RCW: IMPOUNDMENT - July 27th, 2013 - Portsmouth, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 02/11/2003

RCW IMPOUNDMENT Detailed Results: The steel cage returned to The Elks City Lodge in grand fashion for RCW IMPOUNDMENT! But this steel cage was only one part of this extravaganza! With both WWWorld Famous Kenny Young and RCW Acting president Trik Nasty away on assignment none other than The American Idol Dirk Extreme was introduced as this night's acting president and ring announcer. And without further ado it was on to the action!

First out was Captivating Corey Mason. The Captivating one thought that without Trik Nasty in the house, he could slide by without wearing the mandatory dress (which if you remember Mason must wear in every match until he obtains a victory) but Dirk was having no part of that! Dirk ordered Mason to the back and unless he returned in 30 seconds with the dress on he would be fired from RCW! A frenzied Corey scurried back donning his elegant evening gown . Mason's opponent was then introduced, the young and hungry Brandon Fields! This match was up for grabs with both grapplers having good reason to get the prized Victory! The veteran Mason using his trademark underhanded ways got the 3 count but Acting President Dirk Extreme was able to have a close and up close view! Extreme restarted the match with himself being the referee. Fields got a rollup and Extreme quickly counted to 3 as Fields won his first match. The Winner via pinfall, BRANDON FIELDS! Afterwards, Mason and Extreme got into a heated argument that lead to Extreme putting his hands on Mason which was breaking one of the rules that RCW Acting Owner, Trik Nasty laid out to Extreme when having him as host.

Next up on this mega-card was a first in RCW, a "Pick Your Poison" match! Both Relentless Ron Mathis and American Made Jason Legend would get to choose their adversary's opponent! With his new manager by his side first out was Legend with RangerBob! The American heroes stating that they wanted to see the look on Ron Mathis's face when they announced who Mathis's opponent would be. This brought out Relentless Ron Mathis, boasting that it didn't matter who his opponent would be because he fears no man! When it came time for the announcement there appeared to be a bit of disagreement between RangerBob and Jason Legend as to who Mathis would face! But the decision was made and Mathis's opponent would be none other than WrestleOhio's resident Sasquatch TYSON ROGERS!!!!! And the look on Mathis's face was priceless! But after some quick finagling off of the microphone Tyson Rogers announced that he was unable to compete due to 3 torn vertebrates in his knees and would forfeit the match to Ron Mathis! The Winner via forfeit, Relentless Ron Mathis!

The crowd was irate and Mathis was smug in boasting his easily obtained victory! But President Extreme announced that Mathis wouldn't be getting off quite that easy and that he had a superstar waiting in the back just in case of any injuries, and Ron Mathis's next opponent would be the ever popular Partyboy Jimmy Malloy! The Partyboy came to the ring with candy for the kids in tow and a take no prisoner attitude! Mathis had his hands full with Malloy having the crowd solid in his corner! It was a hard fought battle that saw Mathis squeaking out the win! The Winner again, Relentless Ron Mathis!

Now it was Mathis's turn to announce the opponent.... or should I say opponents for Jason Legend! Stating that #1- there was no stipulation in the Pick Your Poison match contractual language stating what kind of match it had to be and #2- Since he had to defeat 2 opponents, Jason Legend would have to do the same! Jason Legend would be competing in a HANDICAP MATCH AGAINST THE ASYLUM!!!! Escorted to the by their mentor and leader Loony, RCW Heavyweight Champion Judas Thorn and the newest member The Juggulator came to the ring amidst thunderous booing and jeering from the crowd! The Asylum was tagging in and out while Jason Legend fought with a valiant effort against overwhelming odds stacked up against him! But in spite of his determination, while being locked in a crippling submission move by The Juggulator RangerBob threw the towel in before the young Legend sustained serious injury! But the action was just as intense afterwards.... Loony giving the command to his pack of thugs to finish off Legend, RangerBob tried to interfere only to be taken out by Loony himself! With all hope seemingly lost it was none other than RCW veterans, DDK and Randy "The King" Allen storming out to save Legend just in the nick of time! Allen praised the young warrior Legend for his heart and perserverence in the ring! DDK had words for his opponent Thorn, promising the fans he would take the title. Hats off to The King & DDK for standing up for Legend. And for their continuing interference Dirk Extreme decreed that The Juggulator would be banned from ringside during the Steel Cage match later in the evening. After the match Loony was overheard stating that Randy Allen has just bought himself a one-way ticket to destruction after The Asylum removes DDK from RCW in the steel cage, but did Loony's plan unfold the way he planned? More on that later.... The Winner via Submission, The Asylum!

After a brief intermission complete with the trademark "Meet-And-Greet" with the superstars of RCW it was back to the action.... The next 3 matches would see every championship title in RCW defended!

The rough and rugged Tommy Chill and Cyrus Poe aka The Black and Blue Crew was poised and ready to capture the RCW Tag-Team belts against the Champions, Eclipso and Flash Fury, The Cosmic Connection! These 2 teams have had a history of bad blood between them and this match would turn out to be as intense as any they have ever had. The action spilled to the outside with the referee counting both teams out. One may be able to argue that Poe beat the count......it was close....BUT, Double-Count Out, The Cosmic Crew remains RCW TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONS!

Next, it was James Avery with WrestleOhio defending his RCW North American Championship against Randy "The King" Allen. As Allen was coming to the ring he was ambushed from behind by The Asylum! Judas Thorn and The Juggulator beat The King down from behind in typical coward fashion! A gloating Loony sent a stern warning to every superstar in RCW that if you interfere in The Asylum's business, it will mean your doom! With The King already beaten to a pulp The Asylum rolled The King into the ring to face his adversary James Avery! But Randy Allen showed his true heart by battling back to a near-win. But in spite of his determination James Avery successfully defended his North American Title. The Winner via Pinfall and Still RCW North American Champion JAMES AVERY!

Now to the main event! With the steel cage surrounding the ring it was time for the much anticipated grudge match between DDK and Judas Thorn! With Juggulator banned from interfering it was man verses man against steel for this epic encounter! The door was closed and it was both behemoths fighting for their lives and the coveted RCW Heavyweight Championship! The blood was flowing as these 2 men nearing brought down the cage with their bashing! But in the end it was Dangerous Damien Kass aka DDK who barely escaped from the unforgiving steel cage! The Winner and NEW RCW Heavyweight Champion, DDK!!! But don't close the book on this monster event yet, if you remember it was Tyson Rogers who won the Injection 11 earlier in the year giving him the right to any match, anytime, anywhere! Cashing in his entitled match on the spot Tyson Rogers chose a match for the RCW Heavyweight Championship against the newly crowned DDK! In spite of his so called "torn vertebrates in his kneecaps" Tyson Rogers pinned DDK to capture the RCW Heavyweight Championship depriving DDK of getting the chance to celebrate! The Winner and NEW RCW Heavyweight Champion, TYSON ROGERS! So fans, looking ahead the fallout from Impoundment is sure to be intense and there remains so many questions that are yet to be answered..... Be sure to be watching for big announcements concerning RCW's return to Jackson, Ohio on Saturday September 7 as RCW presents Mental Cruelty!