RCW: Tag-Team Genesis - July 18, 2003 - Portsmouth, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 08/06/2003

RCW: Tag-Team Genesis
Friday July 18, 2003
@ The Old 17th Street Armory
Portsmouth, Ohio

For two weeks leading up to this event there had been major promises made by the RCW that there would be several huge surprises take place at Tag-Team Genesis. Surprises that would turn the Southern Ohio wrestling scene on it's ear. Surprises that would change the way that you look at pro-wrestling forever. RCW Co-Commissioner Dirk Extreme said he had the surprise to end all surprises. Likewise, RCW's other Co-Commissioner, The Mastermind, said that he had an even bigger surprise. Would either of these men come through on their promises? Only time would tell.

Fans, let me tell you, RCW Tag-Team Genesis did live up to it's own hype...and much, much more! Not only did we see the crowning of the first ever RCW Tag-Team Champions in one of the wildest tournaments ever, but we also seen RCW Heavyweight Champion Vile and RCW Extreme Champion Trik Nasty prove what they are made of by putting their titles on the line in two of the most impressive matches that Southern Ohio has ever seen. In addition, we seen the debut of several new superstars that will have an impact on RCW for many years to come. Oh yeah...and the "surprises" that were promised. Let's just say that the ending of the event was so unexpected...so surreal...so shocking...that even RCW's outspoken Ring Announcer, Tyson Rogers, was left speechless.

If you weren't there, here's what you missed....

The night started off with RCW Ring Announcer, Tyson Rogers, introducing Extreme Champion Trik Nasty. Trik came to the ring and thanked all the fans for coming out and supporting the RCW. Trik went on to talk about the RCW Extreme Division, and how even though it was one of the most demanding championships to hold, he was honored that he got the opportunity to be the first RCW Extreme Champion. Before Trik could say any more, we were treated to the first of what would be several debuts that night, as Trik's on again off again tag-team partner, Juggulator, made his way to the ring. Juggulator told Trik that it was time to start represnting The Rydas in RCW...that it was time for RCW to "get down with the clown"! Trik said there was a time and a place...and this was neither. Juggs said that was fine...if Trik wouldn't represent The Rydas in the Extreme Division, then he would! Juggs challenged Trik to a Thumbtack Baseball Bat Match for the title.

Trik Nasty (c) -vs- Juggulator: This was the first time that the RCW Extreme Championship had been defended in a actual Hardcore Match, and let me tell you fans...that was hardcore! Although both of these men are members of The Rydas, and pressumably good friends, they wasted no time tearing into each other with everything from tables and chairs to the aforementioned thumbtack baseball bat. It was a brutal match from start to finish. In the end, Trik hit his finisher on Juggulator to get the pin-fall victory and retain the RCW Extreme Championship.

Post Match: Trik went to the top-rope and celebrated his victory. Juggulator recovered and made his way to his feet, grabbing a chair that had been used in the match. Juggs nailed Trik with the chair, knocking him from the ropes, and then continued to beat him until he was unconcious. Juggs then threw the lifeless Trik over his shoulder and carried him to the locker room.

"Beautiful" Bobby L. w/ Exotic E. & Angel -vs- The Average White Guy: These two are quickly becoming two of the most talked about superstars in RCW, and for damn good reason. This was a great back and forth match-up, with Average White Guy getting the advantage several times, even though Bobby and his enterouge used every dirty trick in the book. In the end, Bobby hit the Edge-O-Matic to get the pin-fall victory.

Next up, The Mastermind made his way to the ring and talked about the RCW Training Facility, and that there was one up and coming superstar that was impressing the hell out of everyone, Ace Gigilo. Ace came to the ring and talked about how he couldn't wait to get in the ring and start kicking the asses of all the so-called RCW "Superstars"...but tonight he had other issues that he wanted to address. He said that everyone knew he was the hottest man in pro wrestling, and that all the women wanted him, but there was one woman that had been bugging him to death. He said that everyday he was getting hundreds of e-mails and voice-mail messages from one certain chick, and that he wanted it to stop. He went on to reveal that this chick was RCW's own Syren. This brought Syren to the ring. Syren said that she had absolutely no interest in Ace, and that he was making up the story about the messages. She said that she was only in RCW for one reason and one reason only...and that was to kick some ass! After a few minutes of going back and forth with both Ace & The 'Mind, Syren challenged both men to a match. 'Mind said that they had way more important things to take care of tonight, but if Syren wanted a match, he had someone backstage that would be more than happy to give her one. Out came the second debuting superstar of the night...Tank Runyon!

Tank Runyon w/ Ace Gigilo & The Mastermind -vs- Syren: The ref never even made it to the ring for this one. Tank attacked Syren from behind and he and Ace worked her over for what seemed like only a minute. Syren put up a valiant effort and showed that she can withstand massive amounts of punishment, but in the end, Tank hits the Powerbomb DDT and made the cover. Mastermind slid in the ring and made the three-count.

From there, RCW Co-Commissioner Dirk Extreme made his way to the ring for the drawing of the order of entrants in the Tag-Team Genesis main event. Representatives from each team came to the ring, and the order that was draw was as follows: 1. Men In Black, 2. Love Connection, 3. Angry Black Men, 4. The Freakshow, 5. Zodiac & Meco, 6. The Rydas, 7. Randy "The King" Allen & his mystery partner. Dirk was irate that Randy had drew #7 and demanded that he and The 'Mind reveal who his mystery partner was right then. 'Mind took the mic and said that they would give him a clue...the mystery partner had a lot of "Attitude". Dirk went ballistic. He said that if that was they way they were gonna play it, then he was naming a special guest referee for that final round...and that special guest referee was himself! Randy and The 'Mind went nuts, but with all the other superstars in the ring at that time, thought better of attacking the Co-Commish and left the ring, followed by the rest of the superstars.

"The Giant Killer" Tiny Tim -vs- "Mean" Mark Manson: The debuts kept coming as "The Giant Killer" Tiny Tim made his way to the ring to face international superstar and technical wizard "Mean" Mark Manson in this next match. This match was a clinic from start to finish as both of these men pulled out every high-flying and technical move in the book, and as you would excpect, neither man could get a clear cut advantage. In the end, Tiny Tim lived up to his "Giant Killer" moniker and got the pin-fall over the much larger Manson.

RCW Heavyweight Champion Vile made his way to the ring. Vile got the mic and told the near capacity crowd that it had been a long hard journey for him to become the Champion, and that he appreciated all their support, and that unlike the former champion he wouldn't hide behind legal documents to keep his title. He went on to say that he considered himself a fighting champion, and even though he didn't have to be there tonight (all champions were given the option of taking the night off due to the Tag-Team Championship tournament)...he was there and he was going to defend the title. Vile went on to say that there was one man in RCW that truly deserved a shot at the title...one man that had been screwed over so many times by politics of the Board of Directors...and that he didn't feel like he could call himself a true champion until he had faced this man in the ring. The man in question..."The All American" Shawn Parks! Parks made his way to the ring, and the match was on.

Vile (c) -vs- "The All American" Shawn Parks: Fans, this match was wrestling the way it should be. No dirty tactics, no cheating, no controversy....just a good clean match to prove who was the best between these two massive warriors. This was another great back and forth match, with Vile taking the early advantage with a flurry of power moves. Parks recovered though, and RCW's own Master of the Suplex took Vile down with his own barrage of power moves, and of course, suplexes. The advantage changed hands many times during the course of the match, and in the end, Parks went for his patented Whirl War Three finisher. Vile recovered in mid-move, and hit The Viledriver out of nowhere! Vile picks up a very hard fought victory in this one, and retains the RCW Heavyweight Championship.

Post Match: Vile and The All American stared each other down for what seemed like an eternity. They moved towards each other, and just when it seemed that they were going to rumble once again, Parks extended his hand to Vile. After a quick hand shake and hug, Parks raised Vile's hand in victory. Parks started to leave, but Vile grabbed his hand and raised it as well. Parks looked at Vile and said, "We'll meet again sometime"...to which Vile replied, "Anytime". Parks left the ring as Vile went to the top rope to celebrate his victory.

**************************** I N T E R M I S S I O N ****************************

Tag-Team Genesis Championship Gauntlet Match

The rules were simple. Two teams started out, and once one team was eliminated, the next team would come to the ring. Seven teams in all were involved in the match, and the match would continue until one team remained, and they would be crowned the first ever RCW Tag-Team Champions.

The Men in Black w/The Mastermind -vs- The Love Connection: Brutal match-up between these two heel teams. Neither team could get the advantage, and the ref couldn't keep track of who was legal and who wasn't. Excesssive cheating from both sides, with neither team being able to get the pin-fall due to run-ins from the other side. All four men were busted open in this match at one point, and the blood was flowing like crazy. In the end, Love Connection member "Precious" Paul Harley picks up the win in this one, after nailing Agent Hileman with a foreign object and grabbing a handfull of tights. Love Connection advance.

The Angry Black Men -vs- The Love Connection: One member of the ABM, "Dangerous" Damien Kass, came to the ring on crutches. DDK said that he had been injured in a match a couple of weeks ago, and would not be able to compete. He said that he had a replacement though, and C.O. Hustlers tag-team partner would be..."Hardcore" Tommy Chill. Chill came out, and the crowd started chanting, "He's White"! DDK told the crowd that he would assure them that Chill was black from the waist down...and that alone was enough to gain him membership in The Angry Black Men. Once the match got underway, these two heel teams tore into each other with reckless abandon. Oh wait a minute...no they didn't. ABM proved just how "angry" they are by bascially "mugging" The Love Connection. ABM pick up the easy win in this one to advance.

The Freak Show w/"Lost Child" Josh Hayes -vs- The Angry Black Men: What can I say about this match except...WOW! These are two of the top teams in the tri-state right now...and for good reason. We saw the high-flying unorthadox style of The Freak Shows "Dragon" Bryan Fury & Shigroth go head to head with the violent, brutal style of the ABM's C.O. Hustler & "Hardcore" Tommy Chill...in what looked like a train wreck at several points in the match. In the end, The Freak Show pull out a very hard fought and very impressive victory in this one to advace.

The Freak Show w/"Lost Child" Josh Hayes -vs- Zodiac & The Great Meco: The Freak Show -vs- The Freaks of Nature is the best way to describe this match. We pretty much new going into this one that there wasn't going to be a lot of conventional moves used, and we were right. Both of these teams used every unorthadox manuever that you could imagine. In the end, The Freak Show pulled out the win by pinning The Great Meco. This didn't sit well with the veteran Zodiac, who attacked his own partner before leaving the ring. Freak Show advance.

The Freak Show w/"Lost Child" Josh Hayes -vs- The Rydas w/J.D. Escalade: Juggulator & J.D. came through the entrance way first, and were announced as The Rydas. So, would this be the two superstars competeing tonight as The Rydas? Nope! Moments later, RCW Extreme Champion Trik Nasty burst through the entrance way...in full Juggalo war paint!! WOOT WOOT...that's right fans, The Rydas had arrived! Once the match got underway, it was one of the stand out matches of the night, as both teams spent more time in the air than they did on the mat. Somewhere in all the action, the ref got knocked out and The Angry Black Men made there way back to the ring. It appeared that they were going to attack The Freak Show...but somehow ended up attacking both teams. With a shrug of their shoulders, they rolled The Freak Show on top of The Rydas and revived the ref. Freak Show advance in this very controversial match.

The Freak Show w/"Lost Child" Josh Hayes -vs- Randy "The King" Allen & Mystery Partner w/The Mastermind: Ok, listen close, because this is gonna get confusing. Randy & The 'Mind come to the ring. They look like they are going to square off against The Freak Show themselves. Ring Announcer Tyson Rogers announces Special Guest Ref, Dirk Extreme, who comes to the ring with both the Tag-Team Championship belts...and a chair. Seems Dirk is going to make sure that there is no funny business in this match...and he's going to enforce the rules in a very "extreme" way. Dirk gets in Randy & The 'Minds faces, and demands that they bring out Randy's mystery partner immediately. 'Mind motions to the sound guy, and the oddest music that you have ever heard kicks up. The music sounds like little kids reciting their A-B-C's...."A is for Apple...B is for Bus...C is for Cat...D is for...DIRK EXTREME"!!! Dirk & Randy attack The Freak Show from behind, with Dirk swinging the chair like a madman. Both members of The Freak Show were down...Dirk grabbed Fury and hit him with a Fisherman Suplex. With the Fisherman Suplex still locked on, Randy went to the top and hit The Royal Decree from the ropes. Randy hooks Fury's leg, and Dirk...who is the special referee...makes the three-count. Dirk Extreme & Randy "The King" Allen pick up the victory and become the first ever RCW Tag-Team Champions!

Post Match: Dirk has turned his back on the fans...he, Randy, and The 'Mind have perpertrated the ultimate "work"...the big surprise has been revealed...right? Not quite. 'Mind rolls into the ring, and while Randy & Dirk are celebrating and continuing to kick the crap out of the lifeless Freak Show, 'Mind stands in the corner shaking his head and reading a piece of paper that he had pulled out of his jacket pocket. Dirk gets the mic and talks about this being his greatest night and then "thanking" everyone. He thanked his family for never being there for him and for never beleving in him...he thanked the fans for being such stupid pieces of garbage and making it so easy for him to turn his back...and then he said he had one more person to thank. He wanted to thank the man that "masterminded" this whole plan, the man that made this all possible...that's right, he wanted to thank...himself. The Mastermind took one more look at the paper that he was holding, and then appeared to sign it, and then handed it to Dirk. Dirk said, "Ok, there was one more person that gave us a little help...and that was The 'Mind". Dirk went on to reveal that the paper that The 'Mind had just handed him was the Commissioners contract, and that in return for his part in thier little conspiracy, Dirk was signing over 100% Commissioner status to The Mastermind once again. Dirk signed the papers, and then said that he had one more thing that he wanted to do tonight. He said that he wanted to prove that him and Randy were fighting champions, and he wanted to put the belts on the line right now. He said that there was a team that he swore would never be back in the RCW, but he was letting them come back tonight, just so he and Allen could beat the hell out of them. That team...The Outlaws!

Out came two "jobbers" in Outlawz gear and masks. The fake Outlawz went on to cut a short promo talking about WNXT, making people famous, breeding dogs, and God knows what else. Finally, Dirk & Randy attacked them and made quick work of them. By this time, Dirk and Randy realized that The Mastermind had made his way to the outside of the ring, and was actually sitting in the audience at this point. 'Mind stood up, pulled a mic out of his jacket, and started walking towards the huge garage door in the back of the building. 'Mind told Dirk and Randy that tonight was a special night for him...it was his 5 year anniversary in the business. He said that for 5 years, he had been loyal to himself, to his teams, to ruthless promoters...but in that whole time he had never been loyal to the people that mattered the most...the fans. 'Mind went on to tell Dirk & Randy that crap like what they had just done was what was giving wrestling a bad name...what was making wrestling a joke. As The 'Mind continued to speak, the garage door opened and in drove a Jeep Cherokee. 'Mind finished by telling Dirk that he still had one more big surprise that Dirk didn't know about tonight. This surprise was soooooo big that you might say it's "off the hook". Out of the Jeep emerged "Livewire" Chris Smith & "Heartbreaker" Jay Vastine!! Vastine, Smith, & The 'Mind ran to the ring as Randy & Dirk jumped out of the ring. Smith took the mic and said that The Outlawz were back thanks to The 'Mind, and they couldn't be happier to be there! By this time, Randy and Dirk had made there way to the back of the building, and it appeared they were about to steal The Outlawz Jeep. Smith got their attention once more, and told Dirk that they had one last surprise. He said, "You see, we are The Outlawz...and where there is two...there is always three"! Dirk looked confused...until all of the sudden the door of the Jeep swung open and out stepped..."The Attitude" Andy Runyon!

From their fans, the entire locker room emptied out, and the show ended with what would amount to a Pier Six Brawl. The entire RCW roster was beating the hell out of each other, and security was trying to get control. The Outlawz & The 'Mind went back to the ring, where Runyon announced that all three members of The Outlawz had signed contracts earlier in the day and they were now full-fledged members of the RCW roster. Runyon then he proceeded to put on a RCW shirt to the delight of the near capacity crowd. Dirk, who had evidently forgotten that he was no longer Co-Commish, yelled for security to remove The Outlawz & The 'Mind from the building. Security looked at him, then walked away. 'Mind got the mic, looked at The Outlawz, and asked if there wasn't a party they should all be at somewhere? Vastine said of couse there was...and they all jumped in the Jeep and took off as the show ended.