RCW: "ATOMIC DROP ON AUTISM" - October 23rd, 2010 - Pipe & Steam Fitters Local - Portsmouth, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 11/03/2010

RCW invaded the Steam & Pipe Fitters Hall in Portsmouth all in the name of helping the AUTISM PROJECT OF SOUTHERN OHIO. RCW is proud to announce that the Project raised $1,313.00 due to the event. What an event it was! Here's what happened:

Flash Fury successfully defended his North American Title against "Captivating" Corey Mason. Mason looked impressive and almost shocked the crowd by winning but Flash proved why he is the Champ as he retains to defend another day.

The Juggulator interrupted "Loony" Mike Horton. Juggulator said he wanted to prove that he deserved another shot at Judas Thorn's RCW World Title. Not only would Juggulator team with Extreme tonight and beat Nasty and Thorn but he would also take on another opponent in single's action. Loony was impressed and agreed. El Nino came to the ring. Juggulator and Nino got into a shoving match and as Loony broke them up, El Nino unmasked to reveal Exotic E under the hood. E and Juggulator attacked Loony. Judas Thorn came to his rescue but then "American Idol" Dirk Extreme was in the ring on Judas. Trik Nasty came out to even the odds. Juggulator had a new manager in Exotic E.

Dude Rock was brought out to join RangerBob on commentary

Chuck Chronic defeated Tyson Rogers. Rogers had many opportunities to pin Chronic but wanted to torture him instead. RangerBob, who use to manage both, left his announcing position and came to ringside. Tyson was distracted long enough for Chuck to get the pin.

RCW World Tagteam Titles were still on the line even though 1/2 of the Champs, Heavy Metal, was out of action due to back injury that was likely a result of the beatdown given to Metal Mayhem by The Black Irish Saints back in August. Keith Hamblin found a suitable replacemnet in one JD Santos. DDK and Devlin Anderson looked impressive in their second RCW match and nearly captured the gold. BIS attempted to use a baseball bat to win the match but was stopped by Hamblin and Santos. Santos used the bat against Hamblin's wishes to get the win. Not sure these two will be teaming again but nonetheless, Metal Mayhem remain the Champion.

During intermission Randy Allen came out to give Zach Gowen a few choice words.

Juggulator and "American Idol" Dirk Extreme defeated Trik Nasty & Judas Thorn after Exotic E passed Juggulator a chain to use on Thorn. After the match 2 challenges were made and accepted for Full Circle 8. It would be Judas Thorn defending the RCW WORLD TITLE against Juggulator in a DOG COLLAR MATCH! Also Dirk Extreme would face Trik Nasty....if Dirk wins then Nasty has to be Dirk's "ROADIE" for 6 months.....if Dirk loses then Nasty gets to SHAVE DIRK'S HEAD!

"The Black Superman" Onyx was looking good against "WRESTLEOHIO'S" Nikita Allanov until Special Guest Referee, Max Power, showed his true colors and helped Allanov dispose of Onyx. Power now joins Allanov, The Mastermind, and Sara in WRESTLEOHIO.

Former WWE/TNA 1-legged Superstar, Zach Gowen took on Randy "The King" Allen. Allen went after Gowen's leg as expected. Gowen fought through and was able to get the win against "The King" in an exciting bout that had the crowd on the edge of their seat.

RCW would like to thank EVERYONE that came out to support this great cause!