RCW: Full Circle - December 13, 2003 - Portsmouth, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 12/21/2003

The night started out with Excalibur coming to the stage. Excalibur minus The Mastermind that is. Mastermind was slowed down because of the snow but relayed some orders to Dirk Extreme over the phone. One was that Trik Nasty had lost his title match because of the horrendous pumpkin shot he gave Dirk at Nightmare on Elm Street. The other announcement was that since Trik was suspended, the RCW World Champion, "Beautiful" Bobby L. had the night off. Bobby and "E" with Meltdown came out and thanked Dirk, Randy Allen, and Tank. The Rydas then entered the ring and discussed the tagteam title match tonight. Promises were made by each side to take the gold.

The Zodiac defeated Billy McCarty afer a jackhammer type snowplow. The young rookie McCarty looked impressive in his 2nd RCW outing but the vertern devious skills of The Zodiac proved to be the deciding factor. Winner via pinfall........The Zodiac.

Tommy Chill came to ringside and stated that everyone not only in the crowd but in the locker room was afraid of him. He demanded that RCW give him a title shot soon. Music hit and to everyone's surprise it wasn't a champion that was accepting the challenge of Chill. It was Flash Fury. All 160 lbs. of Fury taking on the 400 lbs. Chill. Fury looked like he may steal a victory but Chill just proved to be too much for Flash. One mistake was all Chill was looking for to wrap Fury up in Chill submission hold (a squated reverse full nelson). Winner: Tommy Chill via submission.

Two teams that have despised each other years throughout Ohio resurrected their feud at Full Circle as this match was for the #1 contendership for the RCW World Tagteam Titles. The Angry Black Men -vs- The Freakshow. Both teams took it to one another. A solid match all around. The referee got knocked out during a foray of exchanges and the third ABM, Tommy Chill, entered the ring. Chill was interrupted by The Freakshow's manager, Josh Hayes. Chill swatted Hayes off like a fly and took out Shigroth on the outside as The Angry Black Men hit their finsher (a modified Dooms Day Device). Winners: The Angry Black Men via pinfall.

Out came Exotic E. with Meltdown to discuss his latest member of Exotica Inc... "E" introduced Ace Gigolo to the ring. "E" and Ace invited ring announcer Tyson Rogers to become an honorary member as well. Tyson accepted. Ace's job is too get Meltdown and Tyson into shape. He will put them on a strict diet and excersise regimen that will improve them. But before showing them how to be Winners outside of the ring, he will show them how to be a winnder inside the ring. Syren announces Ace's opponent....Sancho of The Lords of the Dance. Sancho was led to the ring with his partner, Pele. The match was on. The Lords caught Ace and his cohorts off guard quite a few times with pranks and switching in the ring unbeknown to the referee. In the end though, Ace Gigolo proved to be the "blue chipper" that "E" wanted as he hooked Sancho up in The G-Spot (version of the crippler crossfAce). Ace refused to break the hold until Pele made his way into the ring and laid in some kicks. Tyson Rogers shocked everyone as he delivered an awesome headbutt to Pele followed by an avalanche into the corner. Then measured up Sancho and deliverd a 380lb splash to The Lord. Afterwards, Gigolo, "E", Meltdown, and Tyson Rogers celebrated with cans of Slim Fast. Winner: Ace Gigolo via submission.

"The Livewire" Chris Smith came to the ring to everyones's surprise and said that he had a huge announcement to make. Before he had time to say anything Mastermind's music hit. 'Mind came out and discussed his troubles getting to the show. Chris informed 'Mind that The Phoenix had fired 'Mind and replAced him with a new Commissioner. 'Mind was believing his ears when Smith told him that The new Commish was HIM. As his first act he was reinstating Trik and putting him in a 3 way for the RCW WORLD TITLE. Trik vs Max Power vs Bobby L was set. Bobby came out and threw a fit but nothing was changing the new Commisssioner's ruling. Smith also stated that Tank was barred from Excalibur's tagteam title match. The Mastermind went balistic and threw a punch at Smith. Smith blocked the punch and knocked 'Mind on his ass. Smith hit 'Mind with two clotheslines before 'Mind slid out of the ring and ran for the locker room.

"Damn Fine" Jason Taylor w/ Ivanna defended his Internet Title in a special live match against #1 contender The Average White Guy. Both men brought it to one another. Taylor showing his kicking skills as Average White Guy showed off his old school talent. In the end Taylor ended up with the win after a school-boy rollup. Both men shook hands after the match. Winner: "Damn Fine" Jason Taylor via pinfall.

Next up was the RCW Tag-Team Title Match. Excalibur and The Rydas took it to each other for a good 20 minutes. In the end it appeared that Excalibur had won the match after hitting Escalade with the "Sword and the Stone". The referee missed the fact that Randy Allen's feet were on the ropes. The new Commish, Chris Smith ran out and restarted the match but with a new special ref. "Attitude" Andy Runyon made his way to the ring. Excalibur threw a fit. Dirk tried to get disqualified by shoving Runyon. When that didn't work he slapped Runyon across the fAce. Andy instinctively started to throw a punch at Extreme but Chris blocked it and told Andy that he couldn't witness it. So, Runyon pointed out an attractive female to Smith in the audience and then proceeded to KO Dirk with a punch heard throughout the building. JD capitalized on the punch by setting Dirk up for a modified version of a standing "Shining Wizard". Juggulator stopped Randy Allen from saving his comrade and The Rydas became the new RCW World Tag-Team Champions. Winners: The Rydas via pinfall.

Next up the Extreme Division Champion, Tank Runyon, would put his belt on the line against Dude Rock. Dude had his own cheering section during this match, as both Ivanna and Syren were at ringside with him, both sporting dWo (Dude World Order) shirts. What a blood bath this would turn out to be as The Dudester and Tank drug everything out but the kitchen sink. These items included thumbtacks, steel chairs, and...barbwire!! Dude Rock took some of the most punishing chair shots to the head that I've ever seen. If that wasn't enough Tank powerbombed Dude on thumbtacks not once...but twice. Dude was starting to show fire again but Excalibur came out to look for an opening to save Tank's gold. Dirk Extreme got up on the apron with a chair as Dude was whipped towards him by Tank. Dude reversed it and Dirk slammed the chair into Tank's skull. Tank turned around and received a chokeslam from Dude...but the ref was down courtesy of The Mastermind. Dirk and Randy were beginning to make their way in for the save but were stopped short by Andy Runyon once again. He pulled both off of the apron and entered the ring to make the 3 count. Dude Rock captured the RCW Extreme Championship in one of the wildest matches to ever hit Southern Ohio. Winner: Dude Rock via pinfall.

The Main Event and the first match set forth by the Chris Smith regime was up next. A 3 way Dance for the RCW World Heavyweight Championship. The champion, "Beautiful" Bobby L would have to beat 2 of RCW's hungriest and most deserving contenders. Max Power and Trik Nasty. The match started off with an apparent alliance between Power and Nasty taking it to Bobby. Being the vetern that Bobby is though, he quickly retaliated with a double thumb to the eyes of his foes and took control. This match was a knock down, drag out fight with each man having control for a period of time. It all came to a head when Trik had performed a neckbreaker on Bobby. Max lay on the side of the ring and Bobby in the center as Trik climbed the ropes to deliver his pattened "swanton". Dirk Extreme and Tank quickly ran to ringside only to be met with Trik flying into them from the top! Meanwhile, Max Power saw an opportunity to take Bobby out with a full nelson slam that looked like it literally drove Bobby's spine through his neck. Trik NASTY was held on the outside by Dirk Extreme. Finally Power set Bobby up for his reverse version of the F-5 and hooked the leg for the 3 count. Winner and New RCW World Heavyweight Champion: Max Power.