RCW "INJECTION 10" September 8th, 2012 - YMCA - Jackson, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 10/01/2012

What a GREAT show Injection 10 was! Thanks to all the fans that came out to witness the 10th Annual Injection Event which saw 2 titles change hands, the return of a few superstars, and a former cult come back?!? Here's what went down at Injection 10:

The night started off with The Black Irish Saints defending the Tagteam Titles in a 3-way against WrestleOhio and The Black and Blue Crew. Everyone was excited to see the return of DDK BUT it wasn't to be (yet) as Loony informed DDK that he would not be allowed to wrestle in the match as the RCW Front Office had not received his Release Forms. DDK was stunned. Loony did say that DDK could find a replacement but would have to do so quickly as the match was starting NOW! WrestleOhio and BBC took advantage of the situation as all worked over Devlin Anderson. Eventually the 2 teams would argue over who was going to win the Titles and go at each other. DDK finally returned with a replacement....JUDAS THORN. Thorn laid everyone out and then helped Devlin Anderson up only to drive him into the mat as well. DDK was shocked as Thorn gave an evil smile and left the ring. WrestleOhio was able to capitalize and get the win as Tyson Rogers and Keith Hamblin became the NEW RCW TAGTEAM CHAMPIONS.

Next up Loony brought out an unexpecting "American Idol" Dirk Extreme. Since Dirk and Trik have both been injured Loony didn't think it was fair that Dirk didn't have to live up to his "ROADIE" obligations so Trik Nasty sent some orders down. He said he would let Dirk off the hook if he performed each of them tonight. One was defending the Trik's RCW North American Title. Dirk read Trik's other instructions which had the audience picking Dirk's attire for the night.......

Flash Fury battled "The Reaper" Matt Conard and Zac Vincent in their RCW debuts. Fantastic high flying match that saw Fury ink out the win. Afterwards, Fury was attacked by Conard whom Fury pinned to win the bout. Vincent came to Fury's aid.

The team of Eclipso and Jason Legend defeated Pretty in Pink. Eclipso and Legend had some issues but worked through them to get the win. That was the least of PIP's problems as Corey Mason's bullying tactics against partner Jimmy Malloy finally came to a boil. After the loss Mason smacked the kind hearted Malloy. Malloy took another slap and finally had enough. Mason quickly retreated before Malloy got his hands on him.

Dirk Extreme lived up to Trik Nasty's obligations. Dirk showed up in embarrassing tights. His mystery opponent was THE JUGGULATOR. After also having to do an embarrassing dance, Extreme was so out of sorts that he lost the North American Title in under 30 seconds! Juggulator walked away the NEW RCW NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION.

James Avery nearly became the RCW Heavyweight Champion as he wrestled a great match against Champion, Chad Cruise. Cruise proved to everyone though that he is still on top of the mountain as he retained once again. Afterwards, Cruise wanted to shake Avery's hand for a great match that had everyone on the edge of their seats. Avery refused and disrespected the champion before walking to the back.

Last up was the Injection Rules Rumble which saw Jimmy Mally get some revenge on Corey Mason as they were numbers 1 & 2. James Avery made a point as he eliminated the Champion, Chad Cruise and lasted longer than anyone in the Rumble that night. Dirk Extreme beat his 30 second loss earlier by being eliminated in 6 seconds after entering the ring. Judas Thorn was accompanied to the ring by LORD ARION! Does that mean The Coven is returning?!? Heavy Metal made a return to the ring! DDK got his paperwork in order and shoved it in the face of Loony as he was the last entrant. Final 4 were DDK / Judas Thorn / Flash Fury / Zac Vincent. Fury and Vincent pinned each other thus eliminating both. DDK and Judas Thorn battled it out. Because of what happened earlier in the night DDK was out for vengeance. In the end DDK put Judas Thorn through a table to become the 10th Annual Injection WINNER! Next show is October 13th...."REVOLUTION OF THE DEAD"