RCW: International Incident - September 20, 2003 - Portsmouth, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 10/07/2003

RCW: International Incident
Saturday September 20, 2003
@ St. Mary's International Festival
Portsmouth, Ohio

Tank Runyon defeated RCW newcomer Victor Stone via pinfall after an implant DDT. Post match, Excalibur (Randy "The King" Allen & Dirk Extreme) came to the ring and announced that Tank was the newest member of their stable.

In one of the wildest Battle Royals that Southern Ohio has ever seen, "Damn Fine" Jason Taylor outlasted 14 other competitors to become the first ever RCW Internet Champion. The final four in the match were Damn Fine, Great Meco, Beautiful Bobby L., and another RCW newcomer, The Psycho. Psycho eliminated Beautiful Bobby, and was then eliminated by Meco himself. Meco and Damn Fine then locked up and proceeded with the match, with Damn Fine getting the win via pinfall after the Fine Star Splash.

Trik Nasty held on to his belt in a match that was billed as a handicap match against two members of The Angry Black Men, C.O. Hustler & Dangerous Damien Kass. Huster and DDK could not agree which would take the title. The match eventually turned into a 3-Way Dance with TRIK coming out on top...after accidental interference by the third member of the ABM, Tommy Chill. This match also saw the return of Captain Kevin E Johnson as the new manager of the ABM.

Tommy Chill then went straing into his match defeating yet another RCW newcomer, Cyrus Poe in what can only be considered one of the most hard hitting matches ever. Though Poe was defeated, he look very impressive in his RCW debut.

Dirk Exteme and Randy Allen, now known as Excalibur, defeated Beauty & The Beast (Beautiful Bobby L. & Meltdown) with their finisher, The Sword and The Stone. Also of note, the third member of Excalibur, Tank Runyon, had been barred from ringside during this match.

From there, Max Power made his prescence known as he jumped the ring and made short work of Beautiful Bobby and Exotic E. Max demanded a title shot against RCW Champion Vile (who was unable to attend this event for unknown reasons) at RCW: Nightmare on Elm Street on October 18th. Beautiful Bobby threw a tantrum on the outside of the ring saying that he deserved a title shot. RCW Commissioner The Mastermind said that he agreed...and told Bobby that he would get his chance on October 18th to challenge for the title...in a 3-Way Dance against Vile and Max Power.