Relentless - Issue #2
Column by: The Prisoner on 07/07/2003

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to RELENTLESS by yours truly, THE PRISONER. NOW, on with the news and gossip...


Well fans if you missed this event, then you missed history being made. Where to about at the end. MASTERMIND sets a match to determine the new RCW WORLD CHAMPION. VILE vs SEAN CASEY vs RANDY ďTHE KINGĒ ALLEN. Sounded a little one-sided to me and to the fans, but luckily we have a CO-COMMISH. DIRK EXTREME stormed to the ring to stop MINDís plan before he had a chance to carry it out. A battle royal would determine a fourth participant in the contest. DIRK put himself in the Battle Royal with some of the areas toughest competition. Battle Royal came down to Dirk Extreme and RCW newcomer VIC STONE. VIC delivered an awesome looking Spear to DIRK in the beginning of the match and the two battled their way through everyone else until DIRK eventually took out STONE. DIRK didnít have time to celebrate as the Main Event began immediately. ALLEN and CASEY jumped Dirk and worked him over until VILE made his way to the ring. The action quickly led to the outside as DIRK and ALLENís grudge against one another continued with ALLEN getting the upper hand and throwing DIRK into a row of folding chairs!!! ALLEN proceeded to jump in the ring and team up with CASEY on THE BIG GREEN FREAK, VILE. Out of nowhere DIRK came in clearing house with a chair, taking out CASEY and ALLEN with the chair. He then turned his attention to VILE. Dirk raised the chair but the crowd screamed for DIRK not to do it. He paused and seen ALLEN stirring. Dirk cut THE KING off but turned around to be the receiver of one of the most awesome VILE-DRIVERS I have ever witnessed. EXTREMEís body mustíve bounced 3 times off the mat he hit so hard. VILE eliminated DIRK. Then the double team began. This didnít last long though as CASEY got greedy and tricked the KING. ALLEN was thus eliminated. Down to 2. What we seen next was unimaginableÖ..SEAN CASEY powerbombed VILE!!!! But the GREEN ONE kicked out. Casey received a spear out of nowhere and was pinned for the 3 count. VILENATION is now upon us!!!!!!!!!!!!

BEAUTIFUL BOBBY had an impressive outing as well. With his new manager EXOTIC ďEĒ (former RCW ring announcer ERIC HORSELY), BOBBY defeated THE GREAT MECCO. This feud started at the last event when MECCO bloodied BOBBY in the RUMBLE. Looks like BOBBY got the last laugh but it didnít come easy. MECCO took it to BOBBY, opening him up again. Folks, this fight went all the way outside!! MECCO even hit a moonsault onto BOBBY!!! But BOBBY came up with the 1..2Ö3. BOBBY, ANGEL, and EXOTIC ďEĒ all celebrated. There was much, much more to talk about but Iíll let you read it in the results section. Now on to other news...


This is really shaping up to be the event to see. 8 teams, Gauntlet style tournament, first RCW tagteam champions will be crowned. I have heard that there will be a drawing in the middle of the ring to determine what number the teams will have in the tourney. CO-COMMISH EXTREME will be presiding over this so we should see a fair competition for the straps. Plus, you gotta wonder who VILE will be defending against. Will TRIKíS EXTREME DIVISION title be on the line or will he be after new gold? Donít forget to come party with RCW at SUNSET LANES after the show. Details for all of this is being leaked as I write this. Plus the GENESIS tv commercial debuts this week on WB30. GET OUT ON JULY 18th AND SUPPORT YOUR INDEPENDENT WRESTLING!!!!!!!


WOW!!! My first column seemed to stir the s**t. I still stand by every word that was said. Just take a look at the competitionís forum and youíll see THE HATE. Threatening RCW, threatening fans. Now thatís professional, but hey no one accused them of being that. I will not get into the he said, she said bull****(shout out to LIMP BIZKIT). Letís just say all one has to do is look closely at how things are playing out and see the TRUTH.


Didnít Kris Ault swear this would be the be all end all fed? Didnít they swear on their forum that an RCW member was defecting? Didnít they say you would see action and STORYLINES like never before? In my opinion the action was alright. The most intriguing storyline involved The Incredible Hulk and Spiderman. That makes me as an old school purist ashamed to have given my $10. And the ultimate lie to get RCW fans to come watch: which star was going to jump? Unforgiving ploy in my book. Maybe they thought they had someone locked in. They donít know what a tight group RCW has become. NO locker room bull. RCW: CHECK YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR OR DONíT LET THE DOOR HIT YOUR ASS ON THE WAY OUT. Not a bad first effort though, just the underhandedness of it all, plus the cartoon kiddie stuff mixed with the ultra violence doesnít mesh. Plus such a tactful comment by Pondo about a guy he doesnít even know. HMMMM, wonder who put him up to that. In my eyes, RCW came out looking like the bigger men in that altercation.

Once again remember these comments may be RELENTLESS but they are mine and mine alone. FOR I AM NOT A NUMBER (such as 6, SEVEN, or 8) BUT I AM A FREE MAN.

Until next time,