RCW: FULL CIRCLE XIV DAY ONE - Jan. 13th, 2017 - West Portsmouth, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 03/01/2017

RCW Full Circle Day 1 Results: Day 1 of Full Circle at The Complex is now in the books and we have a New RCW Heavyweight Champion! Here is a look at what happened:

The night began with the battle between former Party Down Production partners Bruce Grey and Jimmy Malloy. Grey tried to give Malloy and the fans a false sense that he was indeed still wanting to carry on teaming with Jimmy Malloy but his TRUE GRIT colors came out as he tried to swindle the Party Boy. Malloy would come out victorious though and PARTY during RCW 14 Year Celebration!

Match 2 was an entertaining encounter between Jock Samson and Tank Runyon. The two battled on the mic before battling in the ring. Runyon won both of those battles and showed more of Jock than anyone wanted to see! (You had to be there) The #1 Contender Match for the RCW Tagteam Titles between The HIckeys and Scioto Vice (Beefhammer & Nate Rose) ended in a Double Countout. Nether team advanced to the Title Match for Day 2 but they will face each other again on Day 2 for that same opportunity.

Cyrus Poe was escorted to the ring by IOU's Trik Nasty and Christopher Otto. IOU was paying Poe to take out Ron Mathis before his Match with Aaron Williams on Day 2. Their plan did not work as Mathis finished Poe with a RonKO. IOU jumped Mathis but were stopped by Dirk Extreme and Tommy Chill.

Christopher Otto got a surprise win over Dirk Extreme. The two battled back and forth. Trik Nasty kept interfering in the bout. A banana peel actually came into play by Nasty but backfired on the IOU leader with help from Tommy Chill. Otto played possum and cradled Extreme to get the win.

The RCW Tagteam Champions, Chinlock Inc. (Fields & Winchester) took on "The Black Superman" Onyx in a Handicap match. Onyx looked strong in the beginning until the numbers game started to become too much. BUT you cannot keep Superman down as Onyx shocked the champions with his power and determination. Onyx got the win via pin but the Champions wouldn't leave it there. They attacked Onyx until Tank Runyon came to his aide. Runyon and Onyx were set to face each other on Day 2 but Tank had a better idea that RCW Owner Dirk Extreme agreed to. Onyx and Tank will team up and go after the Champions and their titles on Day 2!

In Match 1 of the Best of 3, Trik Nasty became the NEW RCW Heavyweight Champion as he defeated Tommy Chill. Otto was banned from ringside but Nasty still had his "Bag of Triks" that helped him win the match.