RCW "Injection 12" - September 13th, 2014 - Jackson, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 02/05/2015

Chris Smith introduced the show and Special Guest Ring Annnouncer, John Reuben

The team of Beefhammer, Onyx, Randy Allen, and Jimmy Malloy defeated the team of Devlin Anderson, Papa Dingo, Tommy Chill, and Cyrus Poe in an exciting 8-man match

"Captivating" Corey Mason became the New RCW North American Champion when he defeated Jason Legend with RangerBob in his corner

Zac Vincent pinned Eclipso in a great battle that saw Eclipso get a mean streak. Afterwards Flash Fury came to the ring and Eclipso shoved his partner and left the ring

DDK defeated Otto Von Boogiemeister. DDK's wife, Nadia, was an instrumental factor in his corner.

Mastermind and Sara announced that they had agreed that Tyson Rogers should be managed by Loony and that Loony had agreed to let them sign a new foreign star to a multi-year contract. This person would debut tonight in the Injection Rumble.

Tyson Rogers retained the RCW Heavyweight TItle against Flash Fury when Referee Nate Pink once again did Loony's bidding and robbed Fury of the win. Dirk Extreme was sitting at ringside and couldn't take it anymore. Extreme attacked Rogers and went after Pink. Loony had Extreme thrown from the building.

The Injection Rumble saw the return of some familiar faces from the past including Chuck Chonic, James Avery, and even "The Livewire" Chris Smith. but it was the debut of Mastermind's CANADIAN IDOL that took the win as he ousted Tyson Rogers to get the win. Loony and The Asylum were furious as they believe The Canadian Idol to be The American Idol, Dirk Extreme.