RCW: INJECTION 13 - June 27th, 2015 - Jackson, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 07/01/2015

Thanks to all the fans that packed the YMCA last night in Jackson, OH! RCW Owner, Dirk Extreme introduced the show and brought out a surprise. RCW has a new Ring Announcer in the return of "Loony" Mike Horton!

The traditional 8-Man tagteam match started things off. The team of Flash Fury, Randy "The King" Allen, Duke Beefhammer, and Otto won out over Tommy Chill, Cyrus Poe, Nathaniel Rose, and Crosshairs Kelly. Afterwards, Rose through a fit that he was pinned and blamed his team. Through encouragement from the opposing team and the fans, Chill ended up giving Nathaniel Rose a chokeslam that he will not soon forget.

RCW Tagteam Champions, FIRST CLASS retained the tagteam titles against Party Down Productions. The Hickey Brothers won the titles last month in a handicap match due to Jimmy Malloy being ill. This time, Patrick Hickey was unable to make the show. FIRST CLASS member, Brandon Fields argued that all it says on the contract is that FIRST CLASS are the tagteam champions which means ANY members of FIRST CLASS can defend the titles. FIRST CLASS member Daniel Winchester took Hickey's spot but halfway through said he suffered an ankle injury which lead to FIRST CLASS member Mac Diesel taking his spot. UNFAIR circumstances for Party Down Productions who were NOT happy about how this match played out.

"Dangerous" Damien Kass defeated Jason Legend for the #1 Contender spot for the RCW Heavyweight Title.....but not without help once again from Naughtia who delivered a low-blow to Legend. RCW Owner, Dirk Extreme stormed into the ring to explain what happened to referee Steve Helpenstein but was blindsided by DDK who left Dirk out cold.

Ron Mathis and Trik Nasty faced The Asylum's Devlin Anderson and Tyson Rogers. A hard fought match between both teams. Referee, John Reuben was injured when The Asylum attempted to use their leader, LOONY to help them win the match. Loony thought otherwise and refused to be a part of the debacle. Devlin was beside himself which allowed Mathis and Nasty to get the win. The Asylum seems to have finally shut it's doors for good. We heard that Devlin was so mad that he immediately left the building and forfeited his spot in the Rumble which was then picked up by RCW Owner, Dirk Extreme.

"The Black Superman" Onyx retained the RCW Heavyweight Title against James Avery. Avery attempted every trick in the book and even though First Class was banned from ringside, he had SYD the Gladiator as his new licensed bodyguard. Avery thought he had the match in the bag but underestimated the power of Onyx.

The Injection 13 Rumble lasted nearly an hour. Trik Nasty and tonight's partner Ron Mathis were actually 1 and 2 in the Rumble and both had excellent showings. We don't have the official time yet but Nasty had the longest time in the Rumble. Dirk Extreme entered himself into the Rumble and went straight after DDK. Tommy Chill and Tyson Rogers had an Epic moment when they briefly squared off. Jason Legend looked awesome in the Rumble but took a bad hit to the head which lead to his elimination. Randy Allen and Otto were guaranteed good spots in the Rumble due to their win in the 8-man. FIRST CLASS stormed the ring TWICE to help James Avery. The first time they eliminated ONYX! The second time they took out Trik Nasty. Onyx had enough at that point and made sure they were not a factor for the rest of the match which allowed TOMMY CHILL to have a fair fight with James Avery and get the win. Order of Entrants
1. Ron Mathis
2. Trik Nasty
3. Nathaniel Rose
4. Cyrus Poe
5.Jimmy Malloy
6. Crosshairs Kelly
7. DDK
8. Dirk Extreme
9. Daniel Winchester
10. Jason Legend
11. Tyson Rogers
12. Tommy Chill
13. Bruce Grey
14. Flash Fury
15. James Avery
16. Duke Beefhammer
17. Onyx
18. Randy Allen
19. James Hickey
20. Otto