RCW: "INJECTION 8: FEATURING AL SNOW" - June 26th, 2010 - YMCA - Jackson, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 06/28/2010


Posted by:  RCW Webmaster on  UPDATED 06/28/10

All fans can say since Saturday is "WOW!". Injection 8 presented by WRESTLEOHIO definitely lived up to the hype. Injection 8 saw Vance Desmond RETIRE from Professional Wrestling and the RETURNs of The Mastermind, Flash Fury, and an Rumble appearance by CHUCK CHRONIC! Not only that but a 2 NEW North American Champions were crowned (you heard right.....TWO!) plus the "PHOENIX" himself Al Snow was on hand to deliver a great match and set some ground rules for the Rumble. The YMCA had a hot crowd that not only got to see a NEW RCW setup but a night of unforgettable matches.

The night began with RangerBob and "The Woooorld Famous" Kenny Young getting us started. The first bout would be a 8-man tagteam match set for one fall.

The match actually turned out to be 4 on 3 as Juggulator's team could not produce a 4th partner. Juggulator thought he had a partner locked in with either Trik Nasty or Judas Thorn but Juggulator said they were too "Preoccupied with their RCW World Title Match" The team of "The Black Superman" Onyx, Aaron Draven, Randy "The King" Allen, and "Captivating" Corey Mason won the bout over the team of Juggulator, Otto Von Boogiemeister, and Bryan Cross. Toward the end of the match, The Juggulator even left his team. Even though the other team won there seemed to be dissension on that team as well. Aaron Draven barked orders at Onyx. After the bout Onyx heard enough and laid every member of his team out to the crowds delight.

The RCW Tagteam Champions, Metal Mayhem, had their hands full as they took on the debut of Adrenaline X (Ron Mathis & Devon Maximus). X tried every dirty trick to win the belts but Hamblin and Heavy Metal also know how to play dirty. Metal Mayhem got the pin and retained. The crowd was once again behind Metal Mayhem.

The RCW World Heavyweight Championship Match was next. The fans could not decide between champion Judas Thorn and challenger Trik Nasty. The two went toe to toe. Nasty was in high gear at the end when the Juggulator who had been at the announce table entered the ring and hit Nasty with a pair of brass knuckles. Nasty was out but Judas Thorn got DQ'd. Thorn was not happy and confronted his old partner. Juggulator then cracked Judas with the brass knuckles leaving him a bloody mess. Juggulator announced he was officially entering the RCW World Title picture.

Student VS Teacher was next as "American Idol" Dirk Extreme battled for the first time in 15 years the man who trained him....AL SNOW. Snow of course is also RCW President. Al Snow took it to Dirk early on but to everyone's surprise Extreme battled back and hit Snow with some big moves. Extreme kicked out of the SnowPlow after a second referee had to be called in. Snow then kicked out of Extreme's Mic-Check. In the end Al Snow used HEAD to teach his student a hard lesson in the middle of the ring. Extreme tried to play dirty first but Al Snow did it better at Injection 8 as he walked away victorious.

The RCW North American Title bout was next between Champion JD Santos and Vance Desmond. This match was phenomenal! Both guys gave it everything they had. JD nearly had Desmond at one point. Exotic E tried to get Desmond to use the hammer but Desmond REFUSED and sent E to the back. In the end Desmond got the win and became RCW North American Champion for the 2nd time. More shocking than that was after the match Desmond hugged Santos and announced that Desmond would be retiring due to injuries over the past years. Many wrestlers came out to congratulate Vance Desmond and bid him farewell. A very emotional moment in RCW History.

Al Snow came out before the Rumble to tell us that since Vance Desmond retired the Rumble would now be for the RCW North American Belt. The winner would be Champion! Besides discussing the WaffleHouse and Al's run for presidency, Snow also turned everyone's attention to RCW new look. He thanked the new deal he just signed with WRESTLEOHIO. The lucrative deal afforded a new huge entryway, beautiful ring ropes, new barrier system, and other items. Snow brought out Sara Stricklett from WRESTLEOHIO for everyone to thank. He was startled and said she looked familiar. She introduced her husband.....THE MASTERMIND. Mind had returned and bought his way back into the company and there was little Snow could do about it. Snow did say he would be keeping a close eye on things and would be back to take care of Mind if things get out of hand. It seems as part of WRESTLEOHIO's deal they now have a prime seat on the Board of Director and also they have a sponsored wrestler that they would be debuting in RCW tonight in the RUMBLE.

See below the order of ENTRANTS and then the order of ELIMINATION:

1. Exotic E 11. Keith Hamblin
2. "Loony" Mike Horton 12. Trik Nasty
3. Chuck Chronic 13. Randy Allen
4. Wrestleohio's Nikita Allanov 14. Bryan Cross
5. Devon Maximus 15. Heavy Metal
6. Ron Mathis 16. Aaron Draven
7. JD Santos 17. Otto Von Boogiemeister
8. Juggulator 18. Dirk Extreme
9. Judas Thorn 19. Corey Mason
10. Onyx 20. Flash Fury

1. Exotic E via Loony 11. Bryan Cross via Draven
2. Loony via Allanov 12. Trik Nasty via Randy Allen
3. Chuck Chronic via Allanov 13. Otto Von Boogiemeister via Allen
4. Devon Maximus via Allanov 14. Randy Allen via Extreme
5. Ron Mathis via Allanov 15. Corey Mason via Flash Fury
6. Juggulator via Trik & Judas 16. Nikita Allanov via Onyx
7. Judas Thorn via Juggulator FINAL 4: Onyx eliminated by Extreme after being attacked by Allanov
8. Keith Hamblin via Cross & Santos FINAL 3: Dirk Extreme tapped out to Flash Fury
9. JD via Heavy Metal FINAL 2: Aaron Draven was put through a table via Flash Fury