RCW: The Gathering - November 29, 2002 - West Union, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 12/27/2002

RCW:The Gathering
Friday November 29, 2002
@The Adams County Fairgrounds
West Union, Ohio

Fans, this past Friday night Revolutionary Championship Wrestling kicked off our very first show in a very big way! RCW:The Gathering was witnessed by a near capacity crowd at the Adams County Fairgrounds in West Union, Ohio...and was one of the most action packed, hard hitting, most entertaining shows that I can ever remember. If you weren't in attendance, here's what you missed...

Opening Segment: The night started out with Dirk Extreme making his way to the ring to welcome all of the fans to The Gathering. Dirk had a list of the scheduled matches and was reading them off to the fans when he noticed that his scheduled match against Beautiful Bobby L. had been changed, and he was now listed as facing a mystery opponent. He told the crowd that this must be a typo. At that moment, The Mastermind's music hit, and out came the self-proclaimed "manager of champions". Mastermind took the microphone from Dirk...which didn't set well...and Dirk attacked The Mastermind, backing him into the corner and choking him. The 'Mind told Dirk that he had better reconsider his actions, because he had some shocking news for him. Dirk let The Mastermind out of the corner, and The 'Mind preceeded to tell him that as of Noon Friday, the mystery "financial backer" of the RCW had named him (The 'Mind) as the new Commissioner of RCW. Dirk, as well as most of the fans in attendance, looked quite disgusted at this announcement. The 'Mind continued by telling Dirk to go to the back and get his gear on...because he would be facing an opponent of The Mastermind's choice later in the night.

From there, The Mastermind introduced the lovely Sin-D to the crowd. Mastermind told Sin-D that due to a wrist injury that Peaches had suffered the night before, she would not be able to make it to the show tonight, and that there was no one else that he could put Sin-D against in a match. Sin-D took the microphone and said that Peaches wasn't injured, she was just scared to get in the ring with her...just like every other woman in the world was. Sin-D said that none of the women in the audience had guts enough to get in the ring with her...but all of the sudden, a girl in the crowd stood up and said that she wanted a shot at taking Sin-D down! Sin-D and the fan argued back and forth, with the fan removing her hooded sweatshirt and glasses to reveal herself as up & coming lady grappler Syren! Sin-D accepted the challenge...and we had our first match of the night underway.

Sin-D -vs- Syren: Fans, these two women proved that the ladies can go just as well as the guys can! They tore into each other from the opening bell...with both of them giving there all. Several momentum changes in this match, with both women taking the advantage at different points in the match. It was a great showing by both ladies, but in the end, Syren hit Sin-D with the Stratusfaction to get the win. Sin-D was irate at losing to the rookie Syren, so you can bet that this feud is far from being over.

The Rawk Shop: Next up, Dude Rock, along with his D.J. Capt. Kevin, debuted his new talk segement called The Rawk Shop. His first guests were the cocky and arrogant "Too Fine" Jason Taylor and his manager Ivanna. "Too Fine" started out the interview by talking about himself (big surprise) and saying that Dude Rock was not even worthy to be in the ring with him. Dude Rock reminded Too Fine that less then a year ago, he had won a Battle Royal in West Union by throwing Too Fine over the top-rope...and he'd be glad to do it again tonight. What followed was one of the most bizarre back and forth verbal battles in the history of wrestling, as Dude Rock ended it up with "Double Dip Chcolate Chip, Did Too Beat You".

Mastermind's music hit again, and The Mastermind and The Informer made their way to the ring. The 'Mind told them both to quit their petty arguing, he had a better idea. He asked them both if they would like to get a shot to be in the RCW Heavyweight Championship Tournament by facing each other. Too Fine said yes...so did Dude Rock, under one condition, he wanted it to be Rock N' Roll rules. The Mastermind said that was fine with him...and we had our second match of the night underway.

Dude Rock w/ Capt. Kevin -vs- "Too Fine" Jason Taylor w/ Ivanna: Rock N' Roll rules definitely applied to this match, as both men beat the hell out of each other with everything in sight. This was a great back and forth match, with Too Fine getting the early advantage and taking the fight to Dude Rock. Dude eventually rolled outside, and pulled an arsenal of trash cans, stop signs, cookie sheets, and other items from under the ring. Both men beat each other relentlessly with the objects, until Too Fine put Dude through a table on the outside. Too Fine then threw Dude back in the ring, went to the top rope and hit the "Fine-Star Frog Splash" on Dude for the pinfall victory.

Beautiful Bobby L. & Meltdown w/ Angel -vs- Jay Donaldson & Average White Guy: Tag-team action was next, as we saw the long time team of Bobby & Meltdown go toe-to-toe with the newly formed team of Donaldson & Average White Guy. This was one hot match, with both teams making numerous tags in and out of the ring. The crowd was solidly behind the team of Donaldson & AWG, but it seemed that there was a lack of communication between the two grapplers towards the end of the match. In the end, Beautiful Bobby picks up the pinfall over Average White Guy to get the win for his team.

Post Match: Donaldson helped Average White Guy to his feet...and then proceeded to attack him before leaving the ring.

Dirk Extreme -vs- The Mastermind's Surprise: Dirk made his way to the ring first to a huge ovation from the near capacity crowd. From there, The Mastermind's music hit...and he came out to announce Dirk's opponent...Randy "The King" Allen. Randy got the microphone and told the crowd that he had spent way too many years pandering to the fans, signing autographs, and playing the "good guy"...and that now it was time to let the real "King" shine through again!

This was one of the hottest matches of the night, with both men tearing into each other from the opening bell...and not letting up until the end of the match. Randy got the early advantage, taking Dirk to the corner and hitting him with a few of his trademark knife-edge chops. Dirk reversed it though, and gave The King a few chops of his own. The crowd went wild! The match continued with both men getting the advantage several times...but neither man being able to get the pinfall. The King finally got the advantage and locked Dirk into another of his trademark moves...the figure-four leglock! Dirk looked as if the pain was unbearable and he was going to be forced to tap out...but instead, he done what I have only seen done very few times before...he reversed the hold! The King made it to the ropes and referee Stevie T. made Dirk break the hold. The match continued and The King once again gained the advantage and hit the Rocker Dropper onto Dirk. From there, Randy went to the top and hit The Royal Decree (Elbow Drop) to pick up the pinfall victory in this one.

Post Match: The Mastermind told The King to "finish the job", so Randy got a chair and began to beat the hell out of Dirk Extreme. The referee freaked out, and told ring announcer Eric Horsley to reverese the decision...he was giving the win to Dirk Extreme due to excessive violence after the bell. This only angered The King, who then proceeded to viciously beat Extreme with the chair. All of thge sudden, from out of nowhere (well, out of the crowd actually) came The Outlawz..."Heartbreaker" Jay Vastine & "Livewire" Chris Smith! The Outlawz made the save, and was putting a beating on The King...until The Mastermind got the microphone and told security to get them out of the ring...because they were not under RCW contract, and he wasn't going to have them ruining an RCW show for their own personal amusement. Security came to the ring and escorted The Outlawz out of the building...but not before Vastine broke free and chased The Mastermind out of the building as well.

Vile -vs- Zodiac: Fans, this was without a doubt the hardest hitting match of the night. Both of these guys are big, mean, and very unorthodox...and it showed in this match. Both men pulled out all of their big power moves in this one, as well as a little high-flying from The Big Green Freak, Vile, but neither man could get enough of an advantage on the other to get th win. In the end, Vile showed his massive strength by pressing the nearly 230 lbs. Zodiac over his head...and hitting him with The Vile Driver! A very strong showing by both participants, but in the end, Vile picks up a very impressive win in this one.

"Wildcat" Chris Harris -vs- Dregen w/ Sin-D & The Mastermind: As expected, this was one of the best matches of the night. Both of these men are top-notch competitors, and it showed in this match as they put on a clinic of wrestling moves for the near capacity crowd in West Union. Wildcat got the early advantage in this one, taking Dregen to the mat with an armbar. Dregen made it to his feet and took the fight to Wildcat, using every underhanded trick in the book to keep the advantage on his side. Wildcat recovered and threw Dregen to the outside, where the two men fought. Once the two grapplers made it back in the ring, Sin-D distracted the ref long enough for The Mastermind to throw his cane into the ring. Dregen nailed Wildcat with the cane and went for the cover...but Wildcat kicked out. Dregen went berserk and tried to nail Wildcat with the cane again, but 'Cat ducked the cane shot and took Dregen to the mat. 'Cat went for the cover, but Sin-D and The Mastermind popped up on opposite sides of the ring and distracted both Wildcat and the ref. 'Cat went after Sin-D, pulling her into the ring and then went after The Mastermind, clotheslining him off the edge of the ring. The ref went to check on The 'Mind, and that gave Sin-D time to set a chair up in the corner. Dregen whipped 'Cat into the chair and then hit him with The Speed of Pain to pick up a very controversial win in this match.

"All American" Shawn Parks -vs- "Too Bad" Chad Allegra w/ The Informer, The Mastermind, & The Lords of the Dance: Allegra came to the ring with an entire entourage. Mastermind got the microphone and explained that this was due to the fact that The All American was a "hometown hero" in West Union, and that everyone was out there to make sure none of the crowd got too rowdy while Allegra was destroying their hero. The All American then came to the ring, and the crowd went wild. These two young lions locked up before the bell and took the fight to each other. All American got the early advantage, but Allegra made a quick get-away to the outside. Allegra rolled back in the ring, and The All American was on the attack again. Once again, Allegra made his escape to the outside, but this time, All American followed. All American chased Allegra around the ring, but Mastermind was hiding behind the ring-post and clotheslined Parks with his cane as he came around the corner. Allegra threw Parks back into the ring and kept him on the mat with a submission move. Parks would not give up...and finally made his way to his feet. From their, the match got very hot with both men pulling off several high impact moves. All American hit a picture perfect missile dropkick on Allegra and was going for the pin. Mastermind jumped onto the ring apron, and Parks went after him. Allegra got to his feet, and hit Parks with a Tilt-A-Whirl Slam, and went for the pin. From the back came "Wildcat" Chris Harris...evidently to make sure that The Mastermind's interferce didn't cost another superstar a hard-fought win. 'Cat went after Mastermind, and Allegra got distracted by Wildcat and broke the count. Mastermind pulled The Lords of the Dance in between him and 'Cat and told them to "get him"! 'Cat smiled, and The Lords turned around and went after The Mastermind instead. Lords then ripped off their masks to reveal...THE OUTLAWZ!! Both Outlawz attacked The Mastermind, knocking him out with a chair. Back in the ring, Allegra was freaking out and was getting ready to go help the fallen 'Mind. Parks had recovered and made it to his feet. Parks cut Allegra off before he could get out of the ring, and hit him with the Whirl War 3 to overcome the odds and pick up a very hard-fought victory in this one.

Post Match: As Wildcat and The Outlawz rolled into the ring to celebrate with The All American, Allegra and The Informer helped The Mastermind to his feet. Mastermind got the mic and told The Outlawz that he had thrown them out once...and he could do it again! He called for security, who were on their way to the ring. "Livewire" Chris Smith called for a microphone, and The Mastermind waved security off saying that he wanted to hear what The Outlawz had to say. As Allegra, The Informer, & The Mastermind looked on in horror, Smith finally made the announcement that the fans in West Union were waiting to hear...The Outlawz had just signed with RCW! That's right fans..."Heartbreaker" Jay Vastine & "Livewire" Chris Smith have joined the revolution!!

From there, as the crowd chanted R-C-W...R-C-W....ring announcer Eric Horsley thanked the fans for coming out to RCW:The Gathering and wished everyone a safe trip home.

As you can tell fans, this was one great night of action. But guess what? You haven't seen nothing yet!! Keep checking back right here at RCWOnline.com for all the latest news on when and where you will get the chance to catch Revolutionary Championship Wrestling in action in the coming weeks.