RCW: Injection II - July 31, 2004 - Portsmouth, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 08/13/2004

Fans are still reeling from RCW's July 31st outing. It is being called the best RCW show yet. Some are even calling it the best independent wrestling show they have ever witnessed in the area. With that said, if you missed the event let us fill you in on what happened.


The evening started out with two of RCW's newcomers Ricochet and Nic Wrath battling each other. Both of these two are fan favorites so the crowd was indecisive in the match up. Ricochet displayed many high-flying moves such as a frankensteiner, spinning DDT, and a dropkick that just about decapitated Wrath. Wrath on the other hand showcased his wrestling skills with multiple suplexes and holds that wowed the crowd. These men were given 10 minutes on the card and neither could gain the upper hand as they battled to a time-limit draw.


The stipulations of this match were simple. If Excalibur won then Andy Runyon could never ask for a match with Dirk in RCW again. If Andy's team won then he would get 5 minutes alone with Dirk. Excalibur stalled in the beginning announcing their new financial advisor "Captain" Kevin E Johnson. Now, not only do the referees have to keep an eye on The Mastermind but on Johnson as well. The match began with Maxx overpowering Allen. Tank was quickly tagged into the ring and given the role as the enforcer. He squared off against Maxx until Andy was tagged in. Tank tried to tag Dirk in but Dirk refused to tag. Both team went back and forth until Runyon finally got to square off against Extreme. Runyon pummeled Extreme and then gave him "The Attitude Adjustment" powerbomb. Allen broke up the pin as Tank battled Trik on the outside. Dirk and Andy both went down after a double-clothesline. Maxx entered the ring and apparently tried to spear Dirk but "accidently" gored Andy instead. Dirk went for the cover but was cut off by Trik and picked up for the Trik's finisher. Maxx then speared Trik out of nowhere and Dirk rolled him up in a crucifix for the win. Afterwards Power celebrated with his new Excalibur teammates except for Tank who looked like he was left in the dark.


This match was set to end the feud. By pitting the outside interfering sources into the match itself. That didn't work as you will soon see. Gigolo and Rogers had the advantage early on but then the numbers game seemed to be stacked against them. Neither Rogers nor "E" are trained wrestlers. So the match turned into a 2 on 1 affair as Ace battled Meltdown & Bobby L. Gigolo held his own and finally Rogers was tagged as was "E". Rogers gave "E" a devastating elbow drop and could have maybe got the 3 count but pulled "E" up for more punishment. He tagged in Ace who had the crowd behind him. Unfortunately that's not all that was behind him. Bobby L and Meltdown had the referee distracted as they beat away on Rogers while Fabulous Frederick snuck in the ring and hit Gigolo in the back of the head with a loaded purse. "E" then took liberty to pin Gigolo with 1 finger as the crowd went ballistic. Exotica Inc. celebrated in the ring with their newest member as Ace cleared the ring wielding a chair as Tyson got his hands on "E" leaving him to be carted off by his stable.



Many said it couldn't be done on the indy level. RCW proved them wrong as the tagteam belts were hung 15 feet above the ring. All 3 teams really destroyed each other using the ladder and chairs as weapons. The 350lb Tommy Chill even made a few attempts up the ladder only to be knocked off to the mat below. At one point JD Escalade executed a t-Bone suplex onto Kass and seemed to have the match won but was shoved over while atop the ladder. Words cannot describe this match. Shigroth finally reached the belt and picked up the win to retain the titles for THE FREAKSHOW.


20 men entered the Rumble until it became 4. The final four participants were Tank Runyon, Andy Runyon, Nic Wrath, and Fabulous Frederick. The now Fatal-4-way also had Falls Count Anywhere rules. The Runyons went to the outside while Wrath and Frederick battled it out inside the squared circle. The youngster took it to Frederick. Hitting him with back elbows and beautiful dropkick. The veteran proved his craftiness though when Wrath made one mistake and Frederick capitalized. Frederick hit Nic with his finisher which is an airplane-spin into a modified fireman's carry drop. 4-way is now a 3-way with submission rules. Frederick talked Tank into helping him take out Andy. Tank agreed but as soon as he turned his back, Frederick jumped him. The Fabulous One went to the ropes only to be caught by Tank in a Boston-crab. Andy jumped in the ring and slapped Frederick into the cross-face. There was nothing Frederick could do but tap out. It was now down to the two men who started the whole match. #1 and #2 had both made it to the final 2 for a TABLE MATCH. They brought out all the stops. Fans seen tacks, barbwire, glass, staple guns, and everything except the kitchen sink. Andy placed Tank on the top rope and placed a table below. Andy then had second thoughts about the placement of the table and moved it which proved to be a crucial mistake as this bought Tank time to gather his senses and throw Andy from the top rope through the table below picking up the win and the RCW-UFC Division Championship. The night didn't end there as Dirk came to the ring to congratulate Tank, he ordered Tank to do the right thing and take out his uncle once and for all. Dirk ordered Tank to beat Andy with the chair. The fans started chanting "TAKE DIRK OUT!" and Tank answered their calls by swinging the chair at his now former Excalibur teammate. We cannot discuss what transpired after that as certain things are currently in litigation. We'll just say it left everyone with plenty to talk about.