Relentless - Issue #3
Column by: The Prisoner on 10/12/2003

Welcome back cellmates to RELENTLESS by yours truly, The Prisoner. Now, on with the news and gossip...


Well fans lets just say that a couple months in solitary will keep you off the computer. I did see many names etched into the old stone walls (underneath the padding). One of which was Loony. A big thanks goes out to Loony for keeping the art of writing columns alive when the rest of us drop the ball. Enough about meÖÖ.on with the show!!! RCW


I hate to say it but I actually missed the event due to circumstances beyond my control BUT, I have seen a copy of the show via videotape.
TANK RUNYON joining EXCALIBUR. Things are definitely getting interesting in RCW. DIRK EXTREME working with a RUNYON. Who would have thunk it?!! I see potential in this faction. Wonder where the OUTLAWZ were. No mention of them on the entire show. Are they afraid? Have they quit or been fired? Well as it looks they WILL be a part of the next show. Canít wait to see what the story is here. Anyways, TANK had an impressive win over RCW rookie VICTOR STONE. Also we seen the first ever RCW INTERNET CHAMP crowned as ďDAMN FINEĒ JASON TAYLOR became one of the final 2 in a battle royal and then defeated MECCO in a great mono y mono matchup. TRIK miraculously kept his strap in a handicap match. Greed got the better of THE ANGRY BLACK MEN in that encounter. Some possible dissention i n the ranks. AND WHAT about the BATTLE OF THE BIG BOYSÖ.TOMMY CHILL and CYRESS POE!!!! That one could have went either way but CHILL walked out the victor. In a strange but entertaining matchup we had heels vs heels as EXCALIBUR took on BOBBY & MELTDOWN. Fans didnít know who to root for but they got a lesson in cheating from both teams involved. RANDY and DIRK seem to have their act together but for how long is the question. These 2 men hated each other with a passion at one time and now suddenly they are hugging and patting each other on the back. Whatís up wit dat? MAX POWER in RCW!!!! The big man made his presence known by immediately challenging for the MAIN CHAMPONSHIP in RCW. BOBBY too is in the ratrace. Where was VILE anyway? Iím starting to think there is a curse on this belt. Will VILE accept th e challenge or be the second COWARD to hold the belt? Time will tell and time is running out. Saturday THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS...


Saturday, OCT. 18th, 2003. A great Halloween concept in my opinion that so far sounds like itís going to ROCK! The COSTUME BATTLE ROYAL sounds intriguing. Plus FREAKSHOW get a chance for revenge at EXCALIBUR. Then there is the questionÖ.what type of match will TANK choose against TRIK? What kind of role will SYREN have at NMOES? A 3-way for the RCW CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! Will VILE retain or will MAX or BOBBY be the new leader in RCW? What announcement will THE OUTLAWZ have in store for the fans? Iím not a fan of theirs but I am curious none the less. THE RYDAS will also be in the house. This will be JD ESCALADEís first RCW match. Whom will he be facing or will the RYDAS operate as a tagteam? DAMN FINE will also be taking on MELTDOWN in a great matchup Iím sure. DAMN, Iím pumped for this show!!!!! This is what is great about RCW. Look at all of these great possible storylines. This is what is expected by an INDY FED and RCW delivers.


It has come to my attention (by snooping of course) that RCW TRAINEES are almost ready to strut there stuff. It also came to my attention that the camp had some dropouts which is the norm. Wrestling is not for the weak of mind nor body. Itís not for everyone. Nothing to be ashamed of. What I would be ashamed of is trying to pass yourself off as a wrestler when you canít even lockup or take a hammerlock correctly. Bragging that you are something you are not will get your teeth knocked out in this business. (GEE IT'S GETTING COLD IN HERE). Be respectful and others will respect you. Best advice I can give at this point. RESPECT plays such an important part in this business. Not from the fans but from your peers. Enough about that.

I have also found out that the INTERNET TITLE will only be defended on the INTERNET which makes sense. I guess DAMN FINE can bring it to the ring with him at shows but can only defend it during an RCW exhibition where they will tape it and show it on the website. This sounds like a good ploy to get more to check out the website. Also seems to maybe give TAYLOR an edge over his opponents if he gets t face them in non title defenses at shows first.
RCW is approaching itís 1 year anniversary. Wonder what is in store from THE PHOENIX?????


A Queen song is coming to mind but Iíll leave it alone.

Once again remember these comments may be RELENTLESS but they are mine and mine alone. FOR I AM NOT A NUMBER BUT I AM A FREE MAN. Until next time...