RCW: INJECTION 14 - June 17th, 2016 - West Portsmouth, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 09/04/2016

Great turnout for a HOT night of action. Loony, Dirk Extreme, Kenny Young and Chris Smith were all on the mic tonight. Tyson Rogers joined Chris Smith on commentary.

First Class members Brandon Fields and Daniel Winchester defeated the teams of Party Down Productions, The Hickey Boys and Beefhammer & Flash Fury to become the NEW RCW Tagteam Champions by pinning Bruce Grey. West Portsmouth fans got to finally meet Grandma Hickey.

Ron Mathis retained the RCW North American Title against Christopher Otto. IOU members Trik Nasty and Aaron Williams attempted to interfere but were halted by Onyx and Randy Allen.

Tank Runyon defeated Cyrus Poe and Devlin Anderson in a Triple Threat match. Runyon also won 10% off at Winners' Cup Yogurt for the entire crowd.

IOU members Trik Nasty & Aaron Williams defeated "The Black Superman" Onyx and Randy "The King" Allen. They didn't stop there as they tried to end the career of Randy Allen. Mathis came to assist but was also taken out. . Allen's face was a bloody mess and his arm and should were protruding. We are waiting on word from physicians on the extent of Allen's condition.

Tommy Chill retained the RCW Heavyweight Title against DDK. Dirk Extreme brought out Kenny Young as the Special Enforcer. Young made sure Naughtia wasn't a factor.

Chris Smith interviewed RCW Owner, Dirk Extreme who was attacked by DDK and put through a door! Extreme was obviously in serious pain but vowed to wrestle DDK at the next show in a Loser Leaves Town Match.

The Injection 14 Rumble had many great moments. Grandma Hickey wowed the crowd as she took Randy Allen's place in the Rumble. The Juggulator RETURNED! Bruce Grey seemed to end Party Down Productions?? Flash Fury put up a great fight but IOU's "Astonishing" Aaron Williams became the Injection 14 winner and can now have any 1 match of his choice within the next year.