RCW "Injection 11" June 29th, 2013 - YMCA - Jackson, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 07/03/2013

The buzz around Injection 11 is still at a fever pitch! A capacity crowd was on hand in Jackson to witness the spectacle that is RCW! The WWWORLD FAMOUS Kenny Young opened the show with a bang as commentators RangerBob and making a surprise appearance none other than the area's number 1 rated DJ and former RCW sensation The Livewire Chris Smith! As The Livewire greeted the crowd the roar of "ONE MORE MATCH" was being heard all over Jackson. Will Livewire Chris Smith return for one more match? Stay tuned! Now on the action!

The first match was a triple threat match as RCW welcomed the debut of Chest Flexor, Aiden Veil, and none other than the Neon Ninja FAÇADE! Façade quickly had the audience on their toes with the high flying action that is the reason why Façade has become the sensation of the wrestling world and only the sky is the limit for this rising star. Flexor and Veil pushed the Neon Ninja to the limit but in the end it was Façade who scored the win!

Next up was an 8-man tag-team matchup. WrestleOhio emerged as Tyson Rogers was led to the ring by The Mastermind and Sara Stricklett. The Mastermind announced that he had acquired the services of the best tag-team that money could buy, Cyrus Poe and Tommy Chill aka The Black and Blue Crew! And then to assure that nothing could go wrong WrestleOhio co-owner Sara Stricklett announced that team member #4 was the Black Superman himself, ONYX! Their opponents were led to the ring by long time RCW fan and winner of the "Name The Tag-Team Champions" online contest Sherri Lockhart, the team of B.D. Fields, "The Partyboy" Jimmy Malloy and the RCW Tag-Team Champions, Flash Fury and Eclipso aka The Cosmic Connection! This turned out to be a wild melee with 8 Superstars pounding it out but in the end The Mastermind's plan for victory turned out to be the winning combination as B&B Crew member Cyrus Poe pinned B.D. Fields to secure yet another win for WrestleOhio.

If you recall from RCW Spring-Loaded Captivating Corey Mason lost to Partyboy Jimmy Malloy in a "Loser wears a Dress" match. Kenny Young then brought out the Captivating one for a match-up against The American Idol Dirk Extreme. Mason was back to his traditional pink gear which brought out RCW acting President Trik Nasty who (much to the delight of the crowd) informed Mason that the terms to his last match wouldn't expire UNTIL Mason won a match. Nasty then gave Mason only 30 seconds to go to the back and re-emerge with his dress on or he would be fired from RCW! A panicked Mason dashed to the back with his dress on with only 1 second remaining if he was to continue a career in RCW! Mason pulled out every trick in his pink book to get a victory so he could shed the dress once and for all but it was not to be as Dirk Extreme was the victor thus forcing Corey Mason to continue to wrestle in a dress.

Then the deafening Jackson crowd saw an epic match-up between tough as nails "Relentless" Ron Mathis square off with the RCW superstar who has won the hearts of the loyal RCW fans everywhere, Jason Legend! Legend donned new attire that showed why he loves this great country of ours and has patriotism a mile wide! In a hard fought contest both Mathis and Legend battled with fierce tenacity but in the end Mathis took a shortcut to victory with a handful of tights. This brought RangerBob to ringside who pled a case to Referee Steve Helphenstine on behalf of the slighted Jason Legend but to no avail. In a surprise gesture Jason Legend then asked RangerBob if he would want to resume a career as manager as the manager of Jason Legend which RangerBob happily accepted! So what does this mean for the career of Jason Legend? Well, RangerBob brings a wealth of knowledge to the table having previously managed the former RCW Tag-Team champions, The Weapons of Mass Destruction. Will RangerBob be successful in leading the young Legend to gold of his own?

Next on this mega-card saw a Bunkhouse Brawl match between 2 men who were once best friends but now bitter enemies, DDK and Devlin Anderson. Devlin Anderson was led to the ring by his mentor and leader of the heartless gang of thugs known as The Asylum, Mike "Loony" Horton. But that was not all, a tall dark veiled persona (who would be unveiled later) also was welcomed as the newest member of The Asylum. The action was inside and outside of the ring as the rules were basically, there were no rules. The veiled person was the deciding factor in this hard hitting match that saw Devlin Anderson win. As DDK lay on the mat in an unconscious state, a gloating Loony announced that the The Asylum has been successful and DDK would never receive a shot at Asylum member and RCW Heavyweight Champion Judas Thorn. This brought out once again President Trik Nasty who reminded Loony that he no longer has the authority in RCW to decide who does and who does not make title matches and in fact at the next RCW show on July 27th in Portsmouth, Ohio it will be DDK facing Judas Thorn for the RCW Heavyweight Championship! AND because of the continuing interference from The Asylum this match would take place in a STEEL CAGE! Loony was furious as he is now tasked with informing Judas Thorn why Judas must now defend his title inside of the steel bars of the cage!

Match #6 of the night saw James Avery defend his coveted RCW North American Championship against long time RCW Superstar Randy "The King" Allen. Even with Avery's management of WrestleOhio by his side The King won by disqualification. This meant Avery would remain as North American champion, but the crowd favorite Randy Allen remains to be vigilant in his quest to once again wear RCW gold.

Finally the anticipated Injection Rumble saw a melee of Superstars battling it out to win the annual "Over The Top Rope" event and secure a match of their choice, anytime, at any RCW future event. All of the above mentioned superstars were at war starting with 2 men and a new entrant coming out every 2 minutes. However Jason Legend still reeling from his match with Ron Mathis was unable to compete. Surprises included entrant Dave Haney who wowed fans with his impressive stature but the biggest shocker of the night had to be the unveiling of the newest member of The Asylum during the Rumble as one other than former RCW multiple champion THE JUGGULATOR was revealed! But in the end it was none other than WrestleOhio member Tyson Rogers (with the help of The Mastermind) eliminating The Neon Ninja Façade to become the winner of INJECTION 11!

So with Injection 11 now in the books the following questions remain…. Will there be "One More Match" for The Livewire Chris Smith? How long will Corey Mason continue to be forced to wear a dress? What impact will RangerBob have on his new protégé Jason Legend? Will The Juggulator be the determining factor in giving The Asylum complete control of RCW as predicted by Loony? Has RCW entered into a era with The Neon Ninja Façade? When and where will Tyson Rogers redeem his right to a match of his choosing? Will the Steel Cage see DDK finally destroyed or will he be wearing the RCW Heavyweight Championship?

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See you July 27th in Portsmouth, Ohio!