RCW: Nightmare on Elm Street - October 18, 2003 - Portsmouth, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 10/22/2003

RCW: Nightmare on Elm Street
Saturday October 18, 2003
PortCo Bldg. - 604 Elm Street
Portsmouth, Ohio

The show started off the introduction of RCW Commissioner The Mastermind. 'Mind comes to the ring and hypes the show and talks about the matches that will take place later in the night. He then tells ring announcer Tyson Rogers that due to the fact that he (Rogers) was fired a couple of months ago, a new announcer had been hired, and that he didn't feel that it was right to un-hire the new announcer just because Tyson had been re-hired. 'Mind said that from now on, the RCW would have a two-person announce team, and then introduced the new announcer...Syren! From there, they went on to announce The Outlawz, but only "Livewire" Chris Smith came to the ring. Smith said that Runyon & Vastine were not there, and he didn't know where they were. 'Mind said that was ok, he was going to give Smith the chance of a lifetime tonight, and added him to the RCW Extreme Division match making it a 3-Way Dance between Smith, Trik Nasty, and Excalibur member Tank Runyon. This brought Excalibur to the ring. After a few minutes of going back and forth verbally, Excalibur jumped Smith before leaving the ring.

The first match of the night saw The Rydas, Juggulator & J.D. Escalade w/ Trik Nasty defeat Flash Fury & "The Life of the Party" Billy McCarty via pinfall to become the #1 Contendors to Excalibur's Tag-Team Championships. Great match by all involved, but the experiece of The Rydas won out in the end over the Fury & McCarty who were teaming together for the first time at RCW: NOES.

Next up, RCW Internet Champion "Damn Fine" Jason Taylor defeated Meltdown w/ Exotic E. in a non-title match. Prior to the match, Taylor had told Meltdown that if he could defeat him in this match, he would give him a title shot the next time that they met in the ring. Meltdown lost...but stole the belt as he left the ring. Taylor told him that if he wanted the belt he would have to earn it, and challenged him to a No Holds Barred/No D.Q. title match, which will take place in the very near future.

In what would turn out to be one of the most shocking moments of the night, Excalibur member Tank Runyon defeated both RCW Extreme Champion Trik Nasty and "Livewire" Chris Smith w/ The Mastermind to become the new RCW Extreme Champion...after interference by Excalibur and The Mastermind. Great match...lots of stiff shots with every weapon imaginable. Trik had the match won at one point and was going for the Nasty Bomb, but Dirk Extreme & Randy "The King" Allen came out and knocked him off the ropes to the outside. Tank and Smith fought each other to their feet exchanging punches. Smith went to the ropes to get support from his fans...and The Mastermind hit him in the face with a fireball. Smith turns around right into Tank's finisher, and Tank picks up a hard fought, albeit tainted, victory in this one.

Post match, all four members of Excalibur forced Syren into the ring and made her go to each side of the ring and announce Tank as the new Extreme Champion. Tank evidently didn't like the way that she was announcing, and attacked her, picking her up for a powerbomb. All the of the sudden...Dude Rock came out of the crowd to save the lovely grapplerette from the attack. Dude single-handedly cleared the ring of all four Excalibur members, taking them down with a flurry of punches and clotheslines. Dude gets the mic and tells Tank that he is soooooo happy that Tank just won the Extreme Division Title...because he wants to kick his ass for it next month...in a Hardcore Match! Tank accepts the match and Excalibur leave as Dude's music hits again and he gets a huge pop from the crowd.

From there, Captain Kevin Johnson came to the ring to address the crowd. He said that due to some "legal problems" that had happened with The Angry Black Men the last time they were in Portsmouth, they were not allowed into the city tonight. He went on to talk about "the man" keeping them down and the such, the said that he had someone in the back tonight that was going to take out any white guy willing to get in the ring with him, and then introduced his newest protoge, Zodiac. The two then challenged any white trash to come out and get their ass handed to them right now. (Note: Johnson and Zodiac are both white...very freaking white). The challenge was answered...by The Average White Guy.

Average White Guy defeated Zodiac w/ Captain Kevin Johnson in one of the most bizzare matches that we have ever seen here in RCW. Johnson tried to interject himself in the match at several points, and Zodiac seemed to be extra crazy this time, but Average White Guy overcame the odds and hits his finisher to get the pinfall victory in this one.

Max Power outlasted 15 other competitiors to win the $5000 Over the Top Rope Costume Battle Royal...which should be showing up on WrestleCrap.com any day now. This was one of the most hillarious matches that I have ever seen, with each of the contestants dressed in gawdy Halloween costumes. In the end, it came down to Max and Tank Runyon, with Max finally getting the win by clotheslining Tank over the top rope.

Excalibur, Randy "The King" Allen & Dirk Extreme w/ Tank Runyon & The Mastermind retained their tag-team titles against The Freak Show, Bryan Fury & Shigroth w/ "The Lost Child" Josh Hayes via D.Q. Great match, but plain and simple...The Freak Show got screwed! Randy and Shigroth were fighting on the outside, and Tank threw a chair in to Dirk. The ref was trying to break up Randy and Shigroth on the outside, so Dirk threw the chair to Fury. Tank picks up a second chair and hits the ring post...making a very loud thud. As the ref turns around, Dirk falls down and The Mastermind jumps up on the ring apron and starts screaming that Fury blasted Dirk with the chair. Fury is standing in the middle of the ring holding the chair (which he hadn't swung)...so the ref disqualifies The Freak Show. Excalibur retains the titles...but it wasn't over yet.

As all four members of Excalibur attacked The Freak Show and then celebrated in the ring...The Rydas made their way down to the ring. All hell broke lose from there...and Trik Nasty nailed Dirk Extreme with a Jack-O-Lantern that was sitting ringside as decoration, sending pieces of pumpkin (and possibly pieces of Dirk's head) flying into the crowd. The Rydas and The Freak Show left the ring together as medical personel strapped Dirk to a backboard. Once out of the ring, Tank and Randy got Dirk off the backboard and helped him to the back, followed by medical personel.

RCW Commissioner The Mastermind made his way to the ring once again and announced that RCW Champion Vile had not arrived at the show yet, and though he had no idea what the situation was, he had no choice but to strip Vile of the title and declare it vacant. The main event would now be a match between Max Power and "Beautiful" Bobby L. for the RCW Heavyweight Championship.

"Beautiful" Bobby L. w/ Exotic E. & Angel defeated Max Power to become the new RCW Heavyweight Champion via pinfall in a wild brawl that left both men beaten and bloodied. The ref lost total control of this one as the majority of the action toojk place on the outside of the ring. Max sent Bobby hurling into the ring post several times, splitting his head wide open. The ref went to check on Bobby, and Max got back into the ring. Meltdown made his way to ringside, and he and Exotic E. jumped the ring, attacking Max Power and hitting him with a double-chokeslam. Bobby crawled back into the ring and made the cover to get the pinfall vicory in this one. Max Power went postal and attacked everyone in sight. Exotic E. was helped to the back as security surrounded the ring giving Bobby a chance to make his escape...as the new RCW Heavyweight Champion.