RCW "75" - August 29th, 2009 - Memorial Building - Jackson, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 08/30/09

RCW 75 turned out to be not only a night of action that RCW fans will not soon forget but also will be remembered as a night that may define a new era in Revolutionary Championship Wrestling. All RCW titles changed hands at 75! JD Santos finally got the North American Championship that he has worked so hard to capture. Da Rydas finally got their hands on IOU and took the Gold in the process, not to mention Judas Thorn returning and shocking "The Black Superman" Onyx, The Mastermind, as well as fans in attendance. Flash Fury realized his dream of carrying RCW on his shoulders as he defeated "The American Idol" in a fierce but good sportmanship match that saw Flash Fury walk out RCW World Heavyweight Champion. Here's a rundown of this historic night:

RangerBob and Tank Runyon opened the show and brought out the WWWWorld Famous RCW Ring Announcer, Kenny Young, who informed us that Heavy Metal had surgery and could not wrestle tonight. In his place would be "Omega" Aaron Draven.

Nikki Tyler defeated "Omega" Aaron Draven in an exciting first bout that had the crowd wanting more. Draven missed a double stomp from the top and Nikki capitalized for the pin.

Otto Von Boogiemeister took on "Freebird" Bryan Cross. The German, Boogiemeister, impressed the fans of Jackson but was robbed as Cross used the ropes to get the win. A rematch may be in order in the near future.

The Mastermind brought out former RCW Commissioner and Senior Referee, "Loony" Mike Horton. Horton was in full referee gear and it appeared would be refereeing the 30-minute Iron Man Match between Desmond and Santos. Mastermind said he wanted to give the fans what they want. Everyone seems to want Loony back. The fans were ecstatic.....until Mastermind demeaned Loony by making his sweep the floors for Desmond and E's entrance. Desmond hid his trusty hammer under the ring upon his arrival to the ring. Unbeknownst to E, Desmond, or the Mastermind...Loony cleaned the hammer out from under the ring while he was performing his new duty at ringside.

JD Santos and Vance Desmond battled it out for 30 minutes in the Iron Man Match. Whoever could score the most amount of falls in 30 minutes would win the RCW North American Title. Desmond scored the first fall. Exotic E stuck his nose into the match to benefit Desmond which caused referee John Reuben to eject E from ringside. Things were tied up with 1 minute to go when Desmond got desperate and went for the hammer. Desmond kept looking for it until Loony appeared from the curtain holding the weapon up high for Desmond to see. Desmond turned around and caught a high knee to the head from Santos that allowed Santos to get a pin. With 11 seconds left in the match it was impossible for Desmond to collect his thoughts and tie things up. At the end of 30 minutes JD Santos was declared the NEW RCW NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION as his friends and peers celebrated with him in the ring.

The Mastermind tried to stir trouble between Flash Fury and Dirk Extreme but it backfired as both decided to make The Commissioner pay for his lies. They were jumped by IOU (Onyx & Ace Gigolo). Da Rydas (Trik Nasty & Juggulator) came out for the save. Rydas promised a title victory.

In a 3-way 1-fall bout Jock Samson defeated "Bad News" Keith Hamblin and Chad Cruise to become the #1 contender to JD Santos's North American Title. Samson and Hamblin double teamed Cruise throughout the bout but Samson double-crossed Hamblin yet again to pick up the win. After the match, Samson wanted JD to come to the ring. Samson congratulated JD on the win and then clobbered him with a powerful double axe-handle to the face and neck. Santos was out.

Trik Nasty & Juggulator became the NEW RCW WORLD TAGTEAM CHAMPIONS after they defeated "The Black Superman" Onyx and Ace Gigolo. Da Rydas appeared to have IOU beat when Mastermind stopped the pin and then laid out referee John Reuben. Ace went to get the flex stick when a huge masked individual stormed the ring and speared Gigolo. He then faced Onyx and pulled the mask down to reveal JUDAS THORN. Thorn and Onyx traded blows but Thorn came out on top and even hit Onyx with a modified powerbomb that was UNBELIEVABLE! Juggulator and Nasty then took Ace and finished him winning the RCW World Tagteam Titles.

At the beginning of the night it seemed as if the crowd was divided between the fan favorites Flash Fury and "American Idol" Dirk Extreme, but by the end the Jackson fans were 100% behind Jackson's own Flash Fury. Fury and Extreme went toe-to-toe. Extreme was able to kick out of the Frog Splash at one point and Fury also kicked out of the Mic-Check. Extreme gave Flash Fury a sling-shot suplex that saw Fury reverse into a small package for the win making him the NEW RCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. Extreme wasn't happy but hugged Flash in the end as the locker room emptied to celebrate Flash's victory.