FULL CIRCLE 5: 5th Anniversary Mega-Event - December 1st, 2007 - Elk's City Lodge - Portsmouth, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 12/2/2007

FULL CIRCLE 5 lived up to the hype and then some. The past 24 hours RCW has been flooded with messages from fans who attended the SOLD OUT event saying it was the best show they have EVER seen. The 5th Anniversary Show was full of surprises, top notch action, drama, and everything in between. By popular demand, Full Circle 5 will be ready for DVD by the end of the month. The Elk's City Lodge was never so electrified than they were on December 1st, 2007. The night of Full Circle 5


FC5 began with NEW FULL TIME RCW ANNOUNCER KENNY YOUNG bringing us the first match. JD Santos battled Vance Desmond. These A great match that showcased the technical skills and aerial skills that these two possess. Desmond decided that skill was not enough to put Santos away so he resorted to dirty tactics. A low blow forced the referee to stop the match and award JD Santos the victory by DQ. Commissioner Exotic E came to the ring and ordered the referee to continue the match. Santos upset Desmond for the 3 count. JD walked away the winner but many feel the battle has just begun for these two.

Commissioner Exotic E addressed the crowd at FC5. He didn't understand why the RCW fans never show him respect. He played the what is now deemed "Loony-Gate" video to remind them that Mike Horton was the guilty one. That Horton had conspired with IOU. After the footage another piece of footage began to roll that was quickly ordered to be stopped by Exotic E. We at RCWONLINE.COM have learned that footage showed what really happened in that room that day between Loony, Ace Gigolo, and Trik Nasty. Mike Horton was indeed the victim. This footage will be shown here on RCWONLINE.COM this week. Tank Runyon hit the ring and told Exotic E that you cannot demand respect.....you have to earn it. Tank now believed in Loony's innocence. IOU (Trik Nasty, Ace Gigolo, & Onyx) hit the ring. Trik talked about the cage match. How he would not only retain his title but retire Tank since it was after all Title VS Career. Exotic E made a shocking announcement to try and win the RCW fans over. He banned the other members of IOU from the cage match. Trik said that was fine but right now isn't the cage match. IOU attacked Tank who was quickly save by Randy Allen, Dirk Extreme, and Ricochet.

Randy "The King" Allen, Ricochet, and "Big Guns" Jeff Cannon defeated Onyx, Wes Cannon, and Ranger Bob in a 6-man tagteam match. Onyx's tagteam partner (C.O. Hustler) was nowhere to be found at FC5 so Ranger Bob was forced to step into the ring. Jeff Cannon was impressive in his RCW debut stating that he was definitely not related to Wes Cannon. In the end Ricochet knocked Onyx out of the ring with a superkick as Randy Allen dropped the elbow onto Wes Cannon to pick up the win.

The RCW Tagteam Title would be determined next in the FIRST EVER DOUBLE CASKET MATCH. These were not pine boxes....these were legit caskets! Flash Fury and Nikki Tyler had their hands full with Judas Thorn and The Juggulator. In the end Flash and Nikki had The Juggulator in a casket. They teamed up on Judas Thorn. Tyler opened the casket and out popped The Mastermind who cracked his cane across the back of Nikki Tyler's head. By this time The Juggulator was out of the other casket. He and Judas placed Tyler in the casket. Then The GODS decimated Flash Fury before placing Fury in the other casket thus ending the longest title run in RCW history. Judas Thorn and the Juggulator are now not only the RCW WORLD TAGTEAM CHAMPIONS but are lead by on of the most devious men in wrestling....The Mastermind.

TITLE VS TITLE, Last Man Standing. TV Champion, "The American Idol" Dirk Extreme faced what has become his arch nemesis IOU's Ace Gigolo (Internet Champion) in this grueling and brutal match. Singapore Cane, Chairs, and tables were all used at one point in this match. Extreme delivered a double underhook SUPERPLEX through a table that end up injuring the leg of Extreme. Ace's partner Onyx hit the ring and battered Extreme's leg with a chair. After that Extreme tried to fight back was stopped by Ace Gigolo who placed Extreme's head against the ring post and delivered three sickening shots that put the lights out on the TV Champion. Ace Gigolo is now a dual champion in RCW holding both the TV and Internet Titles.

Tyson Rogers was happy about his #1 contender's match against Hollie Wood. Maybe a little too happy which some would say made the Weapon of Mass Destruction member a little over confident. Hollie Wood looked impressive in her first ever match as she took Rogers by surprise and nearly scored a surprise pin on Rogers not once but twice. Once Rogers seen that Hollie was embarrassing him, he took her out quickly and then punished her some more. Even after getting a 3 count Tyson along with Wes Cannon and Ranger Bob decided to permanently end Hollie Wood's wrestling career. After delivering a splash and going for a second, Randy Allen came to Hollie's aid. Hollie Wood was helped to the back and we are told has some bruised ribs from the attack that would have surely lead to broken ribs if not for Allen.

The Main Event was next. The STEEL CAGE. TITLE VS CAREER. Tank Runyon and Trik Nasty met inside the steel cage for one of the most memorable matches in RCW history. Tank got busted open early into the match. To say the blood was gushing is an understatement. Runyon bled buckets of blood almost forcing the refs to stop the match. Nasty stayed on the wound. Tank delivered a powerbomb off of the top rope and was about to crawl out the door of the cage when Commissioner Exotic E showed his true colors when he slammed the cage door into the face of Runyon. It was a plan all along so that they could vanquish Runyon from wrestling. Trik made it through the door and won the match.....or did he. Within seconds music that RCW fans have heard only on a couple of occasions rang through the building. THE PHOENIX, owner and president of RCW made his way to the ring. Then on the Big Screen, The Phoenix delivered a message. A message that said that the man in the ring wearing the Phoenix mask was not the Phoenix, but was the NEW RCW COMMISSIONER because Exotic E was FIRED! Exotic E was livid. The man in the ring unmasked to reveal that the new Commissioner was none other than Mike "Loony" Horton! Horton thought Exotic E into the steel. He then ordered the match to restart. Nasty and Runyon continued their battle. Both men began climbing down opposite sides of the cage. Tank Runyon landed his feet on the ground first and became the NEW RCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! The crowd went into hysterics! A celebration for Tank and Loony then began in the ring with confetti cannons that put the end to a magical night in RCW. What will 2008 bring? Mike Horton is back at the helm and RCW's future never looked so bright. See everyone on January 5th as we return to the Elk's City Lodge in Portsmouth, OH.