RCW: FULL CIRCLE XIV DAY TWO - Jan.n 14th, 2017 - Jackson, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 03/01/2017

RCW FULL CIRCLE XIV DAY 2 RESULTS: Full Circle XIV Day 2 in Jackson, OH was full of excitement and surprises. Fans witnessed 4 Title Changes!! Here is what went down:

The night began with Match 2 in the Best of 3 for the RCW Heavyweight TItle. Trik Nasty took on Tommy Chill. Chill who had broken his hand the previous night was told to "lay down" by Nasty. It looked as if Chill was going to do so but rolled Trik up for the win to recapture the RCW Heavyweight Title in the opening moments of Full Circle XIV! RCW Owner Dirk Extreme promised that Match 3 would happen tonight and it would be FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE!.

Devlin Anderson was slated to face The Juggulator in one-on-one action. Dirk Extreme notified Devlin that Juggulator was now unable to make tonight's event. Big Fish Rembowski made himself to ringside and insulted Juggulator and Devlin Anderson. Anderson decided to give the Big Fish his Full Circle matchup and Extreme agreed. Devlin Anderson defeated Big Fish Rembowski with a brain-buster. Rembowski's skills are looking better but this fish may have bit off more than he could chew when he took on Devlin Anderson.

Scioto VIce (Beefhammer & Rose) took on The Hickey Boys in a rematch for the #1 Contenders to the RCW Tagteam Championship. Last time both teams were counted out. This time, Scioto Vice were dominated by power but squeaked by in either luck or strategy. Scioto Vice are the new #1 Contenders. Patrick "The Bruiser" Hickey attacked his borther James "The Baker after the match. Patrick showed no mercy on his brother. These two are already slated to face each other next time RCW rolls into town.

"Violent" Vance Desmond (escorted by Aaron Williams) faced Flash Fury in their FINAL ENCOUNTER. Williams declared that Desmond was an honorary member of IOU for helping Williams win the North American belt from Mathis in November. Flash and Williams had a war that saw both men risking it all. It would be Williams interference that may have lead Desmond losing the match. A hard right hand meant for Flash met Desmond's head. Flash Fury capitalized from there After Flash Fury got the win, Williams quickly left ringside before Desmond came to.

The team of Onyx and Tank Runyon shocked the Tagteam Champions, Chinlock Incorporated (Fields & Winchester) and the fans alike as the two RCW Legends became the NEW RCW TAGTEAM CHAMPIONS! the handprint on Winchester's chest from "The Black Superman" summed up the match. Chinlock was now expecting the power and experience of the two.

Trik Nasty defeated Tommy Chill in a Falls Count Anywhere Match for the RCW Heavyweight Championship. Aaron Williams was tossed from ringside early on. Christopher Otto had been banned from the building due to Friday night's antics. Nasty climbed the YMCA building itself to drop an elbow onto Chill. Chill only able to use his left hand was fighting an uphill battle. Otto came out of nowhere as he and Trik Nasty used a 200lb weighted pole to drop on Chill as both laid on top of that to keep Chill down for the count. Trik Nasty is the NEW RCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

RCW North American Champion Aaron Williams and Ron Mathis battled back and forth, hitting each other with all they had. It came to a point where Williams called for assistance from the back but Vance Desmond walked out with Trik Nasty's "Bag of Triks" and let Williams know that he was not getting any help. Williams nearly won the match after that but Ron Mathis caught him in the Torture Rack, submitting Williams to become the New RCW NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION!