RCW: Resistance - March 13, 2004 - Portsmouth, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 04/12/2004

RESISTANCE is now in the past as RCW looks forward to APRIL 10th. But fans if you missed Resistance on March 13th, you missed one helluva show!! RCW packed the ELK's City Lodge to capacity as every seat was filled and the building became standing room only.
The night started off with Commissioner Chris Smith being introduced to the ring. Smith then brought out the recently crowned RCW Champion, Max Power. Power talked about how he, unlike previous RCW champions would be a fighting champion. He challenged anyone to try and take the Heavyweight strap off of him. "Big" Tommy Chill of the Angry Black Men proceeded to come to the ring. The two challenged each other and looked as if they were about to come to blows as "Beautiful" Bobby L's music hit. Bobby L and "Exotic" E were furious that Chill would be getting a shot at the belt that he had just lost last show. He thought the shot should go to him. He then began to rant and rave about how Commissioner Smith brought an imposter into RCW. Someone that has made a mockery of the "BEAUTIFUL" name. MIDNIGHT EXPRESS music then blared over the loudspeakers as "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton made his way to the ring cleaning house!! Eaton challenged Bobby L but Exotic E and L was having none of it. Eaton then put up $5,000 if Bobby L could dfeat him in any manner. Exotica Inc. agreed......but Commissioner Smith had an idea of his own. He said that if Eaton had to put something up then so did Bobby L. Smith suggested "Exotic" E's hair. Bobby L agreed without even asking E. E went ballistic as everyone returned to the locker rooms.

"Exotic" E made his way out with ACE as TYSON introduced the match. TYSON then proceeded to tell everyone that MELTDOWN was a no-show. He announced ACE's new partner.....HIMSELF!!! ACE and E congratulated Rogers on losing 45lbs since December. THE LORDS OF THE DANCE made their way to the ring and showed off their high-flying skills throughout the match. Ace controlled the pace of the match by wearing down both Sancho and Pele. Ace never even attempted to tag in Rogers. After a few near falls by the Lords ACE regained control and set Pele up for a choke-bomb. As Ace picked Pele up, Tyson made a blind tag and was now the legal man in the ring unbeknown to Ace. As Ace went for the kill the ref escorted him out of the ring as Tyson Rogers got the pinfall for the team. Ace was irrate and left Tyson standing in the ring. E followed Ace out trying to calm him down. The Lords snuck up on the announcer/wannabe wrestler and beat him down to the mat. From there they forced him to eat PAPA JOHN's pizza as Rogers cried "NOT MY DIET!" The Lords then beat Rogers over the head with the pizza pan and rolled him out of the ring. The fans celebrated with the Lords as The Loony Ref unsuccessfully tried to help Tyson back to the locker room.

MASTERMIND made his way to the ring with Allen and Josh Hayes was in the corner of the FREAKSHOW member, Brian Fury. Fury and Allen went at each other toe to toe. Neither man seemed to have a definate advantage. Allen worked the leg throughout the match, trying to pick apart the high-flyer. Fury however continued his high-risk moves as he performed a moonsalt from the second rope on the apron to the outside on Allen!! The move rocked Allen as the move badly wounded Allen's left arm. Allen's arm apparently had been smashed between Fury and the railing. Once the action finally got back into the ring, Allen rolled up Fury in a small package out of nowhere to pick up the win. After the match the entire Excalibur stable came out to celebrate with Allen. But the win was not the only reason the foursome were in the ring.......
THE MASTERMIND had bought some mic time and decided that now was a good time to use it. Commissioner Smith was called to the ring too. Mind started out sounding like he just may retire. But the fans were not that lucky. Mind along with his minions had bullied their way back into a little bit of power in RCW. It seems that RCW did not follow the proper guidlines that were required to terminate the Mastermind. Mind had his attornies threaten RCW with a lawsuit unless he was put back into his position. SO a compromise was made and Mastermind was now named as CO-COMMISSIONER. As his first act he announced a special ref for the RUNYON vs RUNYON match. None other than DDK of the Angry Black Men. The man that Andy Runyon put out of commission a year ago in another promotion. Excalibur finally left the ring as the crowd and Smith were shocked with awe.


Even though Chris Smith explained the rules of the MADHOUSE MATCH, the fans were still a bit confused. Here is a recap of the rules... Jason Taylor will enter the MADHOUSE as The Internet Champion. If Mr. Taylor is pinned at anytime during the match he will lose the title to the person who scored the pin. That person in turn can lose the title once again in the match if he is pinned. Therefore if someone was to pin the Internet Champion and then escape the MADHOUSE you would become a dual champion because the only way to win the EXTREME TITLE is to escape the MADHOUSE. Four wrestlers will be in action at the same time. No tags, no friends, just all four participants beating the hell out of each other at the same time. The title will be won by the first wrestler to pin another, grab the title from the referee, and escape the "Madhouse" by getting back into the dressing room. Sounds kindda simple so far, huh? Well...it gets harder. If the wrestler is stopped from "Escaping the Madhouse" by anyone on the RCW roster, the matchup continues until the sequence of pin, get title, escape is fulfilled. Oh yeah...and use of foreign objects is 100% permitted!! Due to the possibility of multiple pinfalls, and the volatile nature of this match-up, RCW Commissioner Chris Smith has authorized two referees be designated to officiate this match.
With that said the match was so confusing that even I will have a hard time reporting on it's content. The INTERNET changed hands throughout the match. Eventually everyone in the match held the belt at one point. "THE MYSTERY OPPONENT" was about to walk through the entranceway and win the EXTREME TITLE but felt the need to reveal himself. JAY VASTINE was under the hood!!!! TANK RUNYON must have been tipped off on this little secret as he ran through the entrance and mowed VASTINE down leaving him for dead. After everything imaginable was brought into the match including chairs and barbwire, Dude Rock made the pin on the INTERNET champion, Damn Fine and then escaped to become RCW's first dual champion.
Andy went into this match with the deck stacked against him. Not only was DDK the referee, but Tank had all of EXCALIBUR at ringside with him. The match started off with Andy getting the best of his nephew. At one point Andy dove from the top to the outside onto Tank, Dirk, and Randy! Everytime Andy went to make a pin, DDK's count seemed a little slower compared to when Tank was on top. Tank eventually took back control of the match after a devastating boot to Andy's face. Andy however, started overcoming the odds once again and hit a beautiful legdrop from the top rope. Excalibur hit the ring and a beat down ensued. Excalibur along with DDK continued to pick Andy apart until Jay Vastine came to the ring to save his OUTLAW cohort. Vastine however was cut off by Extreme. Then from the locker room came Trik Nasty wielding a leather strap. Everyone quickly exited the ring but not before Nasty gave Extreme a few quick lashings of leather. The match was declared a NO-CONTEST.

This was Juggulator and J.D. Escalade's first title defense since winning the belts. They couldn't have found tougher opponents if they tried. C.O. Hustla and DDK, The Angry Black Men, truly live up to the "angry hype" The agitated duo gave the Rydas a run for their money. The Elk's crowd witnessed a great deal of offense from both teams. The Juggalos were out in full force as they cheered their team on to victory. Escalade and Juggulator retained their titles, but not without a price. After the match The Angry Black Men tied Juggulator to the rope using zip ties while they unmercifully beat JD down. Then the unthinkable happened. The Angry Black Men cut the trademark goatee from Juggulator as JD watched on helplessly. It seems that The Rydas may have won the battle but The Angry Black Men started a war.

Bobby L came to the ring with his manager "Exotic" E to a resounding set of crowd disapproval. The crowd rose however for the legendary "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton. Eaton came to the ring with a mission. Even with countless incidents of interference, the vetern proved why the original is always better. He finished Bobby L off with a swinging neckbreaker. "Exotic" E tried to escape with his hair but was slammed to the mat by Eaton as The Lords of the Dance made their way to the ring…..with sheers!!! The Lords and Eaton shaved half of E's head before Tyson Rogers tried to save his mentor. Tyson was knocked to the mat once again in the night and was shaven as well!! Rogers sported the ridiculous hair-do for the rest of the night. Eaton celebrated with The Lords as Tyson and E headed to the back in shame.

Everyone new going in, that this match would not be a scientific battle. This match would be based on brute force. Both men took it hard o the other. It seemed as if Chill may have had the upper hand but Power introduced a few new surprising moves to repatoire. Power performed a "rolling thunder" onto Chill as the crowd was awe-struck. Power then put the 400lb Chill on his shoulders. Chill was too much weight for Power to hold the first time. But with the adrenaline pumping…..Power tried a second time and succeeded!!! After Power had Chill up on his shoulders he performed one of the most devastating samoan drops ever witnessed. Power picked up the win with his fist successful title defense.

As promised, the ring was surrounded by LUMBERJACKS with leather belts. 3 people from the audience were given belts via a raffle as well. 1 of the 3 was given a strap by Commissioner Smith. That individual was Nic Wilburn, who was a fan that Dirk had an altercation with at the last event. The match seemed like it was going to start off scientific but it soon turned into what everyone hoped it would…..an old fashion whipping like you wouldn't believe!!! Extreme was thrown from the ring first but luckily landed by his partners in crime. Mastermind promised everyone money to protect Dirk. Some did….some didn't. As Dirk was being protected Trik dove from the top rope to the outside on all of those individuals surrounding Extreme. This may have been a ballsy move but proved to be a turning point in the match as Trik was now getting beat down by the straps. The action went back into the ring as Dirk distracted the referee, his entourage pulled Trik out for a beating once again. Was Trik made it back into the ring it seemed that it was all over. Trik however, made a remarkable comeback dropkicking Dirk out of the ring. Dirk hit the floor hard as Andy Runyon, Freakshow, Max Power and anyone else in swinging distance starting putting the belts to Dirk's body. Extreme escaped by crawling under the ring and coming out on the other side and surprising Trik from behind. Trik though, took back over and dumped Dirk out of the ring once again. This time Extreme tried to escape through the crowd but was lashed all the way around the entire building until being chased to the stage area. Brian Fury and Josh Hayes were beating the hell out of Dirk's entire body. Extreme finally made it back into the ring but was met by a now well rested Trik Nasty. Nasty lit into Extreme with a fury of chops but was soon reversed with a poke to the eyes. After a barrage of suplexes by both men, Mastermind jumped on the apron as Dirk hit a low blow on Trik. He then set him up for a powerbomb but was unable to get Nasty up as Trik backdropped Dirk. Trik then clotheslined Extreme over the top rope as both men plummeted to the floor. The belt beatings began once again. Eventually everybody started fighting on the outside as Dirk and Tank took Trik into the ring as the ref was distracted with the outside fracus. Extreme and Tank gave Trik a double powerbomb and Dirk covered Trik for the pin. The ref was still outside the ring. The kid that Dirk had attacked last show, Nic, came into the ring and started beating Dirk like a dog with the belt. Extreme eventually backed Nic into the corner and took the belt from him. Extreme was ready to hit the kid when Andy Runyon grabbed Dirk from behind and gave him a "Attitude Adjustment"(powerbomb) from Hell. Trik then went up for a swanton onto Extreme as the ref was re-entering the ring. Trik picked up the win via the 1,2,3.
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