RCW "No Pain, No Gain!" - March 18th, 2016 - Chillicothe, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 03/20/2016


RCW Owner, Dirk Extreme filled in for Mike Horton who was ill. We wish Loony a speedy recovery.

Otto defeated "Party Boy" Jimmy Malloy in the opening bout.

Tommy Chill and Devlin Anderson put the ring to the test as they battled it out. Chill came out on top. Afterwards, DDK made his way to the ring and interrupted Chill's celebration. Chill teased cashing in his Injection win for a RCW Heavyweight Title Match with DDK. The two were about to throwdown when DDK's opponent for the night, Duke Beefhammer came to the ring fired up. DDK went back to the locker room.

The Hickey's came out and battled their former partners in First Class, Brandon Fields and Daniel Winchester. The Hickey's became fan favorites immediately. James Avery came to ringside and distracted The Hickey's long enough for First Class to capitalize and get the win. Ron Mathis came to the ring afterwards and chased off James Avery and First Class from doing any more damage.

Dirk Extreme interviewed Trik Nasty about why he superkicked Onyx at Full Circle XIII. Trik stated that it's time people remember why Trik Nasty is one of the greats. Onyx came to the ring and was in no mood for talking. The match was on.

Trik Nasty defeated Onyx in a block-buster of a match via countout. Otto came to ringside and hid under the ring. He grabbed the leg of Onyx and prevented him from re-entering. After the loss, Onyx made Otto pay. We do not know what the relationship is at this point between Trik Nasty and Otto but it does not look good.

DDK retained the RCW Heavyweight TItle against Duke Beefhammer. DDK had his devious wife, Naughtia, at ringside as always. Beefhammer nearly upset the champion but came up short.

Ron Mathis retained the RCW North American Championship against James Avery in the Main Event. The Hickey's came out at the beginning to vanquish First Class so that we had a fair one-on-one match. Great match that could have went either way but Mathis pleased his hometown by getting the win.