RCW: Independence Blast - July 3, 2003 - West Union, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 08/05/2003

RCW: Independence Blast
Thursday July 3, 2003
@ The Adams County Fairgrounds
West Union, Ohio

RCW: Independence Blast started off with the introduction of the RCW's newest member, Ring Announcer Tyson Rogers. Rogers came to the ring and called for the fans to stand for The National Anthem. At the conclusion of The National Anthem, Rogers was getting set to run down the nights matches, when he was interupted by the appearance Foreign Union (F.U.), Blizzard, Suicide Kyd, & Scab. Scab got the mic and began to run down the American way of life, and said that the 4th of July was the biggest joke he had ever seen. This brought West Union's own, "All American" Shawn Parks, to the ring. Parks said that the USA was the greatest country in the world...and that he would fight until his dying breath to defend it's honor. Parks challenged all three members of F.U. to a match...right there...right now.

"All American" Shawn Parks -vs- Blizzard, Suicide Kyd, & Scab: Fans, to say that this was a squash is a major understatement. Parks hit these three with everything that he had right from the opening bell, and kept beating them until he was damn good and ready to quit. The three foreign "indignitaries" tried to rally and make a comeback, but Parks kept the heat on them and hit them with what appeared to be every move in the book. In the end, Parks hits the Whirl War 3 on each member of F.U., lays them on top of each other, and covers them with the American Flag to get the pin-fall victory.

Next up, The Men in Black, along with RCW Co-Commissioner The Mastermind, came to the ring. The three talked about the rest of the nights show, saying that they had a ringer to make sure that Team 'Mind took home the RCW Heavywieght Championship later in the night. They continued on by hypeing up the next Portsmouth event, saying that The MiB's would definitely be taking home the Tag-Team gold that night. At that point, Syren's music hit, and out came the lovely grapplerette. Syren got right up in The 'Mastermind's face and demanded that he tell her who he "mystery opponet" was going to be. 'Mind told her that he couldn't find one person to face her in the ring tonight. He said there wasn't one person that would get in the ring with her...there was three! 'Mind told her that she would be competeing in a handicap match against him and The MiB. Syren said that she expected something like this to happen, so tonight, she brought some people to watch her back. The Lords of the Dance's music hit. Lords came out and cleared the ring. Syren got the mic and said that if The 'Mind wanted a fight, it was a fight that he was gonna get!

Men in Black & The Mastermind -vs- Lords of the Dance & Syren: This match was pure chaos from the opening bell to the end. At some point, all six participants were in the ring going at it, and the ref was pretty much as confused as the next person. Order was finally restored, and the advantage kept shifting with each tag. At one point, the MiB's got Syren alone in the ring and worked her over. Somehow she found the strength to make it to her corner, and LotD member Pele II took the fight to MiB member Agent Meltdown. Syren got tagged back in, and Meltdown beat her down then tagged in The 'Mind. 'Mind whipped her into his corner, then slapped both members of the LotD. While the ref was trying to keep them out of the ring, Agent Meltdown & Agent Hileman choked Syren in the corner. Syren stumbled out to the center of the ring, where The 'Mind hit her with the Warpped Reality and made the cover to get the win for his team.

"Precious" Paul Harley -vs- Average White Guy: Next up we saw the RCW debut of the flamboyant "Precious" Paul Harley as he went one-on-one with RCW fan-favorite, The Average White Guy. This match was slow to get started, as Harley made Tyson Rogers announce him not once, not twice, but three times...as he didn't think that Rogers was showing enough enthusiasm when he announced him. Once Harley made it to the ring, Average White Guy got the early advantage. This turned out to be a good back and forth match, with Harley getting the pin on AWG after hitting him with his finisher (and putting his feet on the the ropes for leverage).

Next up, Dude Rock's Rock Shop was announced...but Dude was no where in sight. Out came Exotic E. (formerly RCW Ring Announcer Eric Horsley). EE said that due to Dude not being in the building tonight, his new client was going to be taking over The Rock Shop. EE introduced "Beautiful" Bobby L. & Angel. Bobby came to the ring and announced that The Rock Shop would now be known as The Beauty Shop, and then went on to introduce his first guest, Vile. Vile told Bobby that before they got started with the interview, there was a fan in the audience that had a present for Bobby. Vile helped the kid into the ring, and the kid gave Bobby the first ever official "Beautiful" Bobby Action Figure. When Bobby opened the box, inside was a Barbie Doll. Bobby went ballistic and was going to go after the fan...but Vile stopped him. After order was finally restored, Bobby continued with the interview and asked Vile about his match for the vacant RCW Heavyweight Championship later in the night. Before Vile could say much, Randy "The King" Allen and The Mastermind made their way to the ring. Vile and Allen argued back and forth about who was going to win the match, until 'Mind interupted them. 'Mind said that he had all the faith in the world in Allen, and he was sure that he was going to win the title, but just in case he had brought a little insurance policy. The match would now be a handicap match, with Vile taking on both Randy "The King" Allen and..."Too Sexy" Sean Casey! Casey came to the ring and began to run down the fans. Before he could say much, RCW Co-Commissioner Dirk Extreme made his way to the ring. Dirk said that he couldn't undo what The 'Mind had already done, but he could try to make things a little more fair. Dirk went on to say that later in the night there would be an Over The Top Battle Royal...and the winner of that match would be entered into the championship match...making it a Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match. After lots of arguing back and forth by all of them, Vile, 'Mind, Allen, & Casey all left the ring. Dirk went on to tell Bobby that he didn't appreciate him taking over The Rock Shop, and that he had a special little surprise for him tonight as well. Dirk said that The Great Meco had came to him earlier in the day and requested a match against "Beautiful" Bobby. Bobby refused, but it was too late, as Meco was already standing behind him in the ring.

"Beautiful" Bobbby L. w/Exotic E. & Angel -vs- The Great Meco: This was one of the wildest matches that I have ever seen. Meco had requested that this be a no-holds barred match, and that is exactly what he got. These two men beat the hell out of each other with everything that they could find under the ring. Bobby was busted open midways through the match, and Meco capitalized on it. The action spilled to the outside...waaaaaaaaaaay outside actually...as the two men fought to the outside of the building. Finally they made their way back to the ring. The end came when Meco went for the Asai Moonsault, but missed. Bobby made his way to his feet and hit Meco with the Edge-O-Matic for the pin-fall victory.

**************************** I N T E R M I S S I O N ****************************

Trik Nasty (c) -vs- "Damn Fine" Jason Taylor w/The Informer & Ivanna B. Eighton: The next match was for the RCW Extreme Championship. Taylor got the mic and said that since he got to pick the rules of the match, he was making it a No D.Q. Falls Count Anywhere Match. Both men went at it with reckless abandon in this one, with the action spilling out of the ring once again. This time they didn't make it out of the building though, and opted to head for the bathroom instead. While fighting in the bathroom, Nasty decided to pull out a few "school boy" tricks and gave Taylor the Swirlee From Hell. The action finally made it back to the ring, and Nasty had the advantage and went for the Nasty Bomb from the top. Informer interjected himself into the match, knocking Nasty from the ropes. Informer then threw a chair in to Taylor and put Nasty in a full-nelson. Taylor started to hit Nasty with the chair, but then changed his mind and went for an elbow to the face instead. Nasty recovered and moved though, causing Taylor to nail The Informer. Taylor was in shock, which gave Trik a chance to hit his finisher and get the victory to retain the RCW Extreme Championship.

Post Match: The Informer & Ivanna jumped in the ring and began to berate Taylor for not using the chair. Taylor shoved The Informer, and it appeared that the two were going to go at it. After a long stare-down, The Informer & Ivanna left together, leaving a angered Taylor standing in the ring.

"Mean" Mark Manson -vs- Zodiac w/The Mastermind: Next up was the debut of yet another International superstar, "Mean" Mark Manson, as he went one on one with The Mastermind's newest find, the maniacal and unorthadox Zodiac. This was a bizzare match, with The 'Mind getting involved several times, and Zodiac having the advatage through most of the match. Zodiac seemed to not want to pin Manson though, opting to inflict more and more pain on the RCW newcomer. In the end, this proved to Zodiac's undoing as Manson seized the opportunity to hit his finisher and picked up a hard fought victory in this one.

Over The Top Rope Battle Royal (to determine the 4th entrant in the RCW Championship Match): Thirteen men in all entered this match. In no paticular order, they were Suicide Kyd, Blizzard, Scab, Travis Lynn, Agent Meltdown, Agent Hileman, "Damn Fine" Jason Taylor, "Mean" Mark Manson, Dirk Extreme, The Zodiac, Great Meco, "Beautiful" Bobby L., & yet another RCW newcomer, Victor Stone. As you can imagine, this was all out pandemonium from the opening bell, with bodies flying everywhere. Fighting erupted on the outside as well, as "Beautiful" Bobby L.'s manager, Exotic E., began attacking Meco in the entrance way after Meco was eliminated. The battle royal finally came down to only two men, Vic Stone and RCW Co-Commish Dirk Extreme. These two fought back and forth for several minutes, with Stone finally being thrown out...over the middle rope. The refs saw Stone hit the floor, and called for the bell. Dirk picks up a very controversial win, and andvaced to the RCW Championship Match in this one.

Vile -vs- Dirk Extreme -vs- Randy "The King" Allen w/The Mastermind -vs- "Too Sexy" Sean Casey w/Fyre: Dirk grabbed the mic and said that he wanted to get this done and over with...he wanted the match to start right now. Allen & Casey hit the ring and took the fight right to Dirk, double-teaming him. Dirk was down, but somehow made a short comeback and actually got the advantage over both men. Vile finally hit the ring, and he and Dirk cleared house. Dirk went after Randy on the outside, as Vile and Casey fought in the ring. Randy got the advantage over Dirk on the outside, and then made it back to the ring where he and Casey got the advantage on Vile. Dirk, who was still on the outside, seemed to snap. He grabbed a chair and slid back into the ring and took out Casey and Randy. For a second it looked like he was getting ready to take out his good friend Vile too...but Vile seized the moment and hit Dirk with The Viledriver to take the first fall of the match. This left Vile all alone in the ring with both members of Team 'Mind, and they wasted no time capitalizing on this fact. Vile was getting double teamed by both heels for a good part of the match, and it appeared that The Big Green Freak was going to be eliminated. Casey went for his patented XXX Kick...but Vile ducked and Casey nailed Randy. Vile rolled on top of The King to get the second fall of the match while a shocked Casey looked on in horror. The odds were evened now, and this became one hell of a back and forth battle between two of the top stars in independent wrestling today. Neither man could get a clear cut advantage over the other, and each man reached deep down into their arsenal of moves to hot each other with everything that they had...and still couldn't get a pin-fall. In the end, Vile hit a picture perfect Spear on "Too Sexy" Sean Casey and gets the pin-fall victory to become the New RCW Heavyweight Champion!