Relentless - Issue #1
Column by: The Prisoner on 06/22/2003

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first RELENTLESS Column by yours truly, THE PRISONER. THE PRISONER is not some secret wrestler or manager that is going to come out of the woodworks. I’m simply an entity that is here to observe and record, but never interfere. Just remember, I'm not a number, I'm a free man. NOW, on with the news and gossip...

We are under 2 weeks away from RCW’s Independence Blast on July 3rd in West Union. I gotta say, RCW has turned it up a notch since their return in May for INJECTION. By all accounts that show was much better than the previous two. Now it seems that RCW is ready to fight to be the premiere indy company in this area. Already two other events have been scheduled and Co-Commissioner Dirk Extreme has said he knows of three more in the works. WOW!!! And this from a company who hibernated after every show. Oh well, there is always more to the story than what the fans know… I’m sure you will see later in this column.


This event is shaping up to be quite interesting. Dregen was stripped of the championship. I hear he is injured but I have also heard other rumors as well. I do know for a fact that Dregen told the RCW Board of Directors that his back was injured and he would be taking some time off. I don’t doubt that fact. But there is some question on whether this injury is legit or if it was an out for the Frenchman. An escape from the inevitable danger from the Big Green Freak, VILE seems to be a possible equation. We have already known that Vile will be in a match for the RCW World Title at BLAST, but exactly what kind of match. Sources are telling yours truly, that this match will not be a one on one exhibition. I have heard 3-way dance and a FATAL 4-way being discussed that will knock the walls down!! I will say that Randy Allen has also been confirmed for this match. There is a leak that you heard right here first. I don’t call this column RELENTLESS for nothing. I pull no punches. Other news that is new to you is that Trik Nasty will be in the house making his first title defense against Damn Fine with The Informer. WHO? The Informer. You know that guy who updates his column once a year. OHHHHH, that Informer. Yeah, the one and only. BTW, where was he at Injection? Seemed to me that Damn Fine carried his weight just fine without him. Many matches will be announced this week from what I hear. All of your RCW favorites such as Shawn Parks, Syren, Lords of The Dance, Beautiful Bobby, Average White Guy, and many many more will be on hand. Plus, two returning RCW superstars Sean Casey and The Zodiac will be on hand. I myself cannot wait.

4 sheezy?

Okay, I’m not here to knock the other guys, BUT……………I am RELENTLESS and after reading there columns and becoming violently ill I have to respond with what I know.

It has been stated by the competition that RCW is trying to block them from running their show. That RCW is taking part in backstabbing and is out for WAR. OH…’s the best….RCW stars are calling wanting to be booked for their show. Well ladies and gents, here’s what THEY won’t tell you.

A call was placed last week from a member of the competition to the home of RCW’s Vile. Competition left a message….Vile never returned the call.

A similar call was placed by a former “SWF BIGWIG”, now with the competition, to RCW Superstar Randy “The King” Allen. This person tried to get Allen to “jump ship”, promising to make him a star. How did “The King” respond to this....”I’m already a STAR”. CLICK.

It has also been documented that Dirk Extreme and The Mastermind were also invited to join this foray of individuals that they now call SEVEN. They two both respectfully declined.

FACT: RCW has informed it’s talent that they are free to work wherever they want. This is INDY wrestling, if you have a chance to work you better as hell go for it. Just don’t stab RCW in the back like a couple others have done in the past and all will be fine.

FACT: The competition has frowned upon it’s talent expressing interest in working for RCW. According to Dirk Extreme this comment came from the Outlawz so believe who you may, “Doom told us why make money for the competition “. It’s attitudes like that in this business that hold the workers back and deprive the fans.

FACT: Before signing Trik Nasty for the Extreme Division, Trik asked Dirk and RCW if they had a problem with him working for the competition. RCW said “Go for it”. Last I heard Trik is expected to work their show and be back at the next RCW show. No hard feelings. The right way to do business.

The Truth as we know it: The competition has pursued RCW talent. It seems that their intentions of doing so are of a desperate, malicious nature. Why does the competition accuse RCW of all these dastardly deeds? The answer is a simple one. Publicity. They are trying to goad RCW into a war of sorts so that our fans become interested in their product. Anything wrong with that? You be the judge, I’m just the messenger.

Now I’m sure that there are those on both sides of the fence who like the controversy, who like the WAR. These are the same people who lie to their own staff about who said or did what. This draws a line in the sand between the 2 sides and causes tension between the members of both organizations. I see a lot of that happening in the columns of the competition. It is obvious they react by what others are feeding them. Look at how the competition reacted after RCW’s Injection show. Pretending to be fans and criticizing a show they were not even at. SAD.

If RCW hated OTH so bad, wouldn’t they ban mention of them from the Fan Forum. Hell, RCW has a Forum just for them. They are even using RCW footage on their website. Is that right?? Hell no. Dirk has expressed concern over this with Chris Smith, the site designer, and has been told that they know the guy who shot it and he says they can use it. I have been informed that there is a law that states just because someone shoots some video footage that that footage may not belong to that individual. Now Dirk and RCW are talking with a lawyer to see what can be done about not only getting the footage removed but about getting compensated for the money lost for the misrepresentation of the video. One would think that OTH brought Jerry Lawler in instead of RCW if you see the website. It looks to me like RCW has a very good case and has been very considerate in asking that this footage be removed. But the competition wants to get ugly and I’m sure this is only the beginning because things are about to get RELENTLESS.


I'm not a number......I'm a free man!!!