RCW's "50TH EVENT" - September 1st, 2007
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 9/2/2007

RCW's 50th Event is now in the history books. What a great night of wrestling action!!!! Surprises, drama, betrayals, .....and singing....RCW's 50th Event had it all. If you were unable to attend last night in Jackson, here's what you missed:


First up for the night would be Weapons of Mass Destruction member Wes Cannon taking on the returning "Livewire" Chris Smith. Ranger Bob stuck his nose into the match but that wasn't going to phase Smith. After years of being a non-active wrestler..."The Livewire" showed Jackson that he still has it. Cannon missed a splash and Smith hit one of his own for the win. After the bout Ranger Bob and Wes Cannon tried to do damage to Smith but Randy Allen made the save. Tyson Rogers made his way to ringside but didn't want any part of "The King" until later in the night.

Hollie Wood awarded The Juggulator his Injection 5 prize money (reduced to only $500 after fines issued to he and Judas). Juggulator went on to announce that he would pick a match for the RCW WORLD TAGTEAM TITLES at FULL CIRCLE 5 in December. He and Judas against the Champions (Currently Flash Fury & Nikki Tyler). The match will be a TAGTEAM CASKET MATCH! From this point on Juggulator and Judas Thorn will be known as GODS. Aaron Draven appeared and warned Judas of The Juggulator. Juggulator in the end always looks out for himself. To further prove his point... Draven brought out his mystery partner and former partner of The Juggulator JD SANTOS.

After a brutal high-flying/hard hitting encounter, GODS defeated JD Santos and Aaron Draven after JD was knocked from the ring.... The Juggulator hit his sit down slam on draven as Judas squashed him with the Vader Bomb.

The Loony Commissioner and Exotic E came to the ring to discuss the rumors that The Commish might be corrupt. Horton denied the allegations of being affiliated with IOU. Exotic E warned the Commissioner that any wrong doing will be dealt with by The Board of Directors. Horton also stated that the RCW WORLD TITLE match later between Trik Nasty and Tank Runyon would have a Special Guest Referee to make sure things get called down the middle. On the way out Loony had words with Onyx.

Nikki Tyler & Flash Fury retained the RCW WORLD TAGTEAM TITLES against ONYX & RICOCHET (w/ The Mastermind). The crowd was divided in this one as we had chants going for both teams. Fury and Tyler refused to stay down as Ricochet & Onyx punished them with power. Onyx became frustrated. So frustrated in fact that he grabbed a chair to finish the job. Ricochet and The Mastermind tried to stop him but the pleas from the fans are what changed the mind of Onyx. After disposing of the chair, Onyx was caught off guard and pinned by the Champions.

The Loony Commissioner came to ringside once again and stated that C.O. Hustler had refused to wrestle in Jackson. Saying that the people there were beneath him. "American Idol" Dirk Extreme would now defend his title in a Triple Threat Match against Ace Gigolo and Chuck Chronic. "The American Idol" wowed the crowd while insulting Ace Gigolo and Trik Nasty (in Gigolo's corner) with Poison's "Talk Dirty To Me". Extreme and Chronic went after Ace in the beginning but it was of course every man for himself. Ace Gigolo went for the recently injured hand of Chuck Chronic. With Referee, John Ruben not looking...Trik Nasty bashed a steel chair across the hand of Chronic possible re breaking it. Nadja (in Chronic's corner) rushed to the back to get help. After looking at the wrist The Commissioner ordered Chronic out of the match. The match was left to Ace Gigolo and Dirk Extreme. Extreme hit a leg drop for what most would thought would be the win but Gigolo kicked out. Gigolo wrapped Extreme in the Crossface but Extreme fought out of it and rolled Gigolo up for the win. Nasty & Gigolo immediately blindsided The American Idol. Tank Runyon came to Dirk's rescue. The Loony Commissioner said that Tank Runyon's match against Trik Nasty would have IOU banned from ringside....and now not only have a Special Guest Referee but a Special Guest Ring Enforcer as well. We would all have to wait to find out.

Tyson Rogers with help from Ranger Bob and Wes Cannon defeated Randy "The King" Allen. Chris Smith was at ringside in Allen's corner and was goaded by Cannon. The Referee was distracted allowing Ranger Bob to help Tyson Rogers capitalize on Allen and get the win. After the match Allen and Smith were irate. They challenged The duo to a tagteam match RIGHT NOW. A challenge that would not be answered as Cannon & Rogers with Ranger Bob exited Jackson in a hurry.

This would be Tank Runyon's last time to go after the RCW WORLD TITLE against Trik Nasty. The Loony Commissioner, Mike Horton, appointed himself the Special Guest Referee. He also brought out ONYX as the Special Ring Enforcer. Ace Gigolo tried to come out with Nasty but Onyx sent him to the back. In the opening seconds of the match it seemed that Trik Nasty suffered a knee injury. He could not continue. Ace Gigolo came out to the ring and asked to take Trik's place. Horton agreed to this. Nasty stayed at ringside with Onyx keeping a close eye. At one point Onyx literally picked up the champion and place him in a seat. Ace Gigolo was still worn from his previous match but managed to put a beating on Tank Runyon. Tank however was determined to win the RCW WORLD TITLE. Everything was coming together for Tank until Ace Gigolo deliberately rammed Runyon into Referee/Commissioner Horton. Gigolo went for a chair...Onyx entered the ring and took it from him. Tank grabbed Ace and plowed him into the mat but with no referee to make the count the pin was useless. Onyx told Tank to wake the ref and he would keep an eye on Trik. Tank Runyon turned back around to get a spinebuster of severe proportions. Ace Gigolo covered Tank Runyon as The Commissioner woke up to make the 3 count. Ace Gigolo retained the RCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE for Trik Nasty. The trio began attacking Runyon after the match when "American Idol" Dirk Extreme rushed the ring to protect Runyon. It was still 3 on 2 and IOU looked like vulchers circling their prey. Out of nowhere Randy Allen, Chris Smith, Chuck Chronic, and Nikki Tyler stormed the ring because they had seem enough. The Loony Commissioner was getting the 5th degree from the fans and wrestlers alike when Runyon finally had enough and knocked Horton cold with one solid punch to the jaw. Tank challenged IOU to a tagteam match at St. Mary's International Festival on Sept. 15th against himself along with Dirk Extreme. Challenge accepted but which IOU members will be wrestling? What is the extent of Trik Nasty's knee injury? Is Loony really with IOU? RCW's 50th Event unraveled into maze of mysteries that will hopefully be answered on September 15th.