INJECTION 5: Shake, Rumble, & Roll - June 30th, 2007
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 7/1/07

Many are already calling this one of the greatest RCW events in history! WHAT A NIGHT! Injection 5 not only lived up to the hype but surpassed it! At the end of the night the fans were all Shake, Rattle, and Rolling as this was a show that no one would soon forget. Here's what happened:
INJECTION 5: Shake, Rumble, & Roll

Former wrestler and WNXT's own "Livewire" Chris Smith was our announcer for the night! Chris did a wonderful job of pumping the crowd up for this historic night. First up was the 10-man tagteam match....
Flash Fury, Aaron Draven, Nikki Tyler, Ricochet, & ONYX defeated Wes Cannon, Tyson Rogers, Chuck Chronic, Juggulator, & Judas Thorn. In the end all 10 were battling beyond the referees control. Chuck Chronic was pinned and the match awarded to the opposing team. Juggulator & Judas Thorn had words with The Weapons of Mass Destruction. Judas & Juggulator then started a beat down on Chuck Chronic for losing the match. WOMD left Chuck Chronic to fend for himself. After Judas & Juggulator left the ring, Nadja (who we haven't seen since the Coven disbanded) came out to get help for Chuck.

Randy "The King" Allen got the win over Carlton Kaz in superb bout. Kaz continued using a foreign object during the bout until Ring Announcer (not to mention Allen's good friend), Chris Smith took the object. Allen was able to comeback and win the fight

Dirk Extreme won the RCW TV Title in a Triple Threat Title Match against now former champion Cyrus Poe, and Ace Gigolo. Poe told the people of Jackson that Dude Rock got food poisoning eating at one of their finer establishments. Poe also touted that he to date is the longest reigning champion in RCW history for any title. He gloated about vanquishing Tommy Chill from RCW. In the end Slammin' Sammy came to the ring and distracted Poe. If everyone remembers Poe WAS Slammin' Sammy. I heard that this time Sammy looked a lot like Tommy Chill but that has not been proven. Poe did not know what to think and Dirk Extreme capitalized to pick up the win and the title.

The Loony Commissioner, Mike Horton, with his assistant, Hollie Wood(looking rather lovely tonight),brought the Mastermind and Board of Director's member Exotic E out to hash out their problems. The Mastermind first introduced the newest member to the Army of Darkness...ONYX. ONYX is a HUGE muscular giant of a man. Mastermind argued with Exotic E until he got The Army of Darkness a Tagteam Title match at Outloudfest on July 28th at Spartan Stadium in Portsmouth. Exotic E seemed to have something up his sleeve... we'll have to see where this one leads.

We all thought this one was going to be a clean 1-on-1 match for the RCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. Tank Runyon VS Trik Nasty was just that..... for awhile anyway. Referee, John Ruben, got knocked cold. I.O.U. hit the ring. Tank took care of C.O. while Trik exited Ace. Ace however left behind an object. An object that Trik would use onto the back of Tank's skull when Runyon turned his back. Trik got the pin and once again became the RCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. He celebrated with IOU and then the 3 started beating down on Tank Runyon. The Honky Tonk Man came to the rescue and has some choice words for C.O. Hustler especially.

It was announced that RCW had booked Jake "The Snake" Roberts for a surprise appearance in the Rumble. Jake Roberts however failed to appear for 2 of his shows over the weekend. This will probably be talked about in other forums. Because of Roberts track record of "NO SHOWING", RCW officials decided to not announce him as appearing on the card in case he did indeed NO SHOW. It was a good call and the crowd didn't mind one bit.

After explaining the rules Chris Smith was attacked by Ranger Bob and his Weapons of Mass Destruction. Loony took over announcing duties while Chris would later enter the rumble. We got it from a reliable source that Smith purchased an entry number from Earl Sanchez.

1. flash fury 6.tyson rogers 11. onyx 16. tank runyon
2. aaron draven 7. ace gigolo 12. trik nasty 17. randy allen
3. wes cannon 8. chris smith 13. cyrus poe 18. the juggulator
4. chuck chronic 9. dirk extreme 14. slammin' sammy 19. nikki tyler
5. biff anderson 10. c.o. hustler 15. ricochet 20. judas thorn
1.wes cannon (elim by chronic, fury, & draven) 9. cyrus poe (elim by onyx)
2. aaron draven (elim by flash fury) 10. onyx (elim by trik nasty)
3. biff anderson (elim by tyson rogers) 11. trik nasty (elim by tank runyon)
4. chuck chronic (elim by tyson rogers) 12. tank runyon (self elimination)
5. dirk extreme (elim by ace gigolo) 13. tyson rogers (elim by chris smith & randy allen)
6. ace gigolo (elim by onyx) 14. nikki tyler (elim by ricochet)
7. c.o. hustler (elim by onyx) 15. chris smith (elim by judas thorn)
8. slammin sammy (elim by cyrus poe) 16. ricochet (elim by judas thorn)

Final 4: Randy Allen gave Judas Thorn an electric chair drop off of second rope. Thorn and Allen's shoulders were both down eliminating both from the Injection Rumble.
Final 2: The Juggulator won the Injection 5 Rumble by putting Flash Fury through a table. Flash Fury was the #1 entrant in the Rumble. Juggulator came in at 17. Juggulator's new found partner Judas Thorn (#20 in the Rumble) was instrumental in The Juggulator's win. Judas Thorn and Randy Allen made it to the Final 4 but took each other out with a double pinfall. A complete list of order of entrants and order of elimination will be coming Monday.

The Honky Tonk Man came out for the next match and had the crowd rocking and rolling and on their feet. HTM had "plenty" to say to I.O.U. He seen what happened earlier to Tank so he wanted 2 people watching his back....."American Idol" Dirk Extreme & Tank Runyon. C.O. Hustler took the fight to HTM but in the end he got the shake, rattle, & roll and HTM picked up the win. Tank Runyon grabbed Trik Nasty and threw him to HTM for another shake, rattle, & roll. Ace also received one courtesy of The American Idol. Everyone celebrated one more time with THE HONKY TONK MAN's theme song. Great night of action!