Relentless - Issue #4
Column by: The Prisoner on 02/24/2004

Oh my GOD!!!!!! Yes, it is I the Prisoner with a new column. One might think that the Informer and I are one in the same by the duration between
columns but the truth is quite simple really. We are just lazy sometimes. Not to mention, yours truly was no longer sure if he still had a position in RCW after Chris Smith was appointed Commissioner. After all, the RELENTLESS column was one of the main voices speaking out against Off The Hook and Smith. You remember OTH, don’t you? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Well, I am happy to say that other management in RCW (higher than Mr. Smith) have assured me that there is still a place for my views. I was also assured that I would not be censored. So with that said……

I hope everyone is as anxious as I am about The Mastermind’s special announcement. One has to wonder what it could be. Mastermind has never
let us down with one of his “surprises”, so this has me quite intrigued to say the least. The former Commissioner has purchased some mic time at the March 13th show. Does it pertain to Commissioner Smith? A new RCW superstar? Maybe “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton himself? One thing is for sure and that is whatever it is means trouble for someone and that’s just the
way I like long as that someone isn’t me.

Looks like new Commissioner, Chris Smith, wasn’t greeted with open arms by the RCW locker room nor by some of the fans. Gee, I wonder why. Let’s see...Smith walked out on RCW and RCW fans once before. Smith had plans to put RCW out of business with OTH. Smith is brought back to RCW to be Commissioner (only GOD knows why) while also costing a great team, EXCALIBUR, their tagteam titles. Smith goes power hungry and starts making matches putting his enemies in strap matches. Mastermind doesn’t sound so bad after all. Mind and Excalibur may hold a little blame in the position that Smith has weaseled into. Flash back to Tagteam Genesis. Mind, Extreme, and Allen thought they had implemented a diabolical plan to bring the Outlawz back into RCW just to squash there aura and send them
packing quickly. It didn’t quite work out that way and in my eyes they hold a little responsibility in letting the devil back in for dinner.

Speaking of the Outlawz. “Attitude” Andy Runyon will be making his RCW in ring debut against his very own nephew, TANK. That is if you don’t count him knocking Dirk out at the last show with a right hand from hell or the screw job he performed on Tank costing him the Extreme Title. Andy Runyon of course was the force behind those 3 initials that those around here do
not speak of...the S.W.F. There I said it. Tank has been complaining for years that his uncle held him back in the SWF. That Andy actually
feared what Tank could become. Tank hit the Indy circuit and RCW after the SWF folded and became a ruthless monster. Now as part of Excalibur, Tank wants to be the one to put Andy out of the wrestling business permanently. I personally hope he does it.

How angry are the Angry Black Men. So angry that not even I am going to talk smack about them. Dangerous Damien Kass and C.O. Hustla are two of the most feared individuals in the RCW locker room. Their only friend is the giant known as Tommy Chill. When they walk into a crowded room a path forms and a hush of silence emanates. The clowns known as The Rydas are
in for a rude awakening. I predict that The Rydas will no longer be champs or possibly not even part of the living come after March 13th.

Did anyone catch Max Power’s TNA debut? I guess a better question may be does anyone catch TNA (come ‘on your fixed satellite cards don’t count
ladies and gentlemen, when was the last time you paid for it)? Regardless it still shows that RCW has some of the most elite wrestlers when you have a promotion like TNA picking up some of your talent now and then. Power is most certainly one of the elite. After defeating Bobby L and Trik Nasty in the 3 way he has finally picked up a major championship. A feat
that eluded him in the SWF. Some say he was held back. What I want to know is who is going to hold back Tommy Chill. I really don’t see the
ring containing these two…literally.

One good thing that I will say about the former “Kid Sensation” Chris Smith is this MADHOUSE match. This match looks like it’s gonna RAWK! Dude Rock, Damn Fine, Shigroth, and a mystery wrestler. All have chance to win not only the Extreme Title but the Internet Title as well. One could walk out with 2 belts if all goes right. What I wanna know is why the mystery wrestler? I’m betting Smith puts himself in the match and Andy as one of the referees so he can steal that too. Oh well, match still sounds awesome and my money is on the mystery guy (cough,Livewire,cough)

One of my favorites, Randy Allen returns to singles action. I have heard about his matches with Brian Fury but have never witnessed one. Don’t bet against the KING. Randy is said to be a little unhappy with Excalibur’s current position and is blaming a certain other Excalibur member. When Allen is mad you better look out. He is truly the dirtiest player in RCW. Brian Fury has been tagging so long that I think he will have trouble adapting to singles action.

The King’s partner Dirk Extreme will be going against Trik Nasty. These two hate each other almost as much as Andy Runyon and Extreme. Gee, I wonder why Dirk doesn’t get along with too many people? This feud stems back to personal things that were said between the two when Dirk left the SWF. These comments were put aside until last October when Dirk helped cost Trik the Extreme Title. Dirk, later that night really paid the price with a pumpkin shot to the head courtesy of Mr. Nasty. At Full Circle the
feud continued as Dirk and Tank distracted Trik as he was going after RCW’s biggest prize. These two are going to settle their differences in a LUMBERJACK STRAP MATCH. Now I remember seeing a few of these when I was young, watching Georgia Championship Wrestling, and then again in the SWF, but there is a reason you do not see these anywhere else. They are brutal. Leather, and lots of it, on skin. Not the kind I like to watch on videos from the local adult store either. This match will make men cry.

Exotic E seemed a little lost at the last show. Here is hoping that Exotica Inc. will continue to prosper in 2004. With the acquisition of
Ace Gigolo, Meltdown, and “Beautiful” Bobby L, E is definitely on the right track. Tyson Rogers on the other hand...I’m not so sure that was a
wise choice. But maybe the exotic one sees something I do not. Ace Gigolo has been impressive as of late. Rumor has it that he has
been dong wonders with Tyson and with his own in ring ability at the RCW training facility.

Also making waves at the RCW training facility is Sancho of the Lords of the Dance. Sancho has been integrating many of the Luchadore styles back into his repertoire. Pele’ right now may be the weak link of the team. Rumor has it that Pele’ may have suffered some internal injuries in
training and may not be at 100% for Resistance. You can be sure that news makes Meltdown and Ace very happy.

Last we gotta talk “BEAUTIFUL” BOBBY EATON. The Midnight Express legend (yeah I said it and if you don’t agree go write your own column) is own
his way to RCW. I have heard through the grapevine that there is a strong possibility that this may not be Eaton’s only RCW appearance. I am hearing that discussions are being made between all parties involved about
Mr. Eaton’s return. Possibly with a friend. But right now let’s talk about what we do know. We know Eaton will be in the house on March 13th. I’m betting an altercation between Bobby’s, but you never know. I do know
that Eaton is a great wrestler and will make everyone in attendance very happy. With that said I suggest you go get your tickets ASAP as they are cheaper in advance.

Remember, these comments are made by me and me only. I am always lurking about somewhere in RCW. I get my information from sources that will
remain nameless. Any comments or problems with what I say...keep to youself.