RCW INJECTION 6 - June 28th, 2008 - Elk's City Lodge - Portsmouth, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 7/1/2008

Injection 6 is now in the past but without a doubt it lived up to all the hype. The Elk's City Lodge in Portsmouth, OH was electric as the fans were in a frenzy from beginning to end. New Champions, broken factions, and the surprise RETURNS. Injection was truly a MUST SEE Event. The event is already planned to be released on DVD within the next few weeks. Detailed Results are as follows:


RCW's WWWWWorld Famous Announcer, Kenny Young got the event underway with the first bout which was between the team of Bryan Cross and Cole Cash taking on Flash Fury and "The American Idol" Dirk Extreme. The action was fast paced from the beginning. Cross & Cash took it to the fan favorites. In the end, chaos broke loose as everyone entered the ring with Flash hitting the splash from the top for the win. The American Idol then delivered Poison's "Talk Dirty To Me" the Portsmouth crowd.

In the Inter-Gender Match Hollie Wood won via countout as we got word from the back that Corey Mason refused to "come out of the closet". Evidently Mason locked himself in a closet and could not be talked into "coming out".

A new TV Champion was crowned in the 3-Way Dance elimination match. Vance Desmond shocked everyone when he once again introduced a hammer into a match. Referee, John Ruben got knocked out as Ace Gigolo, JD Santos, and Desmond went at it. Desmond used this opportunity to knock his opponents cold with a hammer and position them both for a double pin thus becoming the New RCW TV Champion. After the bout Santos had to helped from the ring as did Gigolo who was helped by fellow IOU member Onyx. Ace promised revenge.

The Triple Threat RCW World Tagteam Title Match was next. The Gods defended the titles against The Weapons of Mass Destruction and Chris Smith and Randy Allen. One Fall would determine this match. Thorn and The Juggulator dominated whenever they were in the ring. They literally beat the stuffing out of everyone that entered the ring against them. In the end it was Smith who blind tagged an unbeknownst Thorn. Thorn & Juggulator became distracted by the managers of all 3 teams fighting on the outside. Smith went to pin Cannon who the Gods had just laid out when Tyson came in to stop the pin and hit Cannon on accident. Smith then pinned Cannon to pick up the RCW World Tagteam Titles for he and Allen. After the bout, Rogers put a beat down on Cannon and the Gods made sure that Smith and Allen didn't leave the ring with the belts without help as they proceeded to destroy them after the bout.

RCW World Heavyweight Champion, Tank Runyon had his hands full as he battled the undefeated "Black Superman" Onyx. Onyx took it to the champion. Tank managed to get the beast off of his feet, giving the big man a spine buster. Onyx regained control and the action spilled to the outside where both men were counted out. Onyx proved to be Runyon's toughest challenge to date.

The Injection Rules Rumble saw the return of Trik Nasty, C.O. Hustler, and Tommy Chill! A lot of action throughout the bout that has to be seen. It came down to all of IOU (Trik Nasty, Ace Gigolo, Onyx, and C.O. Hustler) in the ring with Dirk Extreme. Hustler and Onyx pummeled Extreme while Gigolo ordered Trik Nasty to throw Extreme out. Trik Nasty didn't take kindly to being ordered around so Nasty quickly eliminated Gigolo instead. The crowd went crazy for Nasty's turn on IOU. Nasty was then on Onyx and Hustler. Trik caught Hustler with a new neckbreaker that took Hustler out with a pin thereafter. It was down to submission rules when Gigolo re-entered the ring busting Trik Nasty's surgically repaired knee with a steel chair. IOU then brutally attacked Nasty's knee while keeping Extreme down as well. Gigolo and Hustler had to be escorted from the ring but Onyx stayed on the knee. Trik Nasty passed out from the pain and Loony determined that he could not continue. It was down between The American Idol Dirk Extreme and "The Black Superman" Onyx in a NO DQ Table Match! Onyx punished Extreme with his power but made a mistake as he went to the outside to introduce a ladder into the match. Extreme kicked the ladder back into Onyx and followed him to the outside. This is where the fans changed the course of the match. The fans started handing Extreme chair after chair to use on Onyx. The action returned to the ring where Extreme threw chair after chair at Onyx knocking him back onto the table. Extreme ascended the ladder and leaped from the top to put Onyx through the table and win the match. The impact of the jump looked just as brutal for Extreme as it did for Onyx. IOU came back to the ring but were quickly ran off by Flash Fury, Tank Runyon, Randy Allen, and Chris Smith. Extreme announced that he wants to headline Full Circle 6 in December against whomever is champion at the time which caused some noticeable friction between he and Runyon at the end of the night. Below you will find the order of entrants into the Rumble and the order of elimination and by whom. Catch Injection 6 on DVD when it's released first here on www.rcwonline.com.

Order of Entrants:
1. JD Santos 11. Wes Cannon
2. Judas Thorn 12. Juggulator
3. Cole Cash 13. Ace Gigolo
4. Tank Runyon 14. Flash Fury
5. Vance Desmond 15. C.O. Hustler
6. Randy Allen 16. Hollie Wood
7. Bryan Cross 17. Dirk Extreme
8. Corey Mason 18. Tommy Chill
9. Trik Nasty 19. Chris Smith
10. Tyson Rogers 20. Onyx

1. Cole Cash eliminated by Judas Thorn 11. Chris Smith eliminated by the Juggulator
2. Vance Desmond eliminated by Tank Runyon 12. Juggulator eliminated by Tommy Chill
3. Corey Mason still refused to come out of the closet 13. Tommy Chill eliminated by Onyx
4. Randy Allen eliminated by Judas Thorn 14. Tank Runyon eliminated by Onyx
5. Bryan Cross eliminated by Trik Nasty 15. Flash Fury eliminated by C.O. Hustler and Ace Gigolo
6. JD Santos eliminated by Trik Nasty 16. Ace Gigolo eliminated by Trik Nasty
7. Judas Thorn eliminated by Tank & Trik 17. C.O. Hustler pinned by Trik Nasty
8. Tyson Rogers eliminated by Wes Cannon 18. Trik Nasty unable to continue due to Onyx
9. Wes Cannon eliminated by Tyson Rogers 19. Onyx put through a table via Dirk Extreme
10. Hollie Wood self eliminated 20. Dirk Extreme Injection 6 Winner