FULL CIRCLE VIII: 8th Anniversary Mega-Event - December 4th, 2010 - Elk's City Lodge - Portsmouth, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 12/30/2010

RCW celebrated it's 8 years of existence with the annual FULL CIRCLE event. What an event it was!!! A war between former partners over the RCW World Heavyweight Title, Hair VS Humiliation, Tag Title Change, Friends turning on friends, retribution.....FULL CIRCLE VIII lived up to the hype. You can view pictures of this historic event by clicking HERE to our Facebook album. Here's what went down:

The night began with a special video message from RCW President, AL SNOW, who thanked everyone for their support over the last 8 years and welcomed them to the next 8 years!

RCW World Famous Ring Announcer, Kenny Young introduced commentators RangerBob and LIVEWIRE Chris Smith to the booth.

Max Power and JD Santos went toe to toe in the opening bout which was full of excitement. Santos had an opportunity to cheat as The Mastermind and Power were doing but he decided against it. The contemplation cost him the match as Power took advantage and got the win. Santos was visibly frustrated after the bout.

Chris Smith was set to interview "American Idol" Dirk Extreme in the ring about the Hair VS Humiliation match but Dirk was there to plug his debut album "Good Music for Bad People". He started singing a track from the album when Trik Nasty made his way out and handed people in the audience some pictures for what Dirk would look like bald. Dirk stopped mid song when he seen the pics. He tried to destroy the hair clippers but was stopped by Trik who was able to cut a sample from Dirk hair. Loony came out and promised that someone would either be getting their hair cut or Trik would be Dirk's Roadie later tonight.

A 4-way match for the RCW World Tagteam Title was up next with 4 of the best tagteams in the area. Unfortunately for Heavy Metal, his tagteam partner and co-champion, Keith Hamblin was out due to illness. To make matters worse he was assaulted by The Black Irish Saints and Adrenaline X (Devon Maximus & Ron Mathis) with a ball bat before the match. Pretty in Pink (Corey Mason & Jimmy Malloy) pretty much stayed away from the brutal action. Heavy Metal fought hard to try and retain the titles. He nearly did but in the end Adrenaline X and The Black Irish Saints (DDK & Devlin Andersion) overlooked the team that didn't look like a threat. Pretty in Pink stole the win and became the NEW RCW WORLD TAGTEAM CHAMPIONS.

Key to the Gold for the RCW North American Title was up next. Instead of placing different keys on poles as had been done in the past, a key was placed in the center with only a ladder to reach it. Flash Fury and Randy Allen battled back and forth to reach the key. Flash obtained the Key and unlocked the trunk that held the RCW North American Title. As he went to pull the belts out, JD Santos attacked Flash. Randy Allen took the opportunity to pull the belt out and retain the Title. Backstage it was discovered that Santos felt jaded over not getting a rematch for the North American Title. He lost it to Vance Desmond in June and then the same night Desmond gave up the belt and it was won by Fury in the Injection Rumble. Who is next in line for a shot at the North American Title?

WRESTLEOHIO's premiere star, Nikita Allanov finally had to put up or shut up. He had to face the "Black Superman" Onyx in a match that also saw The Mastermind having to be handcuffed to Onyx's best friend, Kenny Young. Mastermind attempted to interfere but Kenny Young stopped him. Mind's wife Sara was also at ring side and did prove to be a force for WrestleOhio but Onyx outwitted the group. Mind's cane got tossed into the ring but ended up in Onyx's hands. Onyx used it to get retribution while referee Steve Helphenstein was down from a unintentional spear. Onyx got the win and a dose of revenge.

Tyson Rogers and Chuck Chronic took each other on with RangerBob as referee. Tyson dominated Chuck for much of the match but Chronic would not stay down. Tyson started bending the rules. RangerBob stepped up and warned Rogers that he wouldn't put up with it. Rogers shoved RangerBob and Bob shoved back. As he shoved Tyson Chronic took an opportunity and rolled Rogers up from behind for the win. After the match Rogers took his anger out on RangerBob giving him a DDT, driving his skull into the mat. We now know that RangerBob has suffered a fractured neck as a result of the DDT. Bone fragments were found near the spinal column as well. We hope to update everyone more on RangerBob's condition in the coming weeks.

"American Idol" Dirk Extreme kept his HAIR in a match against Trik Nasty. Nasty however will now have to be Extreme's ROADIE for 6 months! The 2 battled in a NO DQ match that went all over the building. Once it returned to the ring, neither man would stay down. In the end, Extreme's "manager" Simon played a pivotal roll as his arm came off in Extreme's hands. Dirk turned around to be superkicked. Extreme knocked cold from the superkick bounced back off the ropes and Simon's arm cracked Trik Nasty in the skull also rendering him unconscious. Extreme landed on Nasty for the win. What will happen in the months to come as Trik Nasty is now Dirk Extreme's ROADIE.

The RCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE was up for grabs in a DOG COLLAR MATCH! Champion, Judas Thorn and his former partner, The Juggulator beat the living hell out of one another. Blood was shed from both men. An all out war is the only way to describe this match. Exotic E was right in the thick of it. E accidentally punched The Juggulator. The Dog Collar Match was won when Thorn pinned the Juggulator to retain. After the match it seemed that Exotic E and Juggulator may have parted ways already.

Thanks to everyone for making RCW, one of the top and most successful indy promotions for the past 8 years! Make sure you join us February 5th in Jackson, OH for a SPECIAL TAGTEAM TOURNAMENT!