RCW: DAWN OF A NEW REVOLUTION - Feb. 28th, 2015 - Jackson, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 03/01/2015

RCW Results from "Dawn of a New Revolution":

New RCW Owner, Dirk Extreme addressed the near capacity crowd at the Jackson YMCA and got the show underway.

-Randy "The King" Allen defeated Nathaniel Rose after delivering a Top Rope Elbow. Allen feeling vindicated after Rose helped cost him his match at FC12. Rose looked good in the early goings of the match but the experience of The King paid off.

-Devlin Anderson shocked everyone by capturing the RCW North American Title from Jason Legend. The Asylum was apparently still together minus Loony. Juggulator, Tyson Rogers, and a reluctant Ron Mathis helped Devlin Anderson before and during the bout. Afterwards, Dirk Extreme granted Jason Legend a rematch on March 28th with The Asylum barred from Ringside. Extreme also made a plea to Ron Mathis to leave the Asylum.

-In a 4-way Scramble, Tommy Chill won out over Otto Von Boogiemeister, Corey Mason, and Cyrus Poe. Chill will now go on to face the Heavyweight Champion on March 28th.

-James Avery and his prize student, Levi Connors took on Duke Beefhammer who didn't have a partner. Not only did Beef not have a partner but Avery's entire FIRST CLASS of students were surrounding the ring. Avery and Connors were enjoying picking apart Beefhammer when Jock Samson entered the ring and said he wanted to join in the fun. Instead Jock took the fight to Avery and Connors. The crowd was red hot for Samson. Beefhammer got the pin on Connors. Avery's FIRST CLASS stormed the ring and attacked Beef and Jock until Party Down Productions came to the ring followed by security. A 6-man challenge was issued for March 28th. Avery and 2 member's of his FIRST CLASS against PDP and Beefhammer.

-Dangerous Damien Kass defeated Flash Fury. DDK's wife Naughtia again let her presence be felt at ringside. DDK is quickly moving up the ranks of RCW's Heavyweight division. Today we are hearing that these two will face each other again at RCW's Physical Distortion on March 28th.

-Party Down Productions (Jimmy Malloy & Bruce Grey) retained the RCW Tagteam Titles against The Asylum's Juggulator and Ron Mathis. At one point in the match, after Referee, Joh Reuben was knocked out, Tyson Roger's came to ringside and was forced to the back by RCW Owner, Dirk Extreme. Devlin Anderson snuck into the ring at this point and ordered Mathis to use his Championship Title as a weapon to win the match. The crowd cheered for Mathis to instead use it on Devlin. Mathis fought his inner demons and gave Anderson an RKO. Grey quickly caught Mathis by surprise with a roll-up and got the win for PDP. Mathis PARTIED after the match TOO COOL style with PDP.

-"The Black Superman" Onyx retained the RCW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE against former champion, Tyson Rogers. The Asylum was removed from ringside before the match started. Rogers nearly regained the Title but 2015 is proving to be the year of The Black Superman.

After the Main Event.....Tommy Chill and Cyrus Poe attacked Onyx until Jock Samson came out to even the score. March 28th will not only see Onyx defending the RCW Heavyweight Title against Tommy Chill but Cyrus Poe will take on Jock Samson.