INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT '07 - September 15th, 2007 - St. Mary's International Festival - Portsmouth, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 9/17/2007

St. Mary's International Festival had a terrific turnout and many came out to witness RCW's International Incident. This was RCW's 5th year in a row at doing the festival and possibly the best. Let's take a look at what happened last Saturday:


The night began with a #1 Contender's Match for the RCW Internet Title. Chuck Chronic and Ricochet fought to a NO CONTEST when Ace Gigolo interfered in the match. Both participants as well as thier respective managers, The Mastermind and Nadja were disgusted and insulted with the outcome.

Ace Gigolo stated that IOU would determine #1 contenders...not some match. Ace said that C.O. Hustler and Onyx were stuck at the airport and would not be able to make it to the show. He also stated that the tagteam match scheduled for later in the night between IOU VS Tank and Dirk Extreme would have to be changed because Trik Nasty is still injured. Trik Nasty came to the ring in a wheelchair and sporting a leg brace. The Loony Commissioner came to the ring and showed sympathy for Nasty. He also stated that he would be laying some fines down for what happened in Jackson. "American Idol" Dirk Extreme was BANNED from singing tonight. If he so much as sung a note he would be suspended for 60 days without pay. Tank Runyon was fined $1500 on the spot and ordered to publicly apologize to not only the Commissioner himself but to Trik Nasty. If Tank refused then he would be suspended indefinitely. Tank and The American Idol made their way to the ring. The fans demanded a song from Idol but Loony forbid it. Tank apologized to the Commissioner and then he went after Trik Nasty who sprung from the wheelchair showing that he was faking the injury. The Commissioner looked a little rattled. He had no choice but to uphold the tagteam match for later in the night.

Judas Thorn defeated Nikki Tyler in an exciting singles bout. After the match, The Juggulator and Thorn assaulted Tyler until his partner Flash Fury came to his rescue. Flash wanted Juggulator in the ring NOW.

Flash Fury got the win in a grueling match against The Juggulator. GODS and Rated X are now 1-1 in singles....what will happen when these teams finally meet for the RCW Tagteam Titles?!?

Trik Nasty & Ace Gigolo defeated Tank Runyon and Dirk Extreme when the referee (Loony) nearly stopped the bout due to Trik Nasty's knee "apparently" blowing out again, allowing Tank to be caught off guard and rolled up by Nasty who had a handful of tights.

After the match Exotic E said that during the bout he received a video (VIEW IT BELOW) phone message showing Loony's involvement with IOU. As a member of the BOD....Exotic E made some calls and FIRED Mike "Loony" Horton on the spot as Commissioner. With no power left Tank and Dirk took advantage of this and took their frustrations out on the now former Commissioner. Not only did they, but so did Horton's assistant, Hollie Wood. With The Commissioner out of the way a match was set in stone for December 1st at Full Circle 5 in Portsmouth at the Elk's City Lodge. Tank Runyon would put his career on the line in a match for the RCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE against Trik Nasty inside a STEEL CAGE!!

Randy "The King" Allen, "Livewire" Chris Smith, and St. Mary's own Father Ted defeated The Weapons of Mass Destruction (Tyson Rogers, Wes Cannon, and Ranger Bob). WOMD put the pressure on during the match keeping Smith in their corner. In the end though it all broke down and Father Ted got his hands on Ranger Bob and delivered a stunner that delivered the win.