RCW: "GOLD RUSH" - August 23rd, 2010 - YMCA - Jackson, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 9/05/2009

RCW "GOLD RUSH" rocked the Jackson YMCA as fans got to see the some RCW stars of past return to action and some new interesting developments with other stars in the company. This is what went down at Gold Rush:

RangerBob opened the show and introduced his new commentating cohort, Ace Gigolo. The Mastermind and his wife, Sara entered the ring (WRESTLEOHIO owners)to introduce WrestleOhio's contracted wrestler that is going to take over RCW. Nikita Allanov made his way to the ring and put down the fans and the country. RCW President, Al Snow's "ears and eyes" made his way to the ring and said he had some power too. Allanov's original opponent (Bryan Cross) was no longer part of the picture. His replacement would be Chuck Chronic. This would be Chronic's first match back since his tragic accident a few years ago that left him with several burn scars. Chronic fought hard but Allanov proved victorious. Chronic was then beaten down after the match for no other reason but to send a message to "The Black Superman" Onyx. Allanov said Onyx feared him. Max Power ran into the ring to save Chuck. WrestleOhio jumped ship. Power stated he knew Onyx very well and when the time is right, Onyx would be back in RCW to take care of business.

Max Power returned to action for the first time since late 2004. Power would face "Captivating" Corey Mason. Mason proved to be wily as he was able to get the upper hand on the outside of the ring but the sheer girth and power of Power was too much and Max Power made Mason tap in an excruciating version of a camel clutch.

Flash Fury barley retained the North American Title against Randy "The King" Allen. Allen had wore down the surgically repaired leg of Fury and seemed to have him beat, but as we all know you cannot count Flash Fury out. Fury hit Allen with sliced bread for the win.

Metal Mayhem held on to their titles but paid the price in a war with The Black Irish Saints. DDK of the BIS is no stranger to the RCW Tagteam Titles being a former tag champ himself. Devlin Anderson made his RCW debut and took it too the champs. Heavy Metal and Keith Hamblin held their own and came out with the victory. After the match it seemed that the BIS wanted to shake hands. MM did so but were sucker-punched and then laid out by The Black Irish Saints. This war is just beginning!

"American Idol" Dirk Extreme new that Trik Nasty would not be in Jackson as it was reported on our website a week prior. Extreme thought he would sing and leave. He even introduced his new "manager" Simon.......who is........we'll just say a little stiff. Let's just say that Extreme is now totally off his rocker. Loony came out and said that Trik Nasty's schedule had been resolved and he was here after all. Trik Nasty defeated Dirk Extreme after a superkick even with all of Simon's vocal interruptions....

The RCW World Title Match between Juggulator and Champion Judas Thorn started out as a brawl from the onset. Ladders and everything but the kitchen sink was used before the bell even rung. Judas Thorn came out on top and retained the title. Juggulator scored some satisfaction by busting the champion open with a pair of brass knuckles. This one is far from being over.