FINAL COUNTDOWN - November 10th, 2007 - Old Otway School - Otway, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 11/12/2007

The Final Countdown before Full Circle 5 smashed into Otway like a ton of bricks. The fans in Otway turned out to see another exciting RCW event. You never know what to expect at an RCW show and Saturday in Otway was no exception.


RCW Announcer Kenny Young brought Commissioner Exotic E to the ring. Exotic E started out the night by saying that he was so happy with the officiating in Jackson the previous week that he gave all of the RCW referees the night off. The Mastermind had quit in Jackson but according to E he still was under contract and thus ordered to be an official for the night. Dude Rock who has bounced around the company without a title since losing his Commissionership a year ago was also named as a referee for the night.

GODS (Juggulator & Judas Thorn) got the win over JD Santos & Vance Desmond in this fantastic tagteam match. After the bout Desmond was unhappy about his team losing the match and took it out on Santos. It was later announced that these 2 would meet at Full Circle 5 on December 1st.

Former teammates Ricochet & Onyx would go at each other tooth and nail. This was a brutal contest showing the hatred that these two now have for each other. IOU's Onyx scored the win over Ricochet thus making his faction very happy.

Trik Nasty defeated "American Idol" Dirk Extreme with the controversy that you would expect from IOU. Tank Runyon and Ricochet came to Extreme's aid when IOU attacked Extreme after the match.

Chris Smith had a video presentation to celebrate Randy "The King" Allen's 10 year anniversary in the wrestling industry. Allen made his debut 10 years ago in the very same building there in Otway. Ranger Bob and The Weapons of Mass Destruction (Tyson Rogers & Wes Cannon) interrupted the festivities. They threw powder into the eyes of Chris Smith and attacked Allen. Flash Fury came to the ring and made the save for Allen. Fury said that Nikki Tyler (his tagteam partner & co-holder of the RCW tagteam titles) could not be there as he is still dealing with a family emergency. He needed someone to be his partner tonight to defend the RCW WORLD TAGTEAM TITLES against The Weapons of Mass Destruction. Randy Allen accepted the position.

The Bunkhouse Battle Royal was next. The ring was filled with weapons. Wrestlers were brought out and surrounded the ring. Exotic E said that much like last week in Jackson he was placing Hollie Wood into the Battle Royal once again. Once the bell rang wrestlers would jump into the ring and grab weapons on a first come first serve basis. When the bell rang the RCW rule breakers were in a huddle on the outside of the ring and didn't hear the bell. RCW fan favorites now had all of the weapons. Unbeknownst to most...Hollie Wood hid under the ring. In the end Randy Allen was eliminated by Wes Cannon and an already eliminated Tyson Rogers. The bell rang and everyone thought Cannon had won the Battle Royal. Hollie Wood snuck into the ring and dumped Cannon over the ropes and not only picked up the win but earned the #1 contender's match at Full Circle 5 against Tyson Rogers.

Randy "The King" Allen (substituting for Nikki Tyler) & Flash Fury successfully defended the RCW World Tagteam Titles against The Weapons of Mass Destruction (Tyson Rogers & Wes Cannon). The injured Chris Smith was in the corner of Allen & Fury to keep a watchful eye on Ranger Bob. He did his job well as his team came out on top.

Tank Runyon defeated IOU's Ace Gigolo in a Falls Count Anywhere match that definitely went anywhere and everywhere. They battled on the bleachers into the ringside seats. Trik Nasty attempted to interfere but his plan backfired as he took out his own teammate. Tank capitalized and scored the pin.

Full Circle 5 is nearly upon us. Don't miss the most anticipated event in RCW history. December 1st, 2007 at the Elk's City Lodge in Portsmouth, OH.