RCW: Hail to the King - February 8, 2003 - Portsmouth, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 02/11/2003

RCW:Hail to the King
Saturday February 08, 2003
@The James A. Rhoades Athletic Center
Portsmouth, Ohio

Fans, this past Saturday night RCW made it's triumphant debut in Portsmouth, Ohio at the James A. Rhoades Athletic Center on the SSU campus. If you weren't there, you missed the crowning of the first ever RCW Heavyweight Champion, the return to Southern Ohio by several former local superstars, the debut of several up and coming superstars, and of course, the RCW debut of WWE superstar Jerry "The King" Lawler. All that and a whole lot more went down this past Saturday night. Read on for the full results from this amazing event...

Jeremy Maddrox defeated Mace Parker and "Awesome" Aaron Andrews in a wild 3-Way Extreme Match.

Randy "The King" Allen, with The Mastermind, came to the ring and annunced that Jerry "The King" Lawler wasn't there...which turned out to be a lie. Lawler came to the ring and the two "King's" exchanged insults. "Too Sexy" Sean Casey and "Too Bad" Chad Allegra came to the ring to attack Lawler, but Lawler got out of the ring and announced that he too had some friends to watch his back...The Outlawz. "Livewire" Chris Smith and "Heartbreaker" Jay Vastine came to the ring. Mastermind got a mic and challeneged The Outlawz and Lalwer to a 6-Man Elimination match later in the night.

In the first round of the RCW Championship Tournament, Vile defeated "Too Fine" Jason Taylor via pinfall after the Viledriver, despite repeated interference by The Informer.

In another first round tournament match, Dirk Extreme defeated Bobby L., with Angel, despite suffering a serious ankle injury in the opening of the match.

Dregen, with Sin-D, came to the ring for his first round match-up. The Mastermind came out and told Dregen that due to an elbow injury, his opponent would not be able to make it tonight. Dregen said that he wanted to be fair about it and give any other superstar in the back a chance to take his opponents place. Ref started the 10-count....and out came Dude Rock with Capt. Kevin.

Dregen defeated Dude Rock, after Capt. Kevin "accidently" shoved Dude. Post match, Jay Donaldson and Ace Gigilo came to the ring. Dude stepped in front of Capt. Kevin as if trying to protect him. Kevin turned on Dude, clotheslining him from behind. Donaldson, Gigilo, and The Capatain then beat down Dude Rock before leaving the ring.

Syren -vs- Sin-D was ruled a no-contest after the ref was knocked down and Peaches came to the ring in a ref shirt, apparently to make the count for Syren. Peaches counted 1...2...then flipped Syren off and proceeded to beat the hell out of her. After the match, Peaches got the mic and said that Syren may have took her place on the roster...but that was about to change. Peaches helped Sin-D to her feet and they left the ring together.

In another of the first round tournament matches, Average White Guy defeated Jay Donaldson with Capt. Kevin, despite continued interference from The Captain.

In the second round of the tournament, Vile defeated Average White Guy to advance to the finals. Post match, "Too Fine" Jason Taylor and The Informer attacked Vile in the entrance-way, apparently breaking his ribs with a chair.

Dregen, with Sin-D, defeated Dirk Extreme via count-out to advance to the finals of championship tournament, when The Mastermind and Randy "The King" Allen attacked Dirk before the match even started. Randy put Dirk in the Figure-Four as The Mastermind went to the ring to congratulate Dregen on his "victory". Dregen took the mic and said that he wanted the big green freak Vile right now....and Vile obliged him.

Dregen, with Sin-D & The Mastermind, defeated Vile to become the first ever RCW Heavyweight Champion. Despite his severley injured (broken?) ribs, Vile managed to hit the Viledriver on Dregen. Mastermind and Sin-D jumped the ring, and Vile went after The 'Mind. 'Mind grabbed Sin-D and threw her into Vile. Vile hit the Viledriver on Sin-D...but by that time Dregen had made it to his feet and cracked Vile with The Mastermind's cane to pick up the pinfall victory. Dregen grabbed the championship and he and The 'Mind took off, leaving Sin-D laying in the ring.

After the match, Mastermind returned to the ring and called out B.J. Cantrell, who was at the event working as an EMT. The 'Mind demanded that Cantrell apologize to him for heckeling him during the previous match. Cantrell refused...and was attacked by The 'Mind's personal security force, Meltdown and A-Bomb. Cantrell was out-numbered until The Outlawz ran to the ring and made the save. Cantrell, Vastine, and Smith cleared the ring...with Cantrell hitting A-Bomb with one of the most devestating spears that you have ever seen.

Jerry "The King" Lawler, "Livewire" Chris Smith, & "Heartbreaker" Jay Vastine, with Mary Jo, defeated Randy "The King" Allen, "Too Sexy" Sean Casey, & "Too Bad" Chad Allegra, with The Mastermind & Ivanna B. Eighton. Before the match got started, Ivanna was coming on to Lawler, which angered Lawler's valet, Mary Jo. Ivanna and Mary Jo got into a cat-fight in the middle of the ring and had to be seperated....twice...but not before ripping each others clothes nearly off! All I have to say about that is...WOW! From there, the match finally got started and all six men showed why they are considered the best in the business. Allegra was the first to be eliminated by Vastine. Vastine was then eliminated by Allen. From there, Smith and Casey went at it...with Casey eventually eliminating Smith. This left Lawler against Casey and Allen....which was not good odds. Lawler held his own though and eventually eliminated Casey. Randy Allen grabbed the mic and said that he didn't need to prove anything...he was leaving. The fans at ringside closed off the entrance way so Allen and The 'Mind couldn't get away. They finally pushed through the crowd...but then were met by The Outlawz, who ran Randy back to the ring. Once back inside, Lawler hit Allen with his patented pile-driver for the 1-2-3 victory.