RCW "Friday Night Fights" - June 16th, 2017 - West Portsmouth, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 06/20/2017

RCW "Friday Night Fights" RESULTS: A shocking night in RCW now in the history books.

-Scioto Vice issued an OPEN CHALLENGE to any team. Papa Dingo came out. Beefhammer and Rose thought that they were in for a 2-on-1 Handicap Match until Dingo's tagteam partner arrived behind him. TANU made his RCW debut. Tanu is every bit the monster that Dingo is. Scioto Vice were second guessing their Open Challenge decision. The team of Tanu and Dingo came out victorious.

- Big Mama made her way into RCW and got the fans riled up with insults. Queen Aminata came to the ring and took on Big Mama in what would be her debut match. Mama toyed with Aminata and maybe took her lightly as Aminata got the surprise win over Big Mama. After the match IOU entered the ring and offered Aminata a spot in IOU. She declined. Big Mama jumped her from behind and security had to pull Mama off of Aminata.

-Dirk Extreme and Trik Nasty had a contract signing for their bout that stated the loser would have to be the other's servant for 6 months. Loony came out with the contract and made it official.

-IOU picked up more gold as Trik Nasty assisted Christopher Otto in beating Ron Mathis for the RCW North American Title. This is Otto's first championship in RCW. Mathis was livid afterwards.

-The RCW Tagteam Champions, Tank Runyon and Onyx retained the titles against Chinlock Inc. Winchester and Fields nearly beat the champions in the opening minutes of the match but were shut down in the end.

-The Battle of Brothers was next. Grandma Hickey told them both that this match would settle their differences and then they would be back on track. Pat Hickey used some dirty tactics to put his brother down for the 3 count. Grandma did not approve. Pat shocked everyone by delivering a Blackhole Slam to his own Grandma! James covered his Grandma from getting attacked further. Security escorted Pat from ringside.

-Trik Nasty defeated Dirk Extreme in a controversial finish that first saw Dirk Extreme become the RCW Heavyweight Champion. Referee, Tim Porras was knocked out by an altercation with Otto and Ron Mathis. Loony came in to make the 3 count. Turns out Loony is no longer licensed to do so.Nasty hit Dirk with Simon and put him into a submission to end the match. Dirk Extreme is now Trik Nasty's servant for 6 months.