RCW: Crazy Days of Summer Tour Day 1 - August 22nd, 2015 - Jackson, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 09/12/2015

Thanks to all that came out to Jackson last night to RCW's "Crazy Days of Summer Tour" at the YMCA. Thanks to Kenny Young's Mobile DJ Service for sponsoring the event and another Big Thank You to Expanding Your Horizons. Here's a look at what went down: "Livewire" Chris Smith came out and welcomed new RCW Commentator, Anthony Gossett to the team. Smith then introduced the Ring Announcer for the night, "Loony" Mike Horton.

In the first bout, Devlin Anderson retained the RCW North American Title as he defended it against Ron Mathis. Anderon's co-hort, Tyson Rogers played a major factor in Anderson coming up with the win. Mathis definitly looked as if he was about to crowned the new NA Champion as the crowd wa solidly behind him.

Loony was to interview the Winner of the RCW Injection 13 Rumble, Tommy Chill but was interrupted by DDK and Naughtia. DDK told everyone that RCW Owner, Dirk Extreme was out to get him and that tonight he was going to defeat "The Black Superman" Onyx for the RCW Heavyweight Title. Injection Winner, Tommy Chill came to the ring and had a brief staredown with DDK who decided it was best to leave. Chill thanked the fans for the new found support and said he would make his Injection Win count when he cashes it in.

Tommy Chill defeated "Chaotic" Corey Mason. Mason took it to Chill for a minute which surprised everyone but Chill had enough of Mason and delivered a chokeslam that registered on the Jackson Richter scale! Duke Beefhammer and Nathaniel Rose squared off in one-on-one action. Beefhammer debuting his new "tarp robe". Beefhammer may have taken Rose lightly as Rose pulled off a win that shocked everyone (including himself). Rose did use the ropes for leverage to get the win but you woul have thought Rose was going to Wrestlemania after winning his first match in RCW since debuting in active competition nearly a year ago. Randy "The King" Allen got the win over Tyson Rogers. These 2 had a great back and forth battle that saw Devlin Anderson attempt to help Tyson out as he had helped Devlin earlier. Ron Mathis came from the back and stopped the interference which allowed Randy to get the win. Randy Allen and Ron Mathis celebrated Mega-Power style in the ring.

It was announced that on Saturday, September 26th that RCW would be bringing WWE Hall of Famer, "The MIllion Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase in for an Autograph Signing. Details coming soon!

Cyrus Poe came to the ring and announced his run for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Decked out in an Abe Lincoln tophat. Loony was flabbergasted but asked about Poe's Policies. Poe talked about Immigration and how he would beat the tar out of every last illegal immegrant and send them back himself. PAPA DINGO made his RCW return. The African Beast took Poe up on that challenge and brought a wild fight to the YMCA. A fight that Poe eventually left . Papa Dingo won the match via countout.

First Class members The Hickey Boys (James "The Baker" & Patrick "The Bruiser) defended the RCW Tagteam Titles against the makeshift team of "Party Boy" Jimmy Malloy and Flash Fury. The Hickey's proved their power but they were not expecting the experience and quickness of Flash Fury. Fury and Malloy worked well as a team and shocked everyone by winning the RCW Tagteam Titles!

In the Main Event, "The Black Superman" Onyx defended the RCW Heavyweight Title against "Dangerous" Damien Kass. Before the bell rang, RCW Owner, Dirk Extreme came to the ring and gave referee, John Reuben the rest of the night off. He then brought out a Special Guest Referee in Jason Legend who had feuded most of the year with DDK. DDK was livid! He and Onyx battled for the Title until Naughtia distracted Legend allowing DDK to get the low blow on Onyx. Legend turned around and counted to 3, reluctantly declaring DDK the NEW RCW Heavyweight Champion. Dirk Extreme came to the ring and took the camera from the cameraman, Chris Jones and showed it to Legend. Legend DQ'd DDK and returned the belt to Onyx and declared Onyx to still be the RCW Heavyweight Champion. DDK attacked Dirka nd the 2 had a pull apart fight. Extreme made a match for Portsmouth on September 19th. DDK vs "American Idol" Dirk Extreme. If DDK wins he will get another shot at Onyx's Title....but that is the only way he will get a shot. END OF SHOW.