FULL CIRCLE VII: 7th Anniversary Mega-Event - December 5th, 2009 - Elk's City Lodge - Portsmouth, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 12/09/2009

What Does Everybody Want?????? The crowd came unglued at FC7 last Saturday night as The Phoenix was revealed to be Al Snow. Full Circle VII is now in the history books but it is not an event that will soon be forgotten. A NEW RCW WORLD CHAMPION! NEW TAGTEAM CHAMPIONS! AL SNOW! Take a look below to see what you missed at FC7:


The night began with a video highlighting all of the Full Circles of past. RangerBob and Tank Runyon were on announcing while Kenny Young lead the night as only the WWWWWWorld Famous RCW Ring Announcer can. Mastermind came out with LOONY and his new nurse, NURSE ROZETTA. Mind showed Loony what was in the bag and LOONY went into hysterics leaving ringside. Mastermind stated that the first match would be contested under "Jock's Rules"

"Genuine" Jock Samson won a 3-way match over Otto Von Boogiemeister and Bryan Cross to retain the RCW North American Title. "Jock's Rules" were simple....to Jock anyway. Samson made the rules up as he went along and used them to make sure Cross & Otto didn't have a chance. It almost backfired on Samson as Cross & Otto united for a bit but neither could agree on who would pin Jock thus allowing Samson the opening he needed to win the bout.

Nikki Tyler defeated Heavy Metal in a bloody TEXAS BULLROPE MATCH. This is possibly the first Texas Bullrope Match in history that required even MORE COWBELL! Mastermind handed Heavy Metal a larger cowbell to use in the match and HM took advantage of it as he put Tyler's face through the meat grinder. Nikki Tyler was able to touch all 4 corners and come out on top but it looks like Heavy Metal made a statement by looking at Tyler's face.

Judas Thorn and "The Black Superman" Onyx had one of the most impressive bouts of the night. Each displayed their strength and quickness. Thorn even laid Onyx out with an Electric Chair Drop! Mastermind went to hit Judas with the cane but missed caught his stable man, Onyx. Judas smelled blood and finished the job thus getting the 3 count. Onyx was not happy with The Mastermind.

Vance Desmond and Exotic E came out to talk about how they were going to walk out with the RCW World Heavyweight Title tonight, but Flash Fury had other thoughts as he chased the duo out of the ring.

"American Idol" Dirk Extreme got 4 years worth of revenge by making Randy "The King" Allen say "I Quit" for the first time in Allen's career. The match started off with Dirk singing Blind Melon's NO RAIN with video clips of Randy Allen as BEE GIRL. This bout went all over the Elk's. Allen used a foreign object given to him by Special Guest Referee, Tank Runyon. That object ended up costing Allen the match as Dirk grinded it into the leg of Allen along with the Figure 4 until Allen said I QUIT. After the bout Hollie Wood was on the receiving end of a mic-check from Dirk.

Mastermind went out to tell everyone that Juggulator had been detained in Canada and could not make the match so he was ordering Trik Nasty to defend the RCW WORLD TAGTEAM TITLES in a handicap match against Ace Gigolo and Tyson Rogers. Trik fought valiantly, even almost winning the bout but in the end it was The Mastermind clubbing him with the cane while Ace had him wrapped up in a submission hold. Referee didn't see the shot and thought Nasty had passed out from the pain. Match was stopped and Tyson Rogers and Ace Gigolo became the NEW RCW WORLD TAGTEAM CHAMPIONS.

Trik Nasty stopped Mastermind from leaving and ordered him to reveal The Phoenix. Trik grabbed the bag and said he would open the bag himself. Dirk Extreme ran in the ring and grabbed the bag from Trik. By this time the entire locker room was in the ring or at ringside. Dirk said he would not let the identity be revealed due to a promise. Vance Desmond shoved Flash Fury into Dirk causing him to drop the bag which ended up back in Mind's possession. Mastermind said he would reveal. He opened the bag and pulled out HEAD! The lights went out and an AL SNOW video played. The crowd was electric. Mastermind said if people wanted to see Al Snow so bad then he would force Snow to team with Onyx and Ace and they would face the team of Trik Nasty, Judas Thorn, and The Juggulator on Saturday , January 9th in at the ELk's in Portsmouth. He said Al Snow would put the 3 out of wrestling and Mind would make sure of it.

Vance Desmond and Flash Fury had an awesome battle that showed daring moves that have never even been seen before! They went all out for the top prize in RCW. Vance dodged a cross body from Flash which instead caught referee John Reuben. Exotic E stepped into the ring with Desmond's hammer. Dirk Extreme ran into the ring and grabbed the hammer from E. Dirk hooked Desmond in the MIC CHECK but released him in order to hit Flash Fury with the hammer. Extreme just walked out of the building after that and E brought the referee to as Vance Desmond made the cover and became the NEW RCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

For more pics check out over 200 from the show at our MYSPACE. What will happen on January 9th, 2010 in Portsmouth, OH as THE PHOENIX, AL SNOW enters the RCW RING????