RCW: Injection - May 23, 2003 - West Union, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 05/26/2003

Fans, this past Friday night Revolutionary Championship Wrestling kicked off our Summer tour in a big way, as we presented RCW: Injection to a rowdy crowd in West Union, Ohio. There was a lot of hype leading up tp this show, and as almost every fan in attendance can tell you, the RCW exceeded all ecpectations at Injection! If you didn't make it out to the show, this is what you missed...

The night started out with what would turn out to be the wildest edition of Dude Rock's Rock Shop ever. Dude came to the ring to a huge ovation from his "Little Rockers" in the crowd. He went on to talk about his special guest for the Rock Shop, Dirk Extreme, and called him to the ring. At that point, RCW Commissioner The Mastermind's music hit, and out came The 'Mind with Rnady "The King" Allen, Agent Meltdown, & Agent Hileman. 'Mind got the mic and said that tonight was his night. He said that he had given Dregen, the RCW Champion, the night off and that he also intended for himself or one of his men to walk out with the Extreme Championship tonight. He went on to address The Outlawz situation, and told the fans that they would never see The Outlawz in the RCW ring again. At that moment, "Damn Fine" Jason Taylor & his valet Ivanna B. Eighton made their way to the ring. Taylor told The 'Mind that he had been sent by The Informer to give The 'Mind some very troubling information...the RCW Board of Directors had named a new Commissioner. 'Mind went ballistic! Dirk Extreme's music hit, and out came Dirk...in a suit! 'Mind told Dirk that there was no way in hell he could be fired...he had an iron-clad contract that was given to him by The Phoenix back in November. Dirk said that The 'Mind was right...but the Board of Directors had decided that because 'Mind was so biased in some of his decisions...they were appointing a Co-Commissioner to balance the power. That Co-Commissioner is...Dirk Extreme! Dirk went on to tell Damn Fine that he had better get to the back to prepare for his Russian Chain Match against Vile, because he was making it a #1 Contenders Match for Dregen's RCW Championship. Dirk then turned his attention to The 'Mind's stable. He said that since The Outlawz weren't there, and Agent Hileman & Agent Meltdown didn't have opponents...they would now wrestle each other. He also said that Dregen would be required to defend his championship or he would be stripped of it. 'Mind reminded Dirk that Dregen wasn't even in the building...hell, he wasn't even in the country...so there was no way he could defend his title tonight. Dirk said there would be a title defense...and then said that he would let Randy "The King" Allen defend the title for Dregen...and his opponent would be hometown favorite, "The All American" Shawn Parks! Allen and Dirk argued...and finally The 'Mind, appologizing profusely to his men, asked them to go to the back and get ready for their matches. As Dirk and The 'Mind continued to argue...Syren's music hit. The lovely Syren came to the ring and said that she wanted to be in the Extreme Championship Battle Royal tonight, and that she was as tough and as extreme as any man in RCW. 'Mind took exception to this, and ask her if she was saying that she could beat any man in RCW. She said hell yes! 'Mind said he would make her a deal...she could pick any man on the RCW roster, and if she could beat him in a match, then she could be in the Extreme Rumble. Dirk pulled Syren off to the side and whispered something to her. Syren smiled, and then said she had decided who she wanted to face...The Mastermind! 'Mind said he wasn't a wrestler...but Dirk said that due to the fact that The 'Mind had entered himself into the Rumble, that in fact made him a wrestler, and that if he refused to wrestle Syren...he would be fired! 'Mind agreed...but said that he would have a special surprise for the beautiful grappler when it came time for their match. Syren left the ring. 'Mind started to leave, but Dirk stoped him. Dirk said that he and The 'Mind don't see eye to eye on much...but on one thing they do...The Outlawz would never be seen in the RCW ring again. 'Mind left the ring...and Dirk said that it was time to get this show started. "Beautiful" Bobby L.'s music hit. Bobby came to the ring and said that he wanted a rematch with Dirk tonight, due to the fact that Dirk got a "fluke win" over him at the last event. Dirk explained that his ankle was still injured...so there was no way he could wrestle. Dude Rock decided it was time to take back control of his segment, so he grabbed the mic from Bobby and said that if it was a match that he wanted, he didn't have an opponent tonight either...so he would take him on. With that being said...we finally had our first match of the night.

Dude Rock" -vs- Beautiful" Bobby L. - Fans, this was the match that you would expect from these two. Neither of these men are willing to back down from a fight, which was quite apparent from this match, as they went after each other from the opening bell. The fans were solidly behind Dude Rock in this one, and kept chanting "Barbie" to an irate "Beautiful" Bobby. Good back and forth battle with "Beautiful" Bobby L. barely getting a very controversial victory over Dude Rock. Dude went for the People's Leg Drop and was hit with a low-blow by Bobby, allowing him to hit the Edge-O-Matic for the win.

Agent Meltdown -vs- Agent Hileman - These two were not happy to be facing each other in the ring...and it showed. Both of these guys are big and violent...and although they consider each other "friends"...they took their aggressions out on each other in this match. In the end, Agent Meltdown hit the Kryptonite Crunch to get the pinfall victory. The men stared each other down, then shook hands and started to leave together. At that moment, The Mastermind's music hit and out came The 'Mind with Randy "The King" Allen & Ivanna B. Eighton.

The Mastermind -vs- Syren - 'Mind appointed Meltdown as special ring announcer, Hileman as special time-keeper, and Allen as special referee for the match, bascially stacking the deck in his favor. Syren got the early advantage in the match, but 'Mind rolled out and then pulled her to the outside where Ivanna & The MiB's worked her over. They rolled her back in, and 'Mind took control. He went for a Bronco Buster, but Syren moved, then hit a Bronco Buster of her own on The 'Mind. Syren had control again, but 'Mind raked her eyes and threw her to the outside where his stable worked her over again. Out came Dirk...who took out both MiB's and Allen with a chair. Syren slid back in and hit a neck breaker to get the 1-2-3 victory with Dirk making the count.

Post Match: 'Mind got the mic and said that he would live up to his end of the bargain...he would allow Syren into the battle royal...hell, he'd even be a gentleman and let her go first! He said that seeing how Dirk saw fit to put him in this match, and then interfere in it, he was making him the second entrant...and that if the two refused to fight each other...he would make sure they were both fired.

Vile -vs- "Damn Fine" Jason Taylor - All the action and excitement that you would expect from these two, as they fought for the #1 Contedership to the title in a Russian Chain Match. Fans, this was one rough match, with these two awesome warriors beating the hell out of each other with a huge chain that connected them around their necks. Ivanna tried to interject herself in this match as well, but she got nailed with the chain as well. In the end, Vile's brute strength won out over Damn Fine's technical finese. Vile hit the VileDriver to get a very hard fought victory in this one, and move on to face the RCW Champion at the next show.


"All American" Shawn Parks -vs- Randy "The King" Allen - Allen was under extreme pressure going into this one. Afterall, he was defending the title for the meanest Frenchman in the business, Dregen. Parks was the decided favorite in this one, as it was his hometown fans that he was wrestling in front of...and they were very vocal about their respect and admiration for The All American. Great back and forth match-up in this one, as neither man could get a clear cut advantage. Parks came out on top in the begining, but Allen was right back on top just a few seconds later, and got the advantage. The ref got knocked down and Allen held Parks in a full-nelson and called for The Mastermind to attack him with the cane. Vile slid into the ring and took the cane from The 'Mind, throwing him back into the corner and threatening him with it. Parks broke lose and hit the Whirl War 3 on Allen. Parks tapped Vile on the shoulder...Vile swung around thinking it was Allen and nailed Parks with the cane! 'Mind dropped to his knees and hit Vile with a low-blow, then rolled Allen on top of Parks and revived the ref. Randy "The King" Allen picks up a very controversial win in this one to retain the RCW Heavyweight Championship for Dregen.

Post Match: The King & The 'Mind grabbed the championship belt and got the hell out of there before Parks & Vile could recover and come after them. Parks and Vile came face to face...and almost went at it themselves. Major shoving took place between the two before they left the ring. It appears that there is some bad blood brewing between these two fan favorites.

Extreme Championship Battle Royal - Fans, I've seen battle royals before...but this one was off the charts! This started out with 20 of the best wrestlers in the tri-state area and by the time it got to the Final Four...the fans were on the edge of their seats in anticipation. The original 20, in order (I hope), were as follows...

Dirk Extreme
Randy "The King" Allen
The Mastermind
Travis Lynn
Pele (Lords of the Dance)
Agent Meltdown
Sancho (Lords of the Dance)
Agent Hileman
Nick Wrath
"Beautiful" Bobby L.
The Great Mecco
Ace Gigolo
"All American" Shawn Parks
Dude Rock
Trik Nasty
Al B. Damm
"Damn Fine" Jason Taylor
Average White Guy

Order of Elimination - Yeah, right! Fans, there were bodies flying everywhere, and though I tried to keep track of who went out when and by who...it was virtually impossible. I can tell you this much, in the end it finally came down to four men...Dude Rock, Al B. Damm, Trik Nasty, and Randy "The King" Allen...and we were on our way to the Final Four Elimination Match.

Final Four Elimination Match - Trik went after Al B., Randy went after Trik, and Dude went after everyone! The crowd was going wild! Trik and Al B. finally squared off and Randy got the advantage over Dude. Dude was down, and Randy hit the Royal Decree from the top rope to get the pinfall victory and eliminate Dude Rock. Dude then rolled to the outside, where he was attacked by The 'Mind. Dude shook it off in classic Dude Rock fashion and grabbed the freaky little manager and threw him into the wall. The last we saw of either of them, Dude was kicking The 'Mind's ass out the door of the building.

Three-Way Dance w/ Submission Rules - Trik got the worst end of things after this, as Randy and Al went to work on him. Trik was thrown to the outside and the ref went to check on him. Randy went to work on Al and was getting ready to hit the Rocker Dropper...when the most bizzare turn of the night took place. Ring announcer Eric Horsley grabbed The King's leg, knocking him to the mat, which gave Al a chance to slap on a submission move. Eric put the mic close to the mat and tapped his own hand against it. The ref, hearing this, thought that Randy had tapped out...and eliminated him from the match. Randy went after Eric...and to be quite honest, I have no idea what happened with them after that point. From my vantage point, I lost sight of both of them.

T.L.C. for the Extreme Championship - Fans, keep in mind that as this point in the match, both of these men had been going non-stop for well over a half hour. Did that slow them down? Nope! These two pulled out every weapon...every high-flying move...and all the stops...and neither man could get a clear cut advantage over the other. Tables were used...ladders where used...chairs were used...they fought into the crowd...this was Trik Nasty and Al B. Damm like you have never seen them before! By this time, Eric had returned to the arena, and Dirk was in hot pursuit of him this time. The two had a verbal confrontation...that ended in something that I have never seen before...Dirk Extreme left speechless! The action continued in the ring, and Trik had finally gained the advantage after a death-defying jump from the top of the ladder. Trik rolled Al onto the fallen ladder and went to the top and hit the Nasty Bomb! Ref makes the three-count and Trik Nasty is crowned the first ever RCW Extreme Champion!

Post Match: Dirk Extreme came into the ring and awarded Trik the championship belt as Al B. rolled to the outside to be consoled by Eric. Eric got the mic and said that he was tired of being "just a ring announcer" and that from this point on, he was Al B.'s agent. Al B. challenged Trik for a rematch for the title at the next event, and Trik accepted.

Fans, as you can see, this was one helluva an event. And trust me when I say this...the write up does not do it justice. RCW: Injection was action packed from start to finish...and this was only the begining. Keep your internet browser set right here to RCWOnline.com because we will be making some very exciting announcements in the coming says concerning two huge upcoming events!