW NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION is disgusting fashion.

Ryan Howe and Jessie Belle came to the ring. The two put down the people of Portsmouth and showed their true colors. Judas Thorn came to the ring and the match was on. Howe did an excellent job of taking out Thorn's leg and trying to keep the big man on the mat. Jessie Belle got her shots in when the referee wasn't looking as well. In the end it would be Jessie Belle's interference that caused Ryan to slip up and allow Judas Thorn to hit a powerbomb and get then get the win

The 9th Annul Injection Rules Rumble was next:
1. "American Idol" Dirk Extreme (voted #1 entry) 11. Juggulator
2. Eclipso 12. "Violent" Vance Desmond
3. Chuck Chronic 13. Devon Maximus
4. Ron Mathis 14. Chad Cruise
5. DDK 15. Vile
6. "Captivating" Corey Mason 16. Heavy Metal
7. Devlin Anderson 17. Randy "The King" Allen
8. "Pretty Boy" Jimmy Malloy 18. "Bad News" Keith Hamblin
9. Trik Nasty 19. Judas Thorn
10. "The Black Superman" Onyx 20. Flash Fury (voted in at #20)

1. Chuck Chronic via Dirk Extreme 11. Heavy Metal via Keith Hamblin
2. Eclipso via Dirk Extreme 12. Keith Hamblin via Devon Maximus & Vile
3. Ron Mathis via DDK 13. Vile via Onyx
4. Corey Mason via DDK 14. Judas Thorn via Vance Desmond as Ryan Howe distracted
5. DDK via Jimmy Malloy and an already eliminated Corey Mason 15. Flash Fury via Randy Allen
6. Jimmy Malloy via Trik Nasty 16. Devon Maximus via Vance Desmond
7. Devlin Anderson via Onyx 17. Onyx eliminated in FINAL 4 by Randy Allen via pin (Allen used Chain)
8. Dirk Extreme via Trik Nasty 18. Vance Desmond eliminated in FINAL 3 by Randy Allen. Projekt Ego attacked and left Desmond out cold. Allen capitalized
9. Juggulator via Vance Desmond 19. Randy Allen eliminated by being put through a TABLE via Chad Cruise's Razor's Edge.
10. Trik Nasty via Randy Allen (Dirk Extreme assist from outside) 20. Chad Cruise the Winner of the 9th ANNUAL INJECTION RUMBLE!